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Acts of Cupidity
By Disco 3:16

When Valentine's Day has one too many, chaos reigns among the couples of Lawndale.
By Jeff Cuscutis

"Is It Fall Yet?" ended with Tom and Daria making out in his car. But what happened immediately afterward?
Almost Strangers in the Night (*)
By The Angst Guy

A short Quinn/Upchuck shipper-fic. No, seriously.
By Voice Of My

Daria discusses sexuality with jane. Set after "Is It College Yet?".
Any Time At All
By Cassie Murphy

Take Andrea, over-reactive parents and a jock with a grudge, add a keg party and what have you got? Daria calling Trent...?!
Are You That Guy?
By The Unknown

Follow-up to "Jane's Crisis." Five months after the attack on Jane, Joanna throws a huge party. Will Jane come, and will she click with a certain guy (and it's not Jesse)?
As Luck May Have It [Artwork]
By Nessy Thompson

Trent wins a trip for four to Florida, and Daria gets to come along.

Baby Lane [Artwork]
By M. Bruner

Witness the ups and downs and comings and goings of the lives of Daria, Jane, Trent, and Tom over the years.
Battle of the Bands
By Kelly

Mystik Spiral had entered a Battle of the Rock Bands, but the thing is they must have a girl in the band or they will get disqualified. So they ask Daria, but when the Battle finally comes up, so does Monique. Can Daria deal with Monique getting up on her man?
Beneath the Copper Sun (*)
By Guy Payne

Daria unexpectedly encounters an old aquaintance in the damndest place. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
Boy Fiend [Artwork]
By Austin Covello

Daria finally gets a steady boyfriend. Find out who it is. One thing's for sure, though: it isn't Trent!
The Brain & The Beauty
By Ronin

A kiss turns Daria's world upside down. Who kissed her? It ain't Tom or Trent. (PG-13 version of original NC-17 story)
The Brain and the Beauty Redux
By Disco 3:16

In this remake of Ronin's "The Brain and the Beauty," an outcast and a popular girl find their worlds colliding after an innocent bet changes their lives forever.

By Jenna

Daria and Jane's class goes on a trip to a carnival - Trent and Jesse come along.
Chelsea Hotel
By Jill Friedman

The jilted Lane siblings do everything in their power to get Daria back... even taking Quinn to New York City!
By Anastasia Hunt

Brittany has another party and this time Trent comes.
By Professor Moriarity

Trent and Jesse have a man-to-man talk about their love lives... more specifically, about the ones that got away.
Crossing the Line
By Andrea Griva

Jane goes too far with her Yenta act and Daria lashes out in front of all of Lawndale.
Crush-ing Depth
By Brian Taylor

The Daria/Trent relationship, as perceived by Trent.

Dammit! Part 2
By Dallas Bolen

Daria, Jane, and Mystic Spiral finish up their trip.
darea (*)
By The Angst Guy

Unrequited love is not always properly spelled.
Daria and Trent's Weekend
By Julia Wright

Jane is tired of the flirting between Trent and Daria, so she handcuffs them together and lock them in the basement.
Daria Goes To a Sleepover
By Jane

Daria goes to sleep at Jane's house, where a lot of things happen over the course of the evening (some good, some bad!).
Daria is Flushed
By Voice Of My

The author dislikes Daria/Trent shipper stories. So, of course, she writes one.
Daria Strikes Back
By WWMyra

Jane finally takes her Yenta act too far, and even though it worked, Daria and Trent dream up an elaborate scheme to teach her a lesson in keeping her nose out of other peoples' business.
Daria's Cheap Makeover
By KewlDaria

Daria gets a makeover to try to impress Trent.
Daria's Diary
By PlainJaneLane

Daria starts writing a diary after the Lanes temporarily move in. Set during the events of the episode "Lane Miserables."
Daria's Reality
By Kim

Daria faces the facts about her feeling's for Trent.
Daria's Tears
By Walter J. Jones

Daria and Jane have a blow out argument over Daria feels about Trent, Quinn gets grounded for telling her classmates that Daria is her cousin, Helen and Daria bond closer as mother and daughter, Stacy resigns from the Fashion Club, and Daria finally tells Trent how she feels about him.
Daria's Torment
By melmel girl

Daria likes Trent *and* Tom; what is she to do?! It's not like her to like *anyone*, let alone two people! Find out who she will choose...
Daria's True Love

