Episode Guide
Song List - Season Three

NOTE: Nearly all of the entries in these lists apply only to episodes and movies that were originally broadcast on television, not the ones that were released on VHS and DVD (which were replaced with a "generic" soundtrack due to music licensing costs).

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Episode #301
Through A Lens Darkly
Song & ArtistScene
"Singin' in My Sleep"
Daria and Helen driving
The Verve
Daria in bathroom
"Saint Joe on the School Bus"
Marcy Playground
Daria entering Quinn's bedroom
"Hey Ladies"
Beastie Boys
Daria fleeing Quinn's bedroom
"Save Tonight"
Eagle-Eye Cherry
after Daria talks to Aunt Amy
"Hand In Your Head"
Money Mark
outside shots of the eye clinic
"My Favourite Game"
The Cardigans
Kevin and Brittany walking the halls
"You Get What You Give"
The New Radicals
Kevin deciding glasses will make him smart
"With Them Bones"
Alice in Chains
Trent's car music
"Du Hast"
Daria entering House of Mirrors
Rob Zombie
Daria wandering through House of Mirrors
The Verve
Daria in bathroom after nightmare
"I'm Ok, You're Ok"
Daria walking without glasses or contacts
"Boys Better"
The Dandy Warhols
Daria bumping into people
"Monster Truck"
Plastilina Mosh
Jane entering girls' bathroom
"(Doo-Wop) That Thing"
Lauren Hill
Daria and Jane at Pizza King
"I See"
Letters to Cleo
closing credits

Episode #302
The Old and the Beautiful
Song & ArtistScene
"All the Kids Are Right"
Local H
Mr. DeMartino running after Ms. Li
"Number One Blind"
Veruca Salt
Kevin and Brittany signing up
"Hot Spot"
Foxy Brown
Fashion Club conference call
"Space Lord"
Monster Magnet
Quinn dissing Helen's clothes
"Deep Shag"
Luscious Jackson
Daria arrives at senior center
Daria reading to Mrs. Patterson
"Somethin' Hot"
Afghan Whigs
Fashion Club at Cashman's
Daria reading to Mr. Gross
"Blue Lines"
Massive Attack
Daria eavesdropping on Quinn's phone call
"Blue Lines"
Massive Attack
Daria, Jane, Kevin, and Brittany in hallway
"Polyester Bride"
Liz Phair
Daria arriving at Brittany's house
"Heart and Shoulder"
Heather Nova
Daria reading romance novel at kitchen table
"Sworn and Broken"
Screaming Trees
Ms. Li receiving her certificate
"New Way Home"
Foo Fighters
closing credits

Episode #303
Depth Takes a Holiday
Song & ArtistScene
"Like a Friend"
Daria meeting Cupid and St. Patrick's Day
"Never There"
Daria and Jane drinking juice at Jane's house
"Can I Get A"
Daria, Jane and the holidays at Pizza King
"Vision of Love"
Mariah Carey
Helen and Jake's love scenes
"Fire Escape"
Quinn walking into Daria's bedroom
The Lightning Seeds
Fashion Club meeting
"78 Stone Wobble"
Quinn leaving Sandi's house
George Michael
outside the Lawndale Mall
Lauryn Hill
Helen and Jake going for a walk
"Gangsta Trippin'"
Fatboy Slim
Jeffy and Jamie's car music
"Why Me?"
Planet P Project
arriving at Holiday Island
"Get Back"
Daria has a plan
"Will You Ever Ease Your Mind"
The Posies
closing credits

Episode #304
Daria Dance Party
Song & ArtistScene
Imperial Teen
in Ms. Defoe's class
"She Will Have Her Way"
Neil Finn
in hallway before Kevin and Brittany fighting
cheerleaders agreeing not to take Kevin to the dance
Adam F
Sandi's flashback
"Get Me Home"
Foxy Brown
Fashion Club meeting in Quinn's room
"C'est La Vie"
at Pizza King
"My Song"
Jerry Cantrell
immediately after Quinn walks past Three J's in hall
"Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim remix)"
Beastie Boys
Mr. O'Neill "asking" Ms. Barch to dance
"Kiss Me"
Sixpence None the Richer
Quinn and dates arriving at the dance
Otis Day & The Knights
Brittany and Robert talking to Jodie and Mack
Lo Fidelity Allstars
guys escaping from Sandi's house
"We Tryin' to Stay Alive"
Wyclef Jean
Brittany and Robert dancing
"Love Rollercoaster"
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Upchuck talking about "rollercoasters and love"
"Music Sounds Better With You"
Daria and Jane meeting Upchuck's cousins
"Hey Lover"
LL Cool J featuring Boyz II Men
Quinn's dates attempting to slow dance with her
"Praise You"
Fatboy Slim
Brittany and Robert making out
"Hey Lover"
LL Cool J featuring Boyz II Men
Daria and Jane talking to Upchuck's cousins
"Rock 'n Roll Machine"
The Donnas
closing credits

