Fan Fiction
"Scarlett the Fairy"
by Aloysius

#1: Scarlett the Fairy's Quest for Muffins

This is a story about Scarlett the Fairy, and her quest to get her favorite food by far: muffins.
#2: Scarlett the Fairy Goes on a Picnic

Scarlett the Fairy goes to Lawndale City Park, where she's invited to a picnic by Kevin Thompson. Hilarity ensues.
#3: Scarlett the Fairy and the Halloween Party

Scarlett the Fairy takes part in the mandatory Halloween Party for the staff and students at Lawndale High School. Natuarally, a riot breaks out.
#4: Scarlett the Fairy Meets Santa Claus

Scarlett the Fairy has a beef with jolly ol' Saint Nick. But she'll have to endure snotty elves and the Lawndale High School football team singing Christmas carols before she can see him.
#5: The Twelve Days of Scarlett the Fairy's Christmas

Scarlett the Fairy shows that she can be generous at Christmastime... if you don't mind what you get, that is.
#6: Springtime for Scarlett the Fairy

Scarlett the Fairy is enjoying a Spring day when she comes across one of a fairy's predators: someone with a butterfly net.
#7: Scarlett the Fairy Goes Out for Pizza

Scarlett the Fairy wants a Chicago-style stuffed crust pizza and goes out for one. Along the way, she meets spitting camels, policemen with nets, dancing kangaroos, and a lot of naughtly people on airplanes.