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Fan Fiction Illustrations

Artwork by John Berry



All My ChildrenThea Zara and Deref
All's Weird That Ends WeirdEmpressEKV
And "Zing, Zing, Zing" Went My... Guitar StringsCaitlin Duffy
Apache SummerSteve Mitchell
April Is the Cruelest MonthThe Angst Guy
The Art of SeeingThe Angst Guy
As Luck May Have ItNessy Thompson
Baby LaneM. Bruner
Back to the Future, Again!Milo Minderbinder
The Beaches of BarksdaleGalen Hardesty
Behind the GlassesJohn Berry
Best Years of Our Lives, RevisitedJohn Berry
BloodshotDevarie Hunter
The Blues OthersMike Yamiolkoski
Boy FiendAustin Covello
Brittany's FearMitch
Brownstone, Green EyedAcrobat
The Chris SeriesMFC
Community DisserviceMike Yamiolkoski
Conned MenjRev
Daria Von DoomRichard Lobinske
Daria vs. the Lawndale ZombiesErin Mills
Daria's ComatoseWouter Jaegers
Daria's Season of GoodwillNemo Blank
Daria: The OAVsPeter Guerin
DariusThe Angst Guy
A Day in the Life of StacyAustin Covello
Death of a RabbitBarry Eshkol Adelman
The DF ContinuumSteven Galloway
Diane's Daria ContinuumDiane Long
Don't Wait UpKendra Steiner
The Driven Wild UniverseKara Wild
EmancipationGalen Hardesty
Everything Happens for a ReasonMahna Mahna
Falling Into CollegeRichard Lobinske
Gone With the WhineJohn Berry
The Haunting of Lawndale HighPatrick Moore
Hell in a Hand BasketMFC
Her, uh, CanePaperpusher
Hero!Nemo Blank
Heroes...Lew Richardson
Hey, You Look Like Jane!Jill Palmer
Hotter than HadesDaniel Suni
Identity CrisisYui Daoren
IllusionsThe Angst Guy
The IQ TestWilliam Gasarch
Is Summer Over Already?Mike Yamiolkoski
It's a Wonderful Life, NotThomas Mikkelsen
Jane UnchainedThe Angst Guy
John LaneRichard Lobinske
Just Another DayDiana Morgan
KadhimiyaGuy Payne
KitsuneRey Fox
The Last Days of SolitudeJon Kilner
The Last SummerRichard Lobinske
The Last SupperEmpressEKV
The Lawndale
Lawndale FairWarpedkjh13
The Lawndale TangoThe New Kids on the Cell Block
The Look-Alike SeriesCanadibrit and Ben Yee
The Lost SeasonsC.E. Forman
Love At First SlightAdmonisher
A Midsummer Nightmare's DariaThe Angst Guy
The More Things Change...Jon Kilner
A Mother's LoveRichard Lobinske
My Quinn's Delayed ReactionJohn Berry
Mystique SpiralM. Bruner
New EyesNemo Blank
A New Student in LawndaleJane
The Next StepMike Yamiolkoski
No More Amour!Matt
Not So Parallel UniverseAsha Williams
NuthouseThe Angst Guy
On the OutsideJon Kilner
One Hundred PercentKemical Reaxion
Otherwise Known as Quinn the GreatAustin Covello
OutageMike Yamiolkoski
Outage (prose version)Austin G. Loomis
The OutersThe Angst Guy
The Passion ClubGystex
PhantasmagorierBrian Taylor
Prayers for a SAINTThe Angst Guy
QuinnderellaMike Yamiolkoski
Raechael 101Saffron
A Raven, Nothing MoreLew Richardson
The Rest of My Damn LifeThe Ranting Klown
Restrain Jane Lane!Nemo Blank
The RivalEmpressEKV
The Road Worrier, Part 2Milo Minderbinder
Sarcasm of Titanic ProportionsMatt
Science FareAdmonisher
Shaken, Not StirredRick Hennigan
Sins of the PastMartin J. Pollard
A Stitch in TimeAdmonisher
Stranger Than FictionAdmonisher
Tales of the RingbearersVarious Authors
ThreeRichard Lobinske
Trent's InsanitySmileyfax
Twist of FateKayla Jones
What She Deserved?The Unknown
Where No Light Breaks, Where No Sea RunsThe Angst Guy
Who Shot Principal Li?Danny Bronstein
Windy TravelsSteve Mitchell
Writes of PassageDeref