Episode #305
The Lost Girls
Song & ArtistScene
"Youth Against Fascism"
Sonic Youth
Daria and Mr. O'Neill in faculty lounge
"Sheep Go To Heaven"
Daria and Jane reading "Val" magazine
"Faith In Each Other"
Val and Daria arrive at school
"Keep Young and Beautiful"
Annie Lennox
closing credits

Episode #306
It Happened One Nut
Song & ArtistScene
Veruca Salt
"Hedonism (Just because it feels good)"
Skunk Anansie
Quinn, Helen and Daria at kitchen table
"Magical Colors"
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Daria arriving at counselling
"Eve of Fatima"
Camper Van Beethoven
Daria and Jane at mall
"I Want It All"
Eve's Plum
Daria's first day at work
"The Rockafeller Skank"
Fatboy Slim
after Daria's first day of work
Veruca Salt
Trent, Jesse, and Jane approaching the nut stand
"The Job That Ate My Brain"
The Ramones
closing credits

Episode #307
Song & ArtistScene
"Morning in the 'Burbs""
The Cast of "Daria"
morning at the Morgendorffer house
"If the Town Blew Away"
The Cast of "Daria"
school pep rally; Daria and Jane on roof
The Cast of "Daria"
Eric and Helen at work
"I Can't Leave Yet"
The Cast of "Daria"
Quinn at Cashman's; Helen at work
"Gah, Gah, Damn It!"
The Cast of "Daria"
Jake driving home
"They Must Be Worried"
The Cast of "Daria"
Daria, Jane, Brittany, and Kevin on school roof
The Cast of "Daria"
Morgendorffer house; Lawndale High roof
"The Big, Wet Rainstorm's Over"
The Cast of "Daria"
after storm passes
"Morning in the 'Burbs"
The Cast of "Daria"
reunion with Daria and Jane; everyone gathers
Sven Faller
closing credits

Episode #308
Lane Miserables
Song & ArtistScene
"London Rain"
Heather Nova
Trent looks in refrigerator
"Space Queen"
Jane running past Helen
Jane eating dinner with the Morgendorffers
"Dirty Boots"
Sonic Youth
Daria and Jane playing scrabble
Foo Fighters
Daria watching Trent and Monique
"Welcome to the Fold"
Trent and Monique drive away
Quinn's daydream
"The Diamond Sea"
Sonic Youth
Daria's daydream
"The Changingman"
Paul Weller
just before Chiquito steals photograph
"Too Many People"
Pet Shop Boys
closing credits

Episode #309
Jake of Hearts
Song & ArtistScene
"Welcome to the Jungle"
Guns 'N' Roses
DJs arrive at school
"How I Could Just Kill A Man"
Cypress Hill
Daria's first encounter with DJs
"I Can't"
Foxy Brown
just before the DJs "sex announcement"
"Miss World"
in Jane's room
"Nas Is Like"
Jeffy yelling for the DJs
"You're One"
Imperial Teen
Daria's third visit to Jake's room
"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me"
Culture Club
Daria and Jane at Pizza King
"Welcome to the Jungle"
Guns 'N' Roses
DJs arrive at Pizza King
"Only God Knows Why"
Kid Rock
closing credits

Episode #310
Song & ArtistScene
"I Belong to You"
Lenny Kravitz
Daria parallel parking
"Picture of You"
music on radio at Fashion Club meeting
"The One"
Tracy Bonham
Daria at Jane's house
Daria getting into car
"I Really Like It"
Harlem World
driving away from house
Iggy Pop
driving on freeway
"real estate"
Cypress Hill
Jane drawing on cell wall
song on radio after Travis leaves
"After All These Years"
Vince Gill
entering bar the first time
Quinn entering bar dressed as cowgirl
approaching the VFW hall
"Your Love Gets Sweeter Every Day"
Finlay Quaye
music playing in VFW hall
driving home
"Because of You"
98 Degrees
song on radio after Daria runs over suitcase
"Fire on the Mountain"
The Marshall Tucker Band
song on radio after Daria switches stations
closing credits

Episode #311
The Lawndale File
Song & ