Fan Fiction
"Daria - The Next Chapter"
by Di

#1: Coming Home

Two cynics are returning home, and a new adventure is about to begin.
#2: The Car Knows The Way

The events that are bringing people back to Lawndale are also bringing back memories... some good, some bad.
#3: Life is Like A Firework

Daria agrees to go to the Lawndale 4th of July Parade. Does a chance encounter mean a shot at redemption?
#4: Coffee and Pain

Daria and Jane have seen each other for the first time in over four years. They plan a reunion at a local coffee shop. Will they be able to rebuild their friendship or has it been damaged beyond repair?
#5: Atlas Freed

Daria and Jane continue their reunion at Daria's house. Is it enough to repair their torn relationship?