Fan Fiction
"Tigresses of Lawndale"
by Dr T

#1: Unfortunately, It's Fall

The first day of school brings surprises and changes, many of them (unusually) actually welcomed.
#2: Comedy Tonight

Daria and Jane are set up on a date by Mack; Helen and Jake move forward.
#3: Much Ado

Jake has a plan; Daria and Jane's first date with Theo and John; the quartet is surprised by Helen and Company.
#4: The Incident

Daria was afraid her luck couldn't hold out, and she is proven right.
#5: La bohème, c'est nous

Daria starts to recover from the attack, and has an interesting offer for Jane, Andrea, and Quinn.
#6: The Home Game

The school gets a sponsor, and a film and pep rally give Jane a really big idea.
#7: Ambitions

Leonard Lamm and Jane gamble on their futures.
#8: Bleeding Neon

Ms. Li decides to allow more Ultra Cola advertising; Daria decides if she can't beat it, she'll overwhelm it.
#9: Quinn's Confusions & Comforts

Quinn thinks, the Fashion Club has an accident, and Daria finally shows what happens when she and Quinn are attacked.
#10: In Hot Water

Jane mistakenly pushes Daria toward greater intimacy, and Amy shows up with an early birthday present for Daria. Both result in serious discussions.
#11: The Curse of the Barksdales

Amy continues her confessional to Daria, and Daria confronts Helen. Daria then starts a different path to Homecoming and along the way prevents a tragedy.
#12: Homecoming

The aftermath of the attack on Tiffany's sister.
#13: Spiraling

The Spiral gets an offer, and Daria gives herself a birthday present.
#14: After the Last Regular Game

Lawndale has its chance at the State Championship, Daria and Jane further their relationships with Theo and John, and each other.