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December 2010
Well, here we are, the end of another interesting year. Sorry I didn't get this out by Christmas, but thankfully, a last-minute flurry of submissions allowed me to make one final, year-end update. Enjoy, and here's to what will hopefully be a better year in 2011!

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November 2010
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our USA visitors, with hopes that your annual turkey slaughter goes well. For those of us in Motown, we'll be witness to our own annual slaughter of the Detroit Lions as they lose spectacularly on national television. *sigh*

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October 2010
Yup, it's that time once again, so check out our collection of Halloween-themed fanfic... some horror, some supernatural, some humor, but all Daria! And, as always, the Art Gallery page (specifically, the Character Makeovers section) has plenty of artwork showing our favorite characters in costumes they wouldn't be caught dead wearing. Also, as you can see, there's a ton of new fanfic in this month's update, thanks mostly to the prolific Smileyfax and Brother Grimace. Enjoy, all!

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September 2010

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Episode Guide:

  • Fixed: Song and oops list links on the pages for seasons 2-5 (they were linking to the season 1 lists).
  • Updated: The layout for the episode listing has been altered, with the links on the left and the titles on the right (because I found that having the links on the far right made it more difficult to click on the correct links for an episode).

Daria: The Complete Animated Series:

  • Added (finally!) my detailed overview of the set.
  • Fixed some of the links to external reviews (some links were not opening a new browser window [or tab]).


August 2010
More site maintenance/overhauls, plus another review (from Film Freak Central) added to the Daria: The Complete Animated Series page.

On a personal note, I'm feeling good after my surgery (see last month's update notes). I've already lost more than 70 pounds, and things are progressing well. I can certainly tell the difference, especially with my clothes (which now feel like they're circus tents), and I'm not tired and worn out all the time like I used to be. Still a long way to go, but I'm getting there!

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Art Gallery:

  • The Alter-Egos section has been given an extensive (and much-needed) makeover. All images are now collected on a single page (as clickable thumbnails to the full-size images), with the page matching the new formatting standards for the site. In addition, all remaining images from the episodes have been included (thanks to the Daria: The Complete Animated Series DVD set). Eventually, I'll add the images from other sources (such as the Daria's Inferno CD-ROM game).

Episode Guide:

  • Episode pages now include links to previous and next episodes (inspired by Wikipedia) for improved navigation between pages.

July 2010
By the time you read this, I'll have undergone weight loss surgery (the one I was supposed to have had last year unti a MRSA infection put the kibbosh on it). I'm looking forward to dropping pounds and, hopefully, ridding myself of many of the health issues associated with my obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.). But, that's not why you're here, so enjoy this update while I recuperate (and dream of eating solid food again)!

NOTE: One major change to the site involves the five current major fanfic shared fanfic (Daylight, Judith Strikes!, Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Shining Star, and Tales of the Ringbearers): they have been consolidated onto a single page called The Daria Multiverse. Each shared universe section includes a short description and a link to its page at The Daria Wiki. Any new shared universe series will likewise be placed on this page. (Separate links to these series are still in the fanfic listings, only now they jump directly to the appropriate sections on this page instead of linking to their own pages.)

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Episode Guide:

  • All episode pages have been given a makeover to match the other changes to the site. In addition, each page includes a screencap from the episode, and direct links to the episode's song list, oops list, and transcript (to make navigating to the relevant parts a bit easier). Finally, all pages now include a short summary of the episode's plot, in addition to the full synopsis.

June 2010
June 8: Those of you who are lucky enough to live in or near New York City, take note: Anne D. Bernstein, writer of The Daria Diaries and such notable episodes as "Road Worrier" (#111) and "Lane Miserables" (#308), will be teaching an animation writing class this summer at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MOCCA). Check the details at the Daria News Desk; if you're interested, and if you can afford the cost of the class, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Daria: The Complete Animated Series is apparently selling like hotcakes -- it was on Amazon's hot seller list, and reportedly sold out its initial shipment very quickly -- and is getting uniformly positive reviews from many sites (most reviews cite the music licensing issue as a disappointment, though ultimately not a critical factor). As if there were any doubt!

