The Legion Encounters – Part III

Equal Payment

A Legion of Lawndale Heroes 'Mini, by Brother Grimace

(NOTE: This fic - part of the 'Judith Strikes!' shared-world series - takes place during the events chronicled in the episode The Lab Brat.)

"I want what you want," she said. "I know what's in your heart."
"No one knows that."
"What's in your heart is in your ledger. I could read it there--I know where it is--but I don't need to."
He started and looked at her with a wild guilt.
"It used to be under that loose stone there," she said, pointing to the hearth, "but you moved it. Now it's behind the insulation in the attic."
"How do you know that? How do you know?"
"I know because he told me. He . . . you could say that he wrote me a letter. And what's more important, he told me about you, Harold. How the cowboy took your woman and then kept you off the Free Zone Committee. He wants us to be together, Harold. And he's generous. From now until when we leave here, it's recess for you and me."
She touched him and smiled.
"From now until then it's playtime. Do you understand?"
"No," she answered, "you don't. Not yet. But you will, Harold. You will."

- Nadine Cross and Harold Emery Lauder, from Stephen King's The Stand

"Oh, my God... that was amazing."

Charles Ruttheimer III had no idea that he'd get his dream that night – and it would be better than it could ever be...


Charles was about to head over to Brittany Taylor's house to work on their project for Science class – of course, he had something better in mind than that.

No. Not that. Brittany was quite the fair and fetching flower of feminine perfection, but she, sadly enough, lacked even the most basic capacity for worthwhile conversation... and while Charles knew that he had a few problems beyond the usual hormone-related ones (and what normal young man doesn't have those? he reminded himself on occasion), he wasn't about to do anything untoward to gain personal knowledge in the carnal arts.

Charles headed for the door – and received one of the greatest shocks of the life as he opened it, and saw one of his wildest, darkest, most unspoken fantasies, come to life right before his eyes.

Oh, my God-

"Hey," the auburn-haired young woman said, pushing him back into the hallway as she stepped inside. "Got plans for tonight?"

"Well," he managed to sputter out, entranced by and yet trying his hardest to not notice the outfit that Daria Morgendorffer wore – matte-black catsuit so tight that it seemed painted on (and without any undergarments, he instantly noticed), and then, he noticed one of the coolest things he'd ever seen in his life.

Somehow, Daria had fixed up the red cloak that she also wore so that it was moving of its own accord – as though it were actually alive.

How the heck did she know that I've always been into stage magic? Charles thought, barely capable of keeping his eyes from lingering – or stopping outright – as they went from looking the cloak over to looking into her eyes. Oh, yes, my delectable Miss Morgendorffer. Without a moment of doubt, you had me at 'Hey'.

Charles was about to let a second word come sputtering out of his mouth, when Daria put her left index finger over his lips. "Charles – I only want you to do two things," she said, her voice far more alluring than he could have ever thought possible. "First – and nod 'yes' or 'no' – is there anyone here with you?"

Still star-struck – and fighting a valiant fight to keep from growing visibly aroused by the feel of Daria's actual touch (start going over something in your brain or you'll pop a cosmic chubbie right here and blow a load that'll throw her into the next block, dummy! Types of Federation starships in Star TrekConstitution-class... Miranda-class... Excelsior-class... Constellation-class... Galaxy-class... Nebula-class... Intrepid-class... Defiant-class...Akira-class... Sovereign-class...), Charles was barely able to nod 'yes'.

"Good," Daria purred into his ear as she leaned close, pressing her body firm against his own, allowing him to feel how soft her body was against his. "Good."

Only a divine effort could have stopped biology from asserting itself as Charles felt his body respond to the female form against his body, or the way she moved in a subtle manner that he simply couldn't ignore-

Charles imagined himself almost fainting as his entire body burst into the brightest shade of red he had ever seen – at the exact moment that his erection leapt painfully to life, straining uncontrollably against the fastenings of his trousers.

"Oh, does little Charles want to come out to play?" Daria asked, playfully, teasingly – the same manner that her hand slowly stroked along the visibly throbbing outline at the front of Charles trousers. "I think he does. I really think he does."


Silken fingers placed upon his lips once more cut off whatever Charles had planned to say. "The other thing I want from you?" the young woman said, removing her fingers. "For the next hour – don't say anything that could be considered conversation."

Charles nodded, dumbstruck – and nearly passed out as the young woman pushed her lips to his, her tongue aggressively flickering about in his mouth as she all but forced a kiss upon him... light-headed as Daria pulled away, Charles gulped frantically for air – and made a sound somewhere between a wheeze and a strangled cry of surprise, mixed with pain, as the young woman all but pulled his trousers down (taking his underwear with them), making a sudden, animal gulping sound as Charles felt-

"Rrrowr... rrrowrl... rrr – rrr... rrr... oh, sweet mother of God on high..."

The last rational thought Charles could manage for the next hour (speech was a virtual impossibility, aside from grunts and keening with excitement) was to remember what his father had once said about women... 'Rule sixty-eight, boy! 'The perfect woman has to be able to deliver a blow job that damn near kills! She has to be able to tie a Windsor knot in a cherry stem with her tongue, and she should be able to suck the blue from a clear mid-morning Montana sky in the middle of July! If you EVER find yourself such a woman – marry her.'


Far more tired than he could ever remember being – and unable to wipe the smile from his face – Charles sighed as Daria lay her head upon her bare chest.

Several moments from now, the young man would reflect on how the words about to come out of his mouth were manifestly the exact wrong words – and the exact wrong person to quote – in his immediate circumstances.

"Well," he said, marveling on how the world hadn't immediately changed over into a far better place immediately – though it certainly did feel that way! – after losing his virginity (why did they say it like that? 'Losing your virginity' – they make it sound like a bad thing, which it most certainly is not, friends!). "I rather enjoyed that..."

"No complaints on this end, either," the young woman said, smiling up at him. "Or at any other end, for that matter. Not bad, for a rookie."

"Thank you," he said, smiling at Daria.

The young woman cocked an eyebrow at him. "For giving you something that you can brag about to all of the other guys?"

Charles shook his head. "I'm not telling anyone about anything," he said, looking her in the eye. "What you do to show off is one thing, but what you do in private is another – and any man who feels that he has to 'kiss and tell' is far less of a man than he realizes."

'Daria' smiled at him. "You really do mean that, don't you?"

"Of course," he said. "I can be a lout – a cad of epic proportions in my ostentatious and very public performances of attempting to gain the favors of the lovely ladies about town. For those soiled flowers such as Brittany Taylor, who could never believe that I could be about more than the animal act because of their own limitations in the area of romance – I perform the part of the buffoon they expect, so nothing more is expected of me here – but for someone such as you..."

Lifting away from him slightly, Daria's smile widened, becoming the brilliant beacon that Charles knew that it could be...

A flash of red shot across his field of vision, and Charles blinked hard, punch-drunk as something blindsided him from the other side of the bed, striking him hard enough to make his vision fade out momentarily-


Charles found himself naked and bound tight to the top of his bed by four straps of cloth that resembled the cloth of Daria's cloak!

Struggling to get free as Daria – now standing off to the side as she slid her catsuit back on (an incredible sight that he couldn't have torn his eyes away from in damn near any other circumstances) – watched him squirm, Charles lifted his head. "What the hell's going on?"

"Well, not that we've had fun – I have to get back to business," Daria told him as she took off a simple, yet strange-looking ring that he only now noticed on her right ring finger. "This is just a simple toy I picked up in a hotel, down in New Orleans. It creates a personal illusion called a 'glamour', that can last up to eight hours – but you can only use it once."

Daria took off the ring, and Charles' eyes widened as he saw 'Daria' immediately grow several years older – now, she really was a woman, in her early twenties, he guessed – and she had, imbedded in her neck, what looked like a locket of some sort.

"Daria... what happened to you?"

Faster than he could have ever imagined – damn, she moves like a vampire, or a super-speedster out of the comics! Charles thought – he found Daria on top of him, straddling him in a manner that gave him no pleasure whatsoever. "First things first," she hissed, locking her gaze with his. "The name is Morgendorffer – Daria Judith Morgendorffer. Call me – 'Judith'."

Charles nodded quickly. "O-okay."

Judith smirked at him. "Good boy! Now, here's the part where I have to be a bitch. I wanted to have some fun with you because, well, it is your last day on this Earth as you know it, so I guess I thought, 'hey, why not let the kid go out with a bang?"

Suddenly remembering watching the film Species while laying on this bed – and flashing back to Alfred Molina's gruesome fate after sex, not to mention that he himself had uttered Mr. Molina's exact words, Charles looked at Judith, his voice surprising them both with his lace of fear. "What is this – a ritual thing?" he asked. "You're going to kill me and take body parts after you've slept with me, or something? Your friends are going to come and you'll kidnap me, and leave a thumb or an ear to show that you really do have me?"

Judith chuckled as she held up what looked like a plastic disk, roughly larger than a 'silver dollar' pancake. "No woman is ever going to be as honest with you as I am. I'm not interested in your money, or your body."

She tapped on the back of the disk - and a dozen metallic tentacles, each well over a foot long and glowing with a soft inner light, shot out from the disk and hung free, making it look as if Judith was holding a mechanical jellyfish in her hand! "No, Charles," she said, reaching forward. "I'm only interested in your mind."


As Judith finished dressing Charles in his pajamas, she smiled as she saw the look of total pleasure etched upon the boy's face. I can be nice – sometimes, she thought, putting the cover over him.

Perhaps he'll recover, she thought, thinking of the 'Masquerade' – the device she had used, now nestled inside her cloak and how, while duplicating an actual human mind for later use or even implantation in another body – could provide ultimate agony or pleasure during the process. Some do, some don't. It's a shame, though. Kid's got a nice piece of equipment. With some experience, he could really make some smart ladies scream as if the Second Coming were on hand – no pun intended.

Judith sighed. Got a few more calls to make, she thought. I need some athletic talent, and musical as well... fighting skills, and brains would be nice... who to call upon, who to all upon...

Yes. Oh, Thomas? Momma's coming to call – and you know how she likes her high-quality meat.

Touching the locket, Judith disappeared in a flash of blue light.