The Best Weekend Ever



A 'Judith Strikes!' fic by Brother Grimace






(WARNING: this story contains violent content.)


"Stop it! Stop it! Oh, God - AHHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHH!!!"

Her left eye swollen shut, Daria Morgendorffer lay on the floor of the upstairs hallway of her family home, her petite form shuddering in pain from the vicious beating she had received only minutes earlier.

She coughed, tasting fresh blood in her mouth, and winced as the screaming of her father was suddenly muffled down into a series of piteous, ongoing whimpers; she managed to turn her head, and saw three men - two holding Jake Morgendorffer's arms down over the end board of his bed as the third, his pants down, made Jake sob in pain and humiliation as he savagely raped him.

In too much pain from the beating she had taken to even move, Daria could only lay there and watch her father's brutal assault when a sound caught her attention - the sound of the egg timer she was using to fix a porterhouse steak for Jake.

All I wanted was for Dad to have a happy, stress-free weekend, the young woman thought, a tear mixing with the trail of blood from the cut on her forehead as the rapist began to make shallow, guttural noises, his lower body beginning to jerk reflexively as Jake's sobbing and pleas for divine intervention fell upon deaf ears. That's why I said that Mom and Quinn should just go ahead and go visit Aunt Amy for the weekend - Dad could just relax, watch games on TV - and I could fix him something besides that lasagna and the TV dinners we always have...

The smell of burning meat began to fill Daria's nostrils as Jake's assailant let off several sharp, gasping grunts and Jake shrieked in response. I'm sorry, Dad. I Just wanted you to have the best weekend ever.


In the kitchen below, a young woman wearing a red cloak listened to the sounds of Jake's sobbing - now intermingled with piercing sounds that could only be a young woman's screams of anguish and absolute terror - as she dabbed the small slice of porterhouse steak in A-1 sauce, speared a slice of mushroom, and ate it with great satisfaction.

This is really good, Judith thought, as she took a bite of the baked potato, flavored with a dab of rich butter and a sprinkling of black pepper. I needed to stop and take a moment to relax in familiar surroundings - I can't remember when I had a nice, square meal that hit the spot like this does... oh, and these mushrooms are perfect.

Judith took a long sip from the glass of ice-cold sparkling wine and sighed; her smile widened as the sounds of feminine squeals of pain flowed down through the ceiling, each squeal accompanied by a solid THUMP from directly above. An excellent meal, a wonderful drink to wash it down, 'mood music' to make the evening's ambiance perfect - there's even enough left to make a nice little 'doggie bag' to take along with me.

This is just what I needed.





17 June 2010