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Oops! List - Season Two
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Episode #201
Arts 'N Crass
  • When Daria and Jane walk home after art class, they pass the same house and mailbox twice.
  • The number and position of the pizza plates in front of Daria changes in different angles.
  • When Daria and Jane make a deal with Mr. O'Neill that he can change the poster's poem, the white part of Jane's V-neck collar disappears.
  • In the poster Jane and Daria made, the girl has her chin resting on her fist with her wrist pointing out, but in the reflection in the mirror, her wrist is pointing in towards her chin.
  • At the Pizza King, when Daria and Jane are choosing a project, their cups change from blue with a yellow and red stripe to red with a yellow stripe.
  • In the beginning and end scenes in the Pizza King, when the screen zooms in on Daria and Jane, the same people are sitting in the same places doing the same things around them, even though the scenes are two days apart.
  • When Mr. O'Neill is talking on the phone, there are only 9 buttons on the phone when there should be at least 12.
  • When Daria and Jane had their fill of pizza, there's a salt shaker in front of Daria in one shot, but it's gone in another.
  • Right before Mr. O'Neill runs out the door, you can see six holes on the receiver, but when he leaves, there's five.
  • When Jane and Daria are in the principal's office for the second time, Jane's eyes are black instead of blue in one shot.
  • When Mr. O'Neill calls Helen and Jake, the faculty lounge door is shown in the intro as being closed; but two minutes later when Jake answers and scares Mr. O'Neill enough to make him run from the room, the door is wide open.
  • The doorknob on the Teachers' Lounge is on the left of the door. When Mr. O'Neill runs out the door, the doorknob is on the right.
  • In the first Pizza King scene (where they are coming up with ideas) at the beginning, Daria doesn't have a cup, then suddenly she does.
  • The books behind Ms. Li's desk change color between closeups.
  • Marianne's computer screen is blank while she's typing.
  • Jake's watch disappears when Helen dumps the bowl of penne a la pesto on him.
  • Brittany's painting shows a yellow scene, but when Ms. Defoe asks Brittany if she spilled her paint, her paintbrush shows that she is using red paint.

Episode #202
The Daria Hunter
  • Ms. Barch's arm band is missing when she is stuck with Mr. O'Neill.
  • The rainbow is missing a few colors.
  • When the students are being told the rules, the Fashion Club all have blue arm bands. When they actually separate, Sandi is on the red team.
  • When the rain stops and Daria and Jane start heading back, a rainbow appears, but it goes from purple to red, which is the national gay symbol.
  • When Daria and Jane are on the bus in the beginning of the day, you see them in the camouflage paintball outfits. When they decide to walk to the Great White Shark, they have their normal outfits on.
  • When Stacy mistakes Sandi for Quinn's "cousin" Daria, Quinn starts shooting at her. When Sandi shoots back, the paintballs only hit Stacy and Tiffany but not Quinn, who nevertheless yelps as though she is being hit. Only Tiffany and Stacy's clothes are stained with paint, but when Sandi takes off her goggles and the view switches back to the girls, all of them are covered with paint; some paint is on Quinn's headgear, and two drops are on her face.
  • When Jane got hit, she dropped her paintball gun, but when she found Daria, she had it again.
  • Everyone's playing paintball and they get shot, but the paint on their clothes disappears.
  • When they first show the two buses the first one has bus A and the second one is bus A, but then, at the end, the first bus is bus A and the second one is bus B.
  • When Sandi is left behind, her hair is blowing in the wind, but the shadow of her hair doesn't move.
  • The bus driver disappears between the time that Daria and Jane exit the bus and when Daria suggests going to see the Great White Shark.
  • When Jane shoots Daria, the paint splatters above and below Daria's armband, but none gets on the armband itself.
  • Quinn shoots paintballs at Sandi in three directions at once without reaiming her gun at all.
  • A paint splotch suddenly appears on Quinn while she and Sandi argue.
  • Mr. DeMartino is behind a rock when he start shooting at Brittany, but when Ms. Barch shoots him he's suddenly out in the open.
  • Mr. DeMartino's paint hits are gone when he's in the tent with Jake.
  • The tunnels are lit when Jake, and later Jake and Helen, crawl through them, despite the lack of a light source.
  • When Quinn comes to the table with her new hairdo, her braids almost touch the table. Later in that scene, her braids become shorter.

Episode #203
Quinn the Brain
  • During the scene where Helen is upset about the letter she received from school, the clock behind her has no hands.
  • In the scene where Helen chews out Quinn, the paper and magnet on the refrigerator vanish when Daria closes the door.
  • When Mr. O'Neill hands back papers the second time, he comments on Quinn's improvement since "last week's essay," which means he's had the same stuff on his board since last week.
  • The blonde girl in front of Stacy has a black top when she and Quinn start talking, but when the class starts laughing her top changes to blue.
  • Quinn's essay is different from the one in "The Daria Database" (both versions are on the <a href="ep203.html">"Quinn the Brain"</a> episode page).
  • The girl sitting behind Daria in the cafeteria disappears and reappears when Quinn sits down. Ditto for Daria's backpack.
  • The guy in the background when Daria and Quinn are in the cafeteria moves through the line without a tray, but one suddenly appears when he goes to sit down.
  • Daria's locker is missing its door when Kevin and Brittany are talking. When the door is there, the picture on it disappears when Daria closes it.
  • Stacy's belt is missing at the drinking fountain scene.
  • When the Fashion Club is walking down the hall after Daria has dressed up like Quinn, Sandi's shoes turn white in one frame of the animation loop.

Episode #204
I Don't
  • When Helen is on the phone with Rita, she marks on the pad during the wide shot of her with Jake and Daria. On the closeup of Helen, the pad is blank again, yet on the next closeup, the mark reappears.
  • At the auditorium during the bridal expo, there is the sound of applause but no one in the audience is actually clapping.
  • As Daria is walking up the aisle with the other bridesmaids, her sleeve and left arm did not have a black line drawn between them.
  • The glass in which the red-haired bridesmaid is drinking remains at the same level even if she drinks from it.
  • The hinges on the ladies' room door switch sides between the scenes outside and inside.
  • The minister's corsage changes from blue to white.
  • As Aunt Amy is telling Daria about her childhood with Helen and Rita, Daria's earrings keep disappearing and reappearing.
  • When Amy and Daria are talking in the ladies room (after the commercial break), a close-up shot of Amy shows that her arms are bare, when previously and subsequently her arms are covered by a sheer blouse.
  • Jake says he'll get Helen some wedding cake, but there's already a piece on the table right in front of her.
  • The blue car in the bowling alley lot disappears in the closeup of Amy and Daria.
  • Brian was arguing with Erin, Rita, et al when Amy and Daria leave, so how did he arrive at the bowling alley before them? (Presuming it "is" Brian, which is still up for debate.)

Episode #205
That Was Then, This is Dumb
  • The hands on the clock in the Morgendorffer kitchen are missing during the breakfast scene.
  • The clock in the Morgendorffer kitchen run backwards during the "flashback" sequences, it goes from 8:45 to 8:00.
  • Jake tells Helen he's growing a beard "again," but in all of the flashbacks we never once see Jake with any facial hair.
  • Helen never goes into the office like she says she's going to.
  • Helen landed on her butt in the compost pile, but that side of her shorts is completely clean when she and Willow walk past the car.
  • In some scenes at the flea market, the words "collectable LPs" are missing from Trent and Jesse's sign.
  • Jesse is seen walking back with a burger and a soda in each hand, but when they get to the booth, he is empty handed.
  • The banana on the Velvet Underground LP is facing the wrong way.

Episode #206
  • When Jake is talking about his home videos at the dinner table, it looks like Quinn has her arm inside a bucket.
  • When Jake is talking about his home movies, the clock behind him has no hands.
  • Before Jake enters the dining table scene, there's an empty bucket. When Quinn leaves, the bucket is full.
  • At the beginning of the dining table scene, you see Helen put away all the side dishes into the empty bucket, but when Quinn leaves the table, they're back.
  • When Quinn is at the party, the jacket she wore had buttons, but when she borrowed it from Daria, it had a zipper.
  • When Helen is talking to Daria about her film, there's a shot of Daria with her arm in front of her hair when it should be behind it.
  • When Daria and Jane are walking upstairs to Quinn's room, Daria's bangs keep switching sides.
  • After Daria and Jane burst into Quinn's room with the camera, the door behind them is suddenly closed again.
  • Throughout most of the episode, the camera's counter resets to 6 after it reaches 24.
  • When Jodie is filming the strike, Brittany and Mack talk about it while standing right in front of Jodie with their backs to the camera.
  • Right before Zachary leaves the table at the Pizza King, you can see some napkins, parmesan cheese and red pepper shakers, and a napkin holder on the table, but when Quinn gets up to wake Daria and Jane, they disappear.
  • When Daria wakes up from her nightmare and sits bolt upright in her bed, the light from the window indicates that it's daytime, but in her subsequent conversation with Jake, she says that it's 4:00am.
  • After Daria wakes up from "her worst nightmare, resembling her sister," she comes into the living room with a mug in her hand, but it turns into a glass right before the end of the scene.
  • Jane says Trent drove her to the donut shop, but his car's nowhere to be seen in the establishing exterior shot.
  • In the scene where she and Jane talk about her conscience (after Helen scolds her about making fun of Quinn), the sleeve on the arm Daria uses to hold the remote is a decidedly lighter shade of green than the rest of her jacket.
  • When Quinn takes a bow after the movie, the writing on Mr. O'Neill's blackboard is suddenly gone.
  • Daria and Jane cut the footage of Quinn's pores from the film, but one of the people in the crowd of students who mobbed Quinn after the showing of the film said she thought she was the only one ashamed of her pores and Quinn comforts her.

Episode #207
The New Kid
  • Andrea walks past as Jodie approaches Dara, but she isn't in the closeup.
  • The rubber plant has a green stalk in this episode, where in previous episodes it's brown (though it does alternate in future episodes).
  • Between closeups of Ted during the first yearbook meeting, Daria's photo equipment moved slightly.
  • When Daria gives Ted a piece of gum, the gum is in the package but not individually wrapped.
  • How did Ted play Daria's Beatles tape when all he has is a phonograph?
  • When Jake opens the front door, the side facing outis blue, but changes to gray in the next shot.
  • In the cafeteria, Daria is sitting at the end of the table. Ted then sits down at the end of the table, where Daria was just sitting a couple seconds before.
  • In early shots of the yearbook room, there is no window on the door, yet one suddenly appears in the "angry villagers" scene.
  • The same people are at the same tables at the Pizza King, doing the same things they did in "Arts 'N Crass."
  • The door opens the wrong way when Daria enters the yearbook room after Ms. Barch kicks Mr. DeMartino's ass.
  • There's nothing on Quinn's web page to indicate the number of hits.

Episode #208
  • Right before Helen bribes Daria to visit Grove Hills, there are no drinking glasses on the table, but in the next shot, there are two.
  • Both Quinn and Helen are on the cordless phone at the same time.
  • When Quinn is sitting on her bed talking to Sandi, her stuffed giraffe can be seen. In the next shot, it is in a different position.
  • In the first scene with the Morgendorffers' car, the license plate has no numbers on it and the tail lights are all red, but when the car pulls up to Grove Hills later on in the episode, there are numbers on the plate and the tail lights are red and orange.
  • When Lara fills Jodie and Daria in on the many advantages of a Grove Hills education, the man next to the bookcase in the background leaves the room but can be seen in the same location in the next shot.
  • The clothes on Tiffany's floor disappear and reappear.
  • Jake and Andrew shake hands with their left hands (a bit odd).
  • When Jake says "Maybe I can talk Helen into having a boy" and the camera pans right to Helen, Michele is gone.
  • Stacy pulls out some hair dye from her table, but there wasn't any there in previous scenes.
  • When Quinn says "I gotta go" at Stacy's house, the reflection of the stuffed giraffe in the mirror is gray.
  • When Quinn is first standing at Jane's door, her navel is missing. In the scene right after the commercial break, her navel reappears.
  • When Helen's hand smacks Jake in the car going home, the angle makes it look like her arm is abnormally long.

