August 1967

Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane were sitting outside of the pearly gates, waiting for their meeting with St. Peter. The two twenty year-olds had never met on the Earthly realm. Niether of them had ever left their hometowns. Daria stared down at her sandals. Jane turned to look at her.

"So, why are you here?" Jane asked brushing her raven hair away from her cobalt eyes.

"The nash rambler I was riding in was hit head on by a chevy van. You?" The auburn haired woman asked while pushing up her glasses.

"I was shot during a robbery attempt at the shop I worked at. Jane Lane by the way." Jane extended out her hand.

The other woman hesitated at first before accepting the handshake. "Daria-Daria Morgendorffer. So where did you live?"


"Minneapolis. Did you have any brothers or sisters?"

"No.. I was an only child. What about you?"

"Don't know.. I was raised in an orphanage and was kicked out at eighteen."

"Sorry to hear that."

The two women continued to talk. Soon, it felt as though they had been old friends. They talked about the lonliness in their former lives. They began to discuss other things like what they had wanted to do with their lives. Jane had been trying to save up money to go to nursing school. Daria wanted to become a secretary. After what seemed like an eternity, an angel appeared before them. They stood up and headed to find out their fate.

St. Peter looked down at the two women and opened a giant book. "Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane.. neither of you were supposed to be here until years from now." He flipped open a giant book and gasped. "Did you two not meet in your human forms?"

The two women shook their heads. A confused expression fell over his face. He reread the pages. He pointed down at a passage.

"I think I found the problem. Jane, your family was supposed to move to Minneapolis ten years ago. However, your dad's car blew a tire and he missed his job interview for a much higher paying job. That changed everything. Your family was supposed to adopt Daria. You two were meant to be sisters and best friends for years to come. We need to find a way to correct this situation. If things had gone the way they were supposed to you would both be attending college right now."

The two women looked at him stunned. They turned to each other.

"I didn't think mistakes could happen in this department." Daria replied.

"It's rare but they happen. I need to figure out a way to make this right. Why don't we send you two back down and see if we can fix the oversight?"

"Can we wait awhile.. I didn't have any friends on Earth and I don't want my chance to make one getting messed up again. So can we stay here and then tell you when we are ready to go back?" Jane asked. Daria nodded in agreement.

St. Peter looked at the two women. "Okay, but for every year you are up here, that means it will be one year longer until you two meet on the Earthly plane."

"We understand." The women said in unison.

Fifteen Years Later...

Daria and Jane walk up to St. Peter.

"We have decided that we are ready to head back down to Earth."

"Good.. Let's see.. that means that you two will not meet again until fifteen years from now."

"How will we know each other?" Daria asked.

"Good question.. St. Peter reopened his book. From my records, when you were children in your previous lives Daria you wanted to be a writer and Jane you wanted to be an artist. That is what you will be when you two meet again."

"I guess this means goodbye" Jane sighed.

"No-- this means until we meet again." Daria smiled as they walked away from St. Peter.

Before they left, St. Peter yelled at them. "A word of advice. Just listen to the nice man's soothing voice."


ok.. I know that was a little out of whack but I just reintroduced caffeine into my system after a year long absence.