Worldburner: The Flames of Passion

By Brother Grimace

Here is the instrument of cleansing, my brethren. And nothing quite cleanses like fire.

- Matthias, from The Omega Man

NOTE: This fic takes place roughly twelve hours after the end of Night of The Storm.

D-960 (Daria Multiverse)

"If this didn't make my stomach turn, I might mention just how cozy this looks."

Judith looked down in disgust at the sight of Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer, both asleep in Daria's bed. "Sick in every way," she said.

Lifting her left hand above her head, Judith smiled as dark energy and scarlet lightning manifested silently in the air, lighting up the room and casting unholy shadows outside the house...

Quinn's head moved slightly; her nose crinkled in an adorable manner and her eyes blinked open. "Daria, I – Oh, my God..."

The redhead watched as the energies solidified into a dark sphere the size of a bowling ball; Judith looked down at Quinn as the sphere hovered in mid-air above her head. "Goodbye... sis. Consider this – a gift, to help you get over the pain of your loss. "

Judith disappeared in a blinking flash of darkness, leaving the room awash in light so bright that Quinn averted her eyes and Daria stirred beneath the thin sheets. "Quinn," she mumbled, averting her eyes, "what's with the light-"

The Morgendorffer sisters screamed in unison as the sphere rocketed upwards in the blink of an eye, the force of its exit causing the house to implode and collapse upon itself!

Three miles directly above the remains of Schloss Morgendorffer and the two dead young women, Judith's annihilation sphere detonated ... and the Earth's atmosphere began to burn.