Daria is happy with her boyfriend, Tom. Then Trent decides to tell her the truth about his feelings. Eep!
Daria, My Sweet
By Strider

Daria writes some revealing poetry, and a nosy Jane finds the poetry and uses it to everyone's advantage. Also, a next-door neighbor's dog plays an interesting symbolic role.
By Amanda Summers

Trent plays a gig and Jane, Jesse, and Daria attend... and find out that the concept of hooking up isn't so bad after all.
Day at the Water Park
By Jane

Daria and Jane go on a school-mandated trip to a water park. Trent is there, too. Shipper action ensues.
Depression, Love, and Pizza!
By Ninja the Circus Pimp

Daria Jane Trent and Jesse decide to go out for some Pizza and end up finding a little more then Pizza.
Diane's Daria Continuum [Artwork]
By Diane Long

A healthy dose of drama infuses this series of stories that focuses on Daria and Trent's romance, from its beginnings during Daria's high school days to many years into the future.
Dinner at Eight
By Beth

Daria invites Jane and Trent over for dinner.
The Discovery
By Mitch

Daria and Trent's relationship in the future.
The Disorient Express
By Wind Lane

Jane wins an art contest that takes her and new boyfriend Jesse to Florida, and they drag Daria and Trent along for the ride. There, Daria meets one of the other art contestants and hits it off with him, much to the dismay of Trent.
Driving Miss Daria (*)
By The Angst Guy

A shipper-fic with a surprise. With two failed relationships and three miserable years of college behind her, Daria sits down to write a difficult term paper. Then comes a knock at her apartment door...
Dude Ranch Daria
By Naomi

Daria, Jane, Trent and Jesse go to a dude ranch.

Everyone Goes to Nick's

Nick plays matchmaker for his friend Trent.
Everything Happens for a Reason [Artwork]
By Mahna Mahna

Cupid is making disasters out of Daria and Tom's love lives... or is he?

Feast or Famine
By SixSax

Set after "Is It Fall Yet?", this story explores the betrayal situation. Trent wrote a song about it, and this may answer why.
By James Stewart

Jane and Daria's friendship starts to grow into something more. Everything would be fantastic if it weren't for all that damn thinking getting in the way...
The First Boyfriend
By Girliegirl333

Jane sets up Daria and Trent on a date so they'll fall in love. Do they?
First Meeting
By Anonymous

A new student comes to town and befriends Daria and Jane. But does Jane want to try to play yenta?
Food Fight
By Jane

Daria and Jane get caught in the middle of a food fight at school. Trent picks them up. Shipper action ensues.
For the Love of Quinn
By Ronin

Sandi's in love. A songfic based on the lyrics of Dan Fogelberg's "Longer."
Forgive Me, Please
By The Unknown

Follow-up to "Are You That Guy?" Three years after the attack, Jane and Brandon get intimate, while Evan is released from prison with one thing on his mind...
Four Play
By Crusading_Saint

Four people, two sets of relationships. What happens when everything comes to a head?
friends (more than)
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

In this post-canon series, Daria and Jane (as well as others) embark on a different kind of relationship.

The Great Lawndale Earthquake
By Mitch

The "last" Daria story, with danger, disaster, unlikly loves, and new beginnings.
The Green Eyed Daria
By CAT3508

Daria becomes jealous of the new girl in school.

Hangover Highway
By Melissa and K-Mart Shopper

Daria gets drunk and makes out with Trent.
Have Daria, Will Travel
By Kristin Wegner

Trent is forced by his parents to travel the U.S and become cultured (or else get a job and go to college) and Jane is sent alongside him. Of course, Trent brings Jesse and Jane brings Daria. It's a whirlwind of sightseeing and hijinks with the Daria crowd.

I Love You, I Love You Not
By Ashitaka

The moment of truth has come in Daria and Tom's relationship. Is Daria ready to take their relationship to the next level?
I'm Just a Jealous Girl

When Sandi meets Tom, she decides she likes him, but would Quinn help her sister or her friend? Is Sandi actually jealous of Daria? And Daria decides to take her relationship with Tom to the next level.
In Dreams
By Dark_One Shadowphyre

A late-night conversation between a young girl and an older musician turns to talk of romance.
The IvG Continuum
By Invisigoth Gypsy

The classic collection of stories by one of Daria fandom's original fanfic authors, the one who literally wrote the book on "shipper" fanfic.