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Fan Fiction Artwork:

Art Gallery:

Daria on DVD:

  • Added a separate page for Daria: The Complete Animated Series. Over time, this page will contain notes, a complete breakdown of the package, and reviews from fans and outside sources.

May 2010
May 11: The Daria: The Complete Animated Series DVD box set is now available from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers!

On the website front: I'm in the process (one that's long overdue) of overhauling things around here. Nothing drastic yet, but I've begun the process of altering pages to use 800-pixel tables instead of 600-pixel. After all, it's 2010, and by now I figure that very, very few people still operate systems with a screen resolution under 1024x768 (particularly with widescreen LED monitors having essentially taken over the market). This should give me more breathing room in future page creation, short of a total overhaul of the design of Outpost Daria Reborn (which I haven't ruled out).

Still working on the artwork (mentioned in last month's late update). I wanted to get the news of the DVD release out ASAP.

Finally, May 10th was my birthday! Yay, I've been on this Earth for 44 years! (Wait... why the hell am I so cheerful about that...?)

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April 2010
April 27: As Tom goes all Regis Philbin in honor of Tax Day in the U.S., we'll help soothe the pain in your pocketbooks (read: the big wet bites out of your butts) with some items that didn't make this month's main update, among them being the series finale of Richard Lobinske's "Falling Into College." (As you could tell, I was a little overwhelmed before... not that I'm complaining, mind you!)

I also have a bunch of artwork (some new, some that I've been neglecting), but that'll have to wait until next month's update, as I wanted to get this one out ASAP.

Finally, several fans have noted that individual Daria episodes are now available for purchase from the Apple iTunes Store. So far, only episodes from S1 to S3 are available, and all indications are that these episodes are the ones that will be appearing on the Daria DVD set due to be released on May 11 (translation: no original music). If you can't wait, hop over to the iTunes Store and check 'em out.

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April 1: I know I promised this as a mid-March update, but I received so many stories (including virtually the entire Brother Grimace fanfic collection) that I decided to hold off and make it an... (wait for it) ...EASTER MEGA-UPDATE!!!!!! Mrs. Johannsen may think that chocolate makes for a better Easter basket treat, but we all know that fanfic satisfaction lasts much longer!

And don't forget: only one month to go before Daria: The Complete Animated Series hits store shelves!

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  • Removed: All essays by DJ Shoemaker (by request)

March 2010
It's time for March Madness (celebrated by Jodie "Dennis Rodman" Landon) and a brand spankin' new update. This quick update has but one purpose: to revamp the Daria on DVD page with information on all current and upcoming DVD releases, with links to order them at various sites. I'll have another update out later this month with the usual goodies (fanfic, etc.). Enjoy!

February 2010
Mark your calendars: May 11, 2010 is when we can finally get our grubby little paws on Daria: The Complete Animated Series! Go to the Daria on DVD page for all the details.

Aside from that, Valentine's Day is this month, so why not head on over to the fanfic section and get in the mood with some shippery romance goodness? (And if anyone has a better and more appropriate alter-ego for February, I'm open to suggestions, because that DeMartino picture is bound to give someone nightmares...)

Update (2/9): Added story by Roland "Jim" Lowery, plus preliminary pricing and box art info for the Daria DVD release. Plus, I've found a less brain-damaging alter-ego for the home page, one that's apropos to the Winter Olympics. (Go, Quinn, go!)

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January 2010
Welcome to 2010, and a new decade (unless you're one of those weirdos who counts their decades starting from 1, in which case you're lost and I can't help you). Just a couple of stories this time around to whet your appetites and cure your post-New Year hangovers. Enjoy!

LATE-BREAKING NEWS: The MTV website now has a teaser trailer for the upcoming Daria DVD release on its website. No real information beyond what we already know ("Coming in 2010"), but it's nice to have further confirmation that it's actually, finally happening. (Thanks to Daria fan Spencer for the link!)

Update (1/21): Added stories by Dark Kuno, Di, and Roland "Jim" Lowery.

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