Episode #209
  • Trent's guitar is different than the one he had in the basement in "Road Worrier."
  • Brittany's trail of hair dye starts in front of the stall next to Daria's, but when Daria goes over to the mirror, the trail seems to begin at the sink.
  • When Daria says "I won't tell Kevin" in the stall, the laces on her boots are missing.
  • When Daria rides in the taxi, the windshield shot shows empty streets behind the cab, but when Daria is shown in the rearview mirror, there are suddenly cars parked on both sides of the street.
  • The clock in the Morgendorffer kitchen has no hands in the breakfast scene.
  • When Daria is reading Jake's pamphlet, her spoon is placed in her bowl. A second later, it can be seen on the table.
  • Jake's pamphlet mentions "ten warning signs," but Daria only answers seven questions when reading it.
  • The chalkboard in Mr. O'Neill's classroom is white throughout the scene.
  • In the closeup of Quinn digging into her backpack in the bathroom, her hands don't reflect in the mirror.
  • When Helen calls Jake to pick up Daria from school, Jake has a black laptop on his desk, but when the scene turns into a split screen between Jake and Helen, the laptop is white.
  • When Daria sends Jake out to get a soda for himself, the phone has 9 buttons when it should have 12.
  • The phone is missing when Dr. Phillips first enters Daria's room.
  • Dr. Phillips deals out a card on his clipboard. In the next shot, it's gone.
  • At the beginning of Daria's dream, the phone cord is hanging on the left. In previous scenes, the cord was on the right.
  • How did Daria know what Mrs. Sullivan looked like in her dream, when she had never even met her?
  • Daria seems to pull her glasses out of thin air when she puts them on in her dream.
  • The dude with the cap in Daria's dream is one of the Middleton College students in "College Bored."
  • Kevin waits an awfully long time to ask Brittany about her hair, considering how much time they spend together (plus the fact that Brittany's hair was gray earlier, in Mr. O'Neill's class).
  • The chair by the door in Daria's hospital room seems to appear and disappear in different-angled shots.
  • When Helen is on the phone, the cord changes from curly to straight.

Episode #210
Fair Enough
  • The lettering on Ms. Li's door ("Ms. Li, Principal") -- shown in "Cafe Disaffecto" -- is gone.
  • Kevin must be a fast healer -- he only has his bandages on in one scene (Mr. O'Neill's class) after the roof cave-in.
  • When Ms. Li leaves Mr. O'Neill's class after announcing the fair, the clock on the wall says 5:00, which is clearly outside regular school hours.
  • While Quinn is talking about the auditions over the dinner table, the papers on the refrigerator disappear and reappear.
  • The two guards inside the gate disappear and reappear as Linda and Tom greet Jake and Helen.
  • When Ms. Li has Jamie sign the waiver, part of her hand is the same color as the clipboard she holds.
  • Jamie's on both sides of the jousting arena at once: he's one of the "wounded" in the opening shot, then he's suddenly on the other side when he helps Joey up to go to Quinn's play.
  • The guy with orange hair walks by Daria and Jane immediately before they encounter Upchuck, but he's at the booth behind them when Upchuck leaves to pursue Andrea.
  • When Sam and Chris are at the dunk tank, the balls in the cauldron are all white, but the ones they throw are orange.
  • The people behind Jake and Helen laugh in the wide shot of the crwod, but are just smiling in the closeup of Jake.
  • In the scene where Jane and Daria are getting on the Ferris wheel, and Upchuck is coming closer, you can see Jodie in the information booth in her normal, non-medieval clothes.

Episode #211
See Jane Run
  • When Daria and Jane are sitting in the bleachers, the tongue of Jane's shoe changes from white to blue after she sees Evan.
  • Daria's gym shirt doesn't match the one she wears during the show's opening sequence.
  • When Daria is talking to her parents about making up gym class, in one shot her hair falls behind her bag, but in another shot it's between her back and bag.
  • When Mack and Kevin are talking about the midterms, all the locker numbers in the background are not in order
  • After Jane makes the team, the top book in Daria's locker is white, then orange, then (in a later scene) white again.
  • When Daria says "Hey, way to go," the book farthest to the left in her locker has a brown spine, but in the shots before and after this line the book has a brown and green spine.
  • Sandi's backpack is left on the couch when the Fashion Club goes into the kitchen, but disappears when Daria sits down.
  • During the Miss Continents of the Earth Pageant, there is the sound of applause but no one in the audience is actually clapping.
  • The large guy from the Doo Dad Shop is in the audience of the Miss Continents of the Earth Pageant.
  • The color of Daria's window frames change from orange to grey throughout the episode.
  • When Quinn comes to Daria's room, the stuff on the floor is missing in some shots.
  • In the library, Quinn hands Daria a stack of five magazines. When Daria reads out loud the cover of one magazine, the stack has six magazines and the names of the magazines disappear from the spines.
  • On the closeup of Daria when she says "We're not discussing Jane anymore, are we?" to Trent, the person behind her has on two different colored shoes.
  • At the Pizza King after the track meet, the straw and cover to Daria's drink disappears and reappears.
  • The black numbers on the track team's shirts are white with a black border in the B&W newspaper photo.
  • Ms. Morris' whistle flips sides when she lets Daria and Jane watch TV.
  • When Quinn hands Helen her Daria-sitting schedule, the calendar on the wall is gone, but in the closeup of Helen it's back. (This also happens in subsequent scenes.)
  • At the dinner table, Quinn's fork suddenly appears where there wasn't one before.
  • When Jane and Evan talk about Daria, one minute they're by the classroom door; the next minute, Evan's by a trophy case.

Episode #212
Pierce Me
  • Quinn's glass goes from empty to full during dinner. Also, her pizza crust suddenly transforms into a full (cheese-less) slice after Jake gets the phone.
  • When Daria goes upstairs to talk to Trent, she doesn't have the cordless phone. When she arrives upstairs, she now has it.
  • When Jane presses redial on the phone she presses the "1" button. As a general rule, the redial button is either the "*" or "#" button (provided the phone doesn't have its own redial button).
  • When Daria is getting prepped to get pierced, the antiseptic bottle disappears and reappears.
  • Why does Axl have his rings on *over* his rubber gloves when he's piercing Daria? You'd think he's just take them off completely.
  • Trent never does get the piercing he wanted (as part of the "buy one, get one free" special).
  • When Quinn is looking in the bathroom as Daria is scratching her navel, her belt is yellow, but when she runs in there, it turns blue.
  • At the fashion show, Stacy's legs are bare in the opening shot, but when Helen tells Quinn they're next, she suddenly has leggings.
  • Quinn and Helen both have their hair done, but at the fashion show, Quinn's hair is different while Helen's is the same.

Episode #213
Write Where it Hurts
  • In the first classroom scene, the clock over the door reads 5:00.
  • The large Doodad Shop guy (from "Malled") is on the bus in the Kevin/Brittany story.
  • Brittany's stepmother, Ashley-Amber, is in the church in the Kevin/Brittany story, but Daria (who's writing the story) hasn't met her yet.
  • Daria is right-handed, yet when she wraps up the Kevin/Brittany story in Jane's room, she's writing with her left hand.
  • The leaf that Helen knocks off the rubber plant with the cordless phone is back next season.
  • Right after Daria says "Another masterpiece," we cut to Daria and Jane walking by a house. The house's driveway is green like the lawn next to it.
  • In the same scene, another house they pass has no sidewalk leading up to the front door.
  • It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like Mack has two Queens of Hearts in his deck.
  • The disappearing wall calendar in the Morgendorffer kitchen displays the same behavior in Daria's future story.
  • The way Jake holds the cards while dealing in Daria's future story suggests that he's looking at them.
  • Daria tells Jane that she can read the story about her and Kevin, but she threw that one away after she wrote it. (In Jane's room, no less!)