Jane's Devious Plot
By Nemo Blank

A misunderstanding between Daria and Trent forces Jane to go on an all-out yenta offensive, using Daria's heretofore unknown musical talents to bring her and Trent together.
Jane's Theme
By Raven

Jane brings Daria and Trent together (sort of), then pulls them apart.
Janey's Dilemma
By Jenna

Jane faces a moral dillema.
By Mitch

Jesse overhears Daria and Jane talking, and becomes convinced that Daria likes him.
Jesse's Girl (*)
By Jill Palmer

An "alternate universe" take on the events of "Jane's Addition."
Jesse's Girlfriends
By Jane

Jesse's girlfriend dumps him, Jane has no friends when the story starts, Daria has just moved in, and Trent finds Jesse in love (guess with whom!).
Just Another Beautiful Story
By Cassie Murphy

Andrea returns, the Seven Dwarfs get addicted, and Hansel and Gretel have Witch Flambe, all in the last fic of the author's kinda-trilogy.

The Kiss of Soft Wings
By Deref

A microfic in which Jamie takes Quinn for a fine dining experience.
A Knight to Remember (*)
By The Angst Guy

An offbeat "Daria" shipper about a girl, a guy, and a Batmobile. The tale continues from where the fifth-season episode "Sappy Anniversary" leaves off.

Lawndale High's Picnic
By Jane

Daria and Jane go on a school-mandated picnic. Trent and Jesse are there, too. Shipper action ensues.
Lawndale's Most Unwanted
By Lourdes M. Cabrera

Trent is dating a girl named Claire, and Jane is dating Tom, leaving Daria even more alone and depressed... until she meets a new mystery man who is full of surprises.
Let's Be In Love
By Wouter Jaegers

What happens when Quinn and Stacy take their friendship to a completely new level?
By Jane

Letters get exchanged -- inadvertantly -- between Jane, Daria, and Trent.
Like Jello
By Carol Marino

Daria and Jane go to Mystik Spiral's gig at the Pizza King, where Trent writes a song that reveals his feelings for Daria in a strange way.
Locker Trouble
By im thinking changing myname

Our two cynics both have a secret. Little do they know they both share it.
By Angel Baby Love

Jane tries to set Daria and Trent up.
Love on the Rocks With No Ice
By Lozzie

Daria breaks up with Tom and Trent takes his place. It doesn't get more basic than that...
The Love's Labours Trilogy
By E.A. Smith

Can Daria overcome the demons of her past to keep a relationship in the present?
Love, Reign Over Me
By Crusading_Saint

Living in Washington DC, Quinn's friend Lindy searches for love and happiness. One day, she meets an interesting woman named Alison...

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Luuuv Story (*)
By The Angst Guy

A decade after leaving high school, Daria and Quinn learn that their widowed mother, Helen Morgendorffer, has found someone special in her life... and it's Kevin Thompson. A sensitive and touching portrayal of mindless sex gone wrong.

Memories of the Night Before
By Wormbait

Will Daria and Jane finally come to the ultimate step in their friendship?

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
The Musician's New Muse
By Austin Covello

Do opposites attract? Maybe, but Quinn and Trent have more in common than they realize. Also, new players enter the Morgendorffer/Griffin war, and Tiffany learns a new word. A four-part story, with each chapter including a link to the next.
Mystique Spiral [Artwork]
By M. Bruner

A new girl in Trent's life throws Daria completely for a loop, causing her to take drastic steps to ease her pain.
My Wings Are All A-Quiver
By Invisible Dan

Tom is having problems with his girlfriend Jane. Unfortunately for her, this is when a sexy foreign exchange student comes to Fielding.

New Eyes [Artwork]
By Nemo Blank

Daria finds her spirits soaring when she and Trent finally hook up, only to see them crash back to Earth when he hits the road with Mystik Spiral in an attempt to finally hit the big time (and make himself worthy of her). As Trent tries to make a name for himself, Daria finds that her summer job could provide her with much more than just money for college.
The New Girl
By LeadFeathered

When a new girl transfers to Lawndale, she manages to replace a member of Mystik Spiral, making Daria jealous in the process. Filled with surprising hookups and heartbreaks.
A New Student in Lawndale [Artwork]
By Jane

One of Trent's idols comes to live in Lawndale, and he goes out with her in an attempt to make Daria jealous.
Night Holds the Key
By Anachronism Girl

Daria and Trent have a sort-of late night encounter. A prequel (of sorts) to Roger E. Moore's "April is the Cruelest Month."
A Night You Should Remember
By Alexandria

Daria spends the night at Jane's and Trent comes home drunk. Misunderstandings ensue.
North and South
By The Ranting Klown

Following being dumped by Monique and Tom, respectively, Trent and Daria find solace in each other.

One Night
By WWMyra

Daria and Jane attend a party at Mystik Spiral bandmember Max's house. Daria ends up drinking too much of the spiked punch... and has the mother of all regrets when she wakes up the next morning.
One Night (prose version)
By Dark_One Shadowphyre

Daria and Jane attend a party at Mystik Spiral bandmember Max's house. Daria ends up drinking too much of the spiked punch... and has the mother of all regrets when she wakes up the next morning. Original story by WWMyra.
One Night Stand: A Misleading Title
By Mitch

Daria goes to watch Trent play at McGrundy's Pub.
The Other Side of Time
By The Sidhe

"Somewhere in Time" meets "The Guns of the South" as Daria and Jane befriend who they believe is a charming gentleman from the "old school" South. A budding romance threatens to become extremely complicated, however, when it is discovered that not all is as it appears to be.

By Emily Bischoff

Weird stuff occurs when Daria stays over at Jane's house and Trent brings the booze...
Pause in the Air
By The Angst Guy

Explores the lives of Daria and Jane as they set out for college and beyond... as a lesbian couple.
Pluck'd a White Rose
By Dennis

A different kind of Daria/Tom shipper. How different, you ask? Well, for one thing, it's set more than 500 years before the show.
Put Your Best Chain Forward
By Chrystin Angel

Jane and Tom realize that Trent and Daria like each other, so they chain them together for a total of one week and four days.

The Question
By Di

In response to Roxanne M's Iron Chef Challenge: "The Date." Mr. DeMartino and Mr. O'Neill have been dating for a year and Mr. DeMartino is ready to pop the question.

Restrain Jane Lane! [Artwork]
By Nemo Blank

A cosmic comedy of errors conspires to put Cupid's love tazer in Jane's hands. When she figures out what the heck it is, Jane can't resist trying out the device on people she knows, but what will be the consequences of her meddling in things best left alone?
A Romantic Conversation
By Deref

Two lovers have a little romantic chat. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.

Sarcasm Queen
By Christa

Things happen between Daria and Trent (once again) after a little prodding from Jane (once again) and a few accidental findings.
The Secret Life (*)
By The Angst Guy

Two college students from Lawndale finally realize they were made for each other--but will anyone else realize this, too?
The Setup, Part 2
By Luxa Goldmine

A sequel to "The Setup," which follows up on Daria and Trent after their trip to the movies.
The Setup
By Stephen Becker

Daria goes with Trent to the movies. But they have some special interferences.
Sex and the Cynical Girl
By Danny Bronstein

Daria feels pressured to have sex with her boyfriend Trent.
A Show is Not Only a Show
By Jane

Jane, Trent, and Jesse are going to a Korn concert. Daria is asked to come along. Shipper action ensues.
Simplicity Itself
By Glasswing

Depressed and feeling alone, unattractive, and unwanted, Daria turns to the bottle for solace. Will this cause her to do something drastic?
Ski Trip
By Boarder Bum

Daria and Trent go on a ski trip.
Sleeping With Trent 2
By Mitch

A year later, Daria and Trent are in a hotel room again. This time, Michael Andrews and Mara are also around.
Sleeping With Trent: A Slightly Misleading Title
By Mitch

While on vacation, Daria and Trent share a hotel room, and learn things about each other that they never knew before.
A Stranger in Lawndale
By Belle Book

A mysterious stranger arrives in Lawndale and when he meets Stacy, their lives are changed forever. Set shortly after the events of "Is It College Yet?", during Stacy's senior year at Lawndale High.
Stupid Things
By Shawa

Daria, Jane, Trent and Tom go to the girls' prom. Jane gets whacked. Daria gets Trent. The usual deal.
By Pulchritudinous3

It's summer vacation, and Jane, Daria and Trent go to the community pool.
By Maria Isais

It's a thin line between love and hate, and Daria and Trent have crossed it... several times.

Teenage Wasteland
By Crusading_Saint

Daria and Jane are still working out the intricacies of their relationship. Throw Kevin into the mix, and things are bound to get a little weird. A sequel to "Four Play."
Ten Years
By Di

Sequel to "Undefeated." It's Daria and Jane's ten year anniversary and Jane has a special gift for her wife.
Too Late
By Professor Moriarity

Jesse reflects on his feelings for Jane. Is there still hope, or is he too late to win her heart?
Train Chasing
By Judith Wimer

Daria and Jane chase Trent across the country.
Trent and Jane's Party
By Jane

Trent, Jane, and Jesse have a party. Daria is there, too. Shipper action ensues.
Trent's Baby?!!?
By Julia Wright

Trent has to take care of a baby for a week, with the help of a friend.
Trent's Dream
By Mitch

Trent has a dream about falling in love with Daria.
Trent's Misery
By Julia Wright

Daria and the gang go on a trip to California, which is ruined when one of them have an accident.
Trent's Nightmare
By Mitch

Trent has a nightmare about his wife Daria and their baby.
Trent's Romance
By Alexandrea Thomas

Trent falls in love with Daria (you saw it coming!). Set to the Perfect Circle song "Blue."
Trenteo and Dariet
By Liliane Grenier

A twisted parody of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," with you-know-who in the title roles.
The Trick's the Treat
By Diane Long

Sharp knives, pumpkins, and a healthy dose of sarcasm figure into the picture as Daria and Tom further explore their relationship on a chilly Halloween night.
By Adam Johnson

The dance is here, everyone is breaking up, and Jane has something planned for her "friend" Daria.
Twist of Fate [Artwork]
By Kayla Jones

Trent realizes his feelings for Daria, while Quinn is in the opposite of kitty heaven sitting for Sandi's cat, Fluffy, while she's out of town.
The Two of Them (*)
By The Angst Guy

A blind date goes horribly awry--or does it? A Daria/Stacy shipper from an Iron Chef challenge, just because.

By Di

Daria and Jane's relationship has been dealt a major blow by an outside force. Can a phone call from an old friend save it before it is lost forever?
Unhealthy Competition
By wierdgrrl

When a new student comes to Lawndale, she's Daria's double in spirit. But when Trent shows an interest, Daria is curious as to why. When she gets the answer from a hidden tip-off, how will she use this knowledge? And how will Trent reciprocate?
Unrequited Love
By Angelinhel

Three ficlets in response to a PPMB "Iron Chef" challenge to write a short story about one Daria character's unrequited love for another. (Exceptions: no Daria/Trent or Quinn/David, which have been done to death.)

A Very Fine Lane
By Angel ODing

Daria and Trent get together. Simple, eh? Not on your life!

By Professor Moriarity

Trent ponders things on the eve of Daria's 18th birthday.
Wake-Up Call
By Sadie Knight

Hilariousness ensues in a story where not everything is as it seems, as our heroine Daria discovers when she recieves a late night phone call from none other then Jane. Mild sexual content, but not enough to blind anyone (I hope!).

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
The Way We Were Meant to Be
By Hikhali

Daria faces changes in her life... some good, some bad. A five-part story.
Where Do We Go From Here?
By Di

The first prequel to "Undefeated" and "Ten Years." This is where Daria and Jane's relationship changes from friendship to something more.
Why 2K? (*)
By Kemical Reaxion

On New Year's Eve 1999, as Lawndale loses electricity, anything can happen. Hearts are broken, secrets are revealed, and somebody gets a much needed shower. It's the party of the Millennium, baby!
Why? or My Immortal
By Isabelle Young-Johnson

A short song fic set to "My Immortal" by Evanescence, attempting to delve into Daria and Trent's emotional states at some point between "Lane Miserables" and "Fire!".
Wish Upon a Fallen Star (*)
By The Angst Guy

Stacy Rowe goes out on a weird date with Ted DeWitt-Clinton--and they discover the future.
By Elizabeth

Daria is forced by her parents to get a job; fortunately for her, Trent gets a job, too, only they are working at very different places. Daria then finds out that Trent has another girl. Uh-oh!