Fan Fiction
"The Daria Multiverse"

One of the most ambitious undertakings ever by Daria fan fiction writers has been the concept of "the Daria multiverse," where various writers contribute stories set in various shared universes:

| Daylight | Legion of Lawndale Heroes | Shining Star | Tales of the Ringbearers |

The Judith Saga:
| Part I: Judith Strikes! | Part II: Worldburner |

Since so many of these stories cross various shared universes, they have been collected together on one page.


Our Sun is a typical, well-behaved star, pumping out heat and light and making life on Earth possible (and pleasant, for the most part). According to astronomers, it's been burning for about five billion years, and is expected to do so for another five billion, after which it will swell up, then shrink to a cinder before finally dying.

But what if something went wrong... and in our lifetime?

This series of stories from various authors chronicles what might happen if something went drastically wrong with the Sun's nuclear furnace and it produced a massive Coronal Mass Ejection. What might the effect on Earth be, and how will the inhabitants of Lawndale (and elsewhere) survive and cope with the drastic changes in their lives?

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Brother Grimace
"Daylight LLH"
Note: These stories are heavily crossed over with the "Legion of Lawndale Heroes",
with a sprinkling of the "Tales of the Ringbearers" here and there.
Baked Alaska

Julia Carlyle visits the Last Frontier, and finds old friends and enemies trying to survive the events of Zero Hour.
Before the Coming Dawn

The fic that began the Daylight saga finds a familiar Ringbearer becoming aware of the disaster to come--and getting surprising orders from his superiors.
The Essentials of Everyday Living

The Alliance make new friends and influence people as they decide to settle down in a strange location--an Ohio town known for zombies!
A Good Deed Repaid

Claire DeFoe gets a visit from a friend, receives a priceless gift, and finds out that the world is about to end.
Home Field Advantage

The Alliance gets a visit from a past and future for of the Legion, and in the process, becomes aware of the disaster heading their way!
The Hope Mission

The Legionnaires and the other survivors of the Daylight Crisis receive a message, supplies and hope from their friends who escaped the disaster and are planning out ways to send help!
Kitchen Duty

Daria and Sandi are stuck working K.P.--of a sort--and words are said.
Reporting From Echo Base

The Alliance sends out reports on events at their new home, while the plotting of old foes of the Legion place them squarely in the crosshairs!
Wagon Train to the Stars

In the short time before the Daylight Crisis begins, Daniele Todds and several Academy cadets receive orders that will forever change their lives--"Report to Legion Tower!"

Rememer When the Music

In the ruins of Lawndale, Trent reflects on what was taken away, and what he still has left.

Disco 3:16
"Falling From Grace"
Stacy Rowe had planned for the end of the world, but she never thought it would end like this...
When the Ball Dropped

Stacy Rowe†accepts an invitation to ride out Y2K in her new†friend's fallout shelter.†When Y2K passes, the world doesn't expect the Coronal Mass Ejection that follows.†Who will escape from Zero Hour with their lives?
The Road to Nowhere

As four friends leave Lawndale and head across the Maryland Panhandle, a relationship is strengthened and another is forged.†However, their very survival is threatened by a new menace in this post-apocalyptic world: the Doomsday Device.
I Should Have Been Home Yesterday

As our travellers enter West Virginia, they come across new and unforeseen dangers.†Will they reach the Secretary of Labor in time, or will the JJ5 get there first?†Who will survive the final showdown?


An AU fic where Daria reads to the children about a superhero. The hero in question? A Ringbearer named Beavis.

Richard Lobinske

While checking on the Daria of his currently assigned Earth, Robert Nelson is approached by a strange man who knows his name and the powers of his ring.
Recruitment Day

On the day the Coronal Mass Ejections first hit Earth, Helen and Jake Morgendorffer are recruited to join a mysterious interdimensional agency.
A Visit to Camp Grizzly

Months after the start of the Daylight Crisis, a traveller visits the survivors making a new life at Camp Grizzly.

Hell Freezes Over

The ruins of Lawndale are blanketed in an endless snowstorm after coronal mass ejections set off a nuclear winter effect around the world.


Legion of Lawndale Heroes is a shared world series in which the major characters of Daria acquire super-powers and are convinced or manipulated into forming a "Legion" of such young people by Russell Stark, a mysterious software magnate.

Legion of Lawndale Heroes series page at The Daria Wiki
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Volume II
by Brother Grimace and others
Chapter Eleven
Part 1: Out Here On My Own

The series continues! Trent Lane reminiscences over past events, several Legionnaires explore new skills and relationships, and Armalin prepares to send the team into survival training.
Part 2: Look Through My Eyes

It's show-and-tell time at Legion Tower as Legionnaires demonstrate new uses for their powers, and Trent is advised by a close friend to get off his butt and do something with his life.
Part 3: Brain Damage

Breakfast brings two Legionnaires a bit too close for comfort, a tragedy rocks the hidden world of The Elite, and the Legion begins The Outlast.
Part 4: In the Air Tonight

The Legion heads for Alaska, and a mysterious individual awaits their arrival.
Part 5: Don't Let Me Get Me

As the Legionnaires go through the Outlast, they deal with problems old and new within themselves and with each other, and they meet two people who will help to change their lives forever.
Part 6: Truths Known, Spoken and Undone

The arrival of the strangers forces several Legionnaires on The Outlast to take a harsh look at themselves, while back in Lawndale, Janet Barch finally snaps--and while all of Lawndale could pay the price, Mack Mackenzie is first in line.
Part 7: Bright Lights and Darker Shadows

In the Series One finale, Daria crosses yet another line with her powers and remembers an important talk with Helen, while a new hero saves Lawndale and a new villain is born--but at the price of love and insanity.
Chapter Twelve
Part 1: The Wild and the Young

Mack Mackenzie joins the Legion, an old face from Grove Hills discovers his Elite heritage while promising revenge upon Daria, and the Legionnaires find that the world they thought they knew just became far, far larger than they imagined.
Part 2: Lay Your Hands On Me

Surprises and revelations are in store as the Legionnaires meet the cadets at the U.S. Government's school for training metahumans, while Daria and Jane have a long overdue talk, and a familiar, yet despised face comes face-to-face with the forces that created the Legion... to become a major threat.
Part 3: Learning to Fly

More antics and cat-scratch fever occurs as the Legionnaires intermix with the USAES cadets, while on a tropical island, a beautiful Elite member awaits a very important person.
Part 4: Electric Youth

It's time for the Legionnaires to jump through hoops as they undergo USAES testing! Daria finds herself being courted, Tom gives a competitor an eyeful, and Quinn proves that there's always a second chance to make a good impression.
Part 5: Two Tribes

Things are getting more intense as an adversary of Colonel Armalin shows up to make trouble, bringing along an eerie pair of surprises--and the Legionnaires are challenged to a combat exercise by a group of cadets with scores to settle!
Part 6: Bop Til You Drop

It's all-out action as the Legionnaires engage in combat with their opposites at the Academy--the team of metahumans cadets known as The Alliance--and it's a battle that people all around the world will see!
Part 7: Behind Blue Eyes

The fallout from the Legion/Alliance battle rains down far and wide as people face rewards and rebukes in the aftermath, while future friends, lovers and foes are visited, and interesting proposals are made in the Series Two finale.
Chapter Thirteen
Part 1: Where Do We Go From Here?

A potential Legionnaire arrives at the Tower, bringing discord in her wake while Upchuck debates staying with the group, and Mack and Tom find themselves caught up in a war beyond belief... but are gone only for a few seconds.
Part 2: Angel of the Morning

Julia Carlyle becomes the newest Legionnaire, stirring up the pot while the splinter group Arcana continues o lurk in the shadows, and Fran Lawrence realizes the grave danger she's in! Also, Jodie shows up--with a flight belt--and Jane plans dinner.
Part 3: This Used to Be My Playground

Several Legionnaires take the time to have important conversations with loved ones. Fran goes to Daria for protection from William Appleton, and a Master Ringbearer with a special tie to the Legion arrives to take the Soul Crystal into her custody--no matter what it takes.
Part 4: For Those About to Rock, We Salute You

Daria and Helen reach out to help Fran, and as the Legion fights an all-out battle against Ringbearer Danielle Todds, a former classmate of the Legionnaires reaches across time to help them out. Co-written by Roentgen and Brother Grimace.
Part 5: Points of Authority

The chickens come home to roost for Tom Sloane as his behaviors over the past year are finally addressed in anger and fire--but will he survive the experience? Co-written by NightGoblyn and Brother Grimace.
Part 6: Broken

As Tom recuperates from his ordeal, he has to face an even greater ordeal--facing the people who know him best, and even worse... facing himself. Written by Roentgen.
Part 7: Express Yourself

It's conference time at Legion Tower! The Legionnaires talk about time travel, 'Axe-heads', how to bring down a perverted criminal--and manage to find time to choose 'code-names' for one another.
Part 8: Shadows of the Night

It's time for the gloves to come off as the Legionnaires make their move--take down William Appleton, once and for all!
Part 9: Candle in the Wind

In the Series Three finale, the Legionnaires have invaded Appleton Labs and captured their foe, but what horrible things will they find inside--things that lead to their own front door--and will William Appleton escape justice? Also, the circle is complete as Daria, Quinn and Jane retake a journey they took years before, and say goodbye to an old friend.

LLH "Minis"
by Brother Grimace
#1: Sparring Session

The Legion's advisor has a talk with a friend about the Legion, in a most unusual way. (A "Legion-lite" mini.)
#2: Fraternity Brothers

While at the Academy, Tom Sloane meets up with an old society acquaintance, renews old enmities, and gets a power boost.
#3: Legionnaires 101

The metahuman cadets known as "The Alliance" get a heads-up on the Legionnaires just before the slugfest in "Bop 'Til You Drop!" (A "Legion-lite" mini.)
#4: Dinner

"Empty nest syndrome" hits home for the Parents Morgendorffer. (A "Legion-lite" mini.)
#5: For the Boys at Camp Victory

Daria (with a little help from "Val" magazine) does her part for the U.S. Marines fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom.
#6: The Devil Deals the Cards

Four members of the group Arcana begin plans that will take them to Lawndale... and the Legionnaires. (A "Legion-lite" mini.)
#7: A Quintessential Attitude

Quinn shows a softer side of herself in a difficult time--and changes the opinion of the Legion's newest member in the process.
#8: Waif Fu

Three muggers. Sandi, Stacy and bags upon bags of stuff from their latest "mall crawl". Things get kind of sad afterward.
#9: Meta Yo Mama

Colonel Armalin listens in on some good old-fashioned "male bonding" as the Legion's guys have friends over.
#10: A Day at the Races

Julia and Trent spend the day at Churchill Downs in the company of some of Julia's Academy friends... and Trent's new girlfriend.
#11: The Little Drummer Girl

Meanwhile, how has Tiffany been getting along since she started classes at the Academy?
#12: Eclipse

Mack has to deal with two police officers, and an ugly part of modern-day America.
#13: Falling Into Unexpected Circumstances

Pillow talk... Legion of Lawndale Heroes-style.
#14: Network Connections

The fallout from the events of "LLH Gold Team" begin as Mack meets up with a very pretty girl--a girl with ulterior motives, and real attraction towards him.
#15: Bull Session

The male Legionnaires and the head Academy cadet talk in up--but be careful, because in Legion Tower, the walls have eyes and ears.
#16: Part of the Solution

Val gets some unexpected company with nefarious plans for the Legion in mind. (A "Legion-lite" mini.)
#17: The Vetting Process

During the Legion's Halloween Costume Charity Ball, the Legion Advisor meets up with a nice girl. (A "Legion-lite" mini.)
#18: Cop

Because there are people who are aware of just exactly what is happening inside Legion Tower... and around Lawndale, for that matter. (A "Legion-lite" mini.)
"The Legion Encounters"
A series of LLH "minis" set in the "Judith Strikes!" continuity.
#19: Pizza Night with the Girls

Judith stops in at Legion Tower, and the hen party begins...
#20: An Unexpected Stop

Judith encounters the organization known as DELPHI again... or does she?

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
#21: Equal Payment

Set a couple of years before "Legion of Lawndale Heroes," Upchuck gets his fondest wish--and pays for it.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
#22: Not So Different

Judith makes a stop as a school for superhumans, and gets a look at her inner self.

LLH "Minis" - Continued
by Brother Grimace
#23: The French Canadian Teacher

A prequel fic to the series finds Daria and the others meeting a substitute teacher, who has ties to a future ally.
#24: Contrails

A look inside the life of one of the "Three J's," and his search for something more, and better, in life.

LLH Alternate Future
An alternate history of the "Legion of Lawndale Heroes."
#1: Qualification

Having attended the USAES, Tiffany decides to sign up for active service. Now she has to keep her secrets even though it hurts to do so.
#2: Investigation

Three Legionnaires infiltrates the headquarters of an evil company, but not in close co-operation.
#3: Crystal Clear

A reunion between three Legionnaires and an X-Ray.
#4: The Known Future

Short on super villains, the Legion and the Seals turn their attention to the South American drug cartels, only to find themselves hunting super villains again.
#5: Pre-Emptive Counterattack

The Legion are needed elsewhere while Harman steals something.
#6: Pleae Give Me Your Full Attention

While the mercenaries appropriate their loot, the Legion de-mine Chicago.
#7: The Future We Choose/Anticipate This

The Legion set out to stop Harmanís mercenaries from making population centres vanish.
#7: Get Real

While Daria tries to get her head straight, Tiffany reassesses her life and Jane frets over the Legion's rapidly declining reputation.

Other Stories
Beta Testing
By Richard Lobinske

Ringbearer Archangel comes up with a fun way to learn to use a new device provided by The Agency. A LLH/Ringbearers mini-fic, taking place immediately after Brother Grimace's "No One Is To Blame" and soon after the author's "Temporal Conundrum."
Cats' Night Out
By Richard Lobinske

Occurring during the events of the Legion of Lawndale Heroes Special "A Legion Halloween" and Mini "Falling Into Unusual Circumstances." Daria's new kittens, Bump and Sissy, explore the Halloween party until they meet Sandi's cat, Fluffy, and things take a more serious turn.
How Patriotic
By psychotol

An angry patriot learns the value of research.
Play a Game
By psychotol

Daria is challenged to make up a story.


A dystopian science-fiction shared world setting for Daria, similar in design and intent to Daylight. Shining Star describes a chronological series of astronomical and biological events that occur over a period of years when a supernova erupts in Earth's interstellar neighborhood, only 14 light years away.

Shining Star series page at The Daria Wiki
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Richard Lobinske
Temporal Conundrum

When they discover that a rogue Agency operative has a Vengeance Ring, Agency Supervisor Richard and Ringbearer Archangel must team up to find him and deal with a world that was mysteriously altered a thousand years before by the Ringwraith to save humanity from the effects of the Van Maanen's Supernova.


Tales of the Ringbearers is a shared world series of stories about superhero Daria characters from many Dariaverses, reminiscent of the Green Lantern tales of DC Comics. These stories involve the Ringbearers, wielders of the Defender Rings, and their deeds within the Daria Multiverse.

Tales of the Ringbearers series page at The Daria Wiki
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Brother Grimace
The Aeon Interdict

A follow-up to the Daylight fic "A Good Deed Repaid," Claire DeFoe receives a message and instructions from a totally unexpected source.

Daria finds that dating a Ringbearer has awesome benefits--like camping trips to the mountains... on other worlds. Oh, yeah--Jane tags along, too.

Daria finds out how Ringbearers relax after a rough day in the office... and how the new guys can really screw things up.
The Fourth Ringwraith

Stacy Rowe receives a gift of jewelry, and decides to take in the town.
A Honey of a Deal

Danielle Todds negotiates for land for Ringbearer bases, and has to deal with seals and bees and bears--oh, my!
I Hate the Desert

Courtney (a Ringbearer who's a magnet for trouble) gets an assignment on a deserted world, where there should be no problems. Yeah. Right.
My Dinner With Robert

From the continuation of "The Cynic and The Defender," Jane and Robert enjoy dinner, ice cream, and the thrill of dunking someone in water.

Daria gets a trip to Nova Valdris, and gets to see the Ringbearers in a new light. A follow-up to "Camping."
Security Blanket

Takes place immediately after "My Dinner With Robert." Jane meets Jane. Jane compares notes with Jane. Jane turns Max's drumsticks to gold.
Tiger Cruise

A VERY familiar face gives Daria the lowdown on how Defender Rings work. Daria gets all shook up--but enjoys dinner afterward.
A Christmas-themed "Falling Into College" crossover that reunites one of that series most beloved characters with a lost family member.
Part 1

Archangel rescues a furry little friend.
Part 2

Hushpuppies, good coffee and excellent Scotch smooth the way for a deal to be made.
Part 3

A Christmas miracle occurs as two sisters reunite -- and have comments on each other's appearances.
A multi-part fic about a man with a Ring, and his quest for redemption.
Part 1

A visit from a recurring customer and a dream date make the late shift a memorable one for a waitress.
Part 2

A familiar face visits Michael, and more information on the Ringbearers origins are revealed.
"Spirit Stick"
A multi-part fic, in which Ringbearers Archangel and Valkyrie investigate a sorority house, and meet a horde of things they never imagined.
Part 1

Two familiar faces arrive at Great Prairie State University's Greek Row -- and it's not for Pledge Week.
Part 2

As they try to get inside, our heroes are made to feel most unwelcome.
Part 3

Valkyrie meets up with scary things in 1999 -- ghosts, sorority girls, 'Buffy' episodes... and something totally different.
Part 4

Archangel meets up with familiar faces, both welcome and not, in a world where the October Crisis of 1962 has led to cataclysmic results.
Part 5

(no description available)
Part 6

(no description available)
Part 7

(no description available)

A Little Vacataion

Zombies, teleportation, alternate realities, and let's not forget the requisite mad scientist, all of which combine to create one of the most horrific adventures Daria has ever been on in this multi-part story.

Richard Lobinske

While checking on the Daria of his currently assigned Earth, Robert Nelson is approached by a strange man who knows his name and the powers of his ring.
Learning a New Trick

Agency Supervisor Richard takes a small vacation to learn to use the new abilities given to him by the Ringmasters, and makes some souvenirs that will long be remembered. Takes place soon after "Temporal Conundrum" and "Beta Testing."
Let Vengeance Ring

An "Origins" story in "Tales of the Ringbearers". Brother Grimace invited me to join in on a multistory effort to expand on the origins of the Defender Rings, the Ringbearers and why Daria has become a nexus in so many universes protected by them. Known only to a few, The Illumination wasn't a unique event and Defender Rings were created in another universe. However, not all of those who created those Defender Rings were as noble in spirit as those that would be selected to wield the First Rings. The fall of one in particular would come back to haunt the Ringbearers.
Temporary Duty

A young Ringbearer on temporary duty with the Agency faces the challenge of working under a different set of rules while dealing with an unusual zombie outbreak.
With New Responsibility

The uncle of a webslinging superhero-to-be once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Two figures well-known among the Corps of Ringbearers get that lesson first-hand as they begin to learn the responsiblities that come with their new powers.

The Judith Saga, Part I:

Judith, an alternate universe version of Daria, is travelling from world to world in search of information and artifacts related to cross-dimensional travel... and leaving a vast amount of corpses behind. Completely sociopathic and armed to the teeth with a variety of high-tech & magical weaponry, her secondary objective is to cause as much pain & suffering to the multiverse's Daria's as possible.

Judith Strikes! series page at The Daria Wiki
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Brother Grimace
The Best Halloween Ever

Judith versus Daria's room, Warner Brothers style!
The Best Weekend Ever

Judith shows that she has a horribly warped idea of what "dinner and a show" is supposed to be.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Calling the Children Home

The end of "Judith Strikes!" from the perspective of the Ringbearers.
Cat Scratch Fever

A "Judith Strikes!" fic set in the "Falling Into College" universe.
Community Service

A look at The Kiss, from the perspective of Judith and a seriously annoyed Jane.
The Gift of the Ringwraiths

Two Ringwraiths help Judith out, and find out the meaning of "be careful of what you wish for..."
The Last Stand of Odell Jones

The final moments of a good man as he fights to stop Judith's plans.
Rest Stop

In this crossover with the "Daylight" shared-world series, Judith finds a moment of humanity with herself, in more ways than one.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
A View from the Front Row

A Babylon 5/Daria crossover.

Richard Lobinske

A chance encounter between Judith and Daria Wraithkiller leads Judith to realize that there are Darias more frightening than her. A prequel to Brother Grimace's "The Gift of the Ringwraiths."

The Judith Saga, Part II:

"Worldburner" is the sequel to "Judith Strikes!". Here, Judith is still hopping from reality to reality for nefarious ends, only now she wields hideous levels of power and can destroy entire universes. The stories focus on characters in those universes, or of the DELPHI/Ringbearer/The Agency/The Foundation union, either trying to limit Judith's destruction or simply survive it.

Worldburner series page at The Daria Wiki
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Brother Grimace
Appearance of the Morning Star

The tenth anniversary of Brother Grimace's writing "Daria" fanfic has Judith revisiting a world seen in "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow..." and meeting someone who isn't frightened of her.
Bohemian Catastrophe

A Daria/Dune crossover has Judith facing off against Mystik Spiral.
First Dance

Archangel and Judith meet, and actually have a conversation.
The Flames of Passion

Judith brings a violent end to the events of the "Night of the Storm" universe.
On the Night Shift

An entry in the "Whatever Happened to Tommy Sherman?" Iron Chef, which finds Tommy at work one night when a certain cat-suited young woman shows up, looking for soda, gum and a chance to humiliate him.
The Order of Infinity

Judith gets new allies in her quest to destroy all reality... but what are their real goals?
Out of the Frying Pan

A sequel to "The Gift of the Ringwraiths," with an unhappy ending.
Things That Annoy Me

A deleted scene from "A Very Judith Christmas" has NegaJane talking about things that annoy her (duh!).

Resistance fighters receive a new weapon in the fight against Judith... but who's really supplying them, and why?
"The Emerald Plan"
Part 1: A Necessary Loss

Amy Barksdale (but not quite) and her husband face the end of the world together.
Part 2: A Great Halloween Party

Judith shows up at Wolfram and Hart to cause mischief and betrayal, but the tables are turned upon her.
Part 3: Night Falls Upon the Line

After the events of "A Great Halloween Party," Judith declares war upon the Corps of Ringbearers... and they respond in kind.

Richard Lobinske
Reach Out

The discovery of Judith's home universe leads Agency Supervisor Richard and Foundation Officer Reiko to consider a new way dealing with Judith, by reaching out to her with an offer.
When It Rains

With all of the interdimensional organizations concentrating on stopping Judith's rampage across the Multiverse, it was only a matter of time before others decided to take advantage of their distraction to set their own plans in motion. Agency Supervisor Richard recruits a version of Daria Von Doom and a Daria Morgendorffer that has been influenced by the Architects Gates to protect ancient history from the efforts of Judith and the Architect Gate Intelligence.