Fan Fiction
"A Stranger in Lawndale"
by Belle Book

#1: The Arrival

A mysterious young man arrives in Lawndale -- but he's not all that he seems to be. What happens when he meets some of the residents of Lawndale?
#2: No Business Like Show Business

Stacy reveals her decision to audition for a role in a new production of Love's Labor's Lost in Mr. O'Neill's new summer theater project -- and Derek decides to try out as well! What will happen when they audition for the parts of Berowne and Rosaline?
#3: Love is in the Air

Derek asks Stacy out on a date after they get roles in "Love's Labors Lost." After she accepts, will their mutual attraction develop into romance?
#4: Danger Zone

Derek meets Daria and Jane--and winds up having to protect them from the wrath of Ms. Li, who's been fired as principal of Lawndale High and is out for revenge!
#5: Revelations

Derek has confessed to Stacy that he is a kitsune. Will this revelation doom their romance, or will it just be a minor bump in the road?
#6: Opening Night

It's opening night for Mr. O'Neill's play and things are going well for Derek and Stacy. Stacy's father, however, is a different story, so Derek decides to try convincing him to put aside his workaholic tendencies and reconnect with his daughter.
#7: A Nightmare in Lawndale

An infatuated Ms. Barch hits on Derek -- and is about to find out that you just shouldn't offend a kitsune!
#8: Transitions

As Derek prepares to enter college and take Stacy to an aquarium, Stacy contemplates going further in their relationship.
#9: New Opportunities

As Derek begins his college career at Lawndale State, Stacy returns to Lawndale High ready for change -- and opportunity.
#10: Sandi's Secrets

When the former Fashion Club is invited to a party, Derek agrees to go as well -- in hopes of answering some questions about Sandi & Tiffany.
#11: The End of Tiffany's Nightmare

When Quinn and Stacy discover why Tiffany's speech is so slow, Derek has to get to the bottom of the problem. And what he finds is a real nightmare which he determines to put an end to.
#12: Halloween Fever

Stacy, her friends, and Derek prepare for the Halloween dance, which may lead to the next step in Derek and Stacy's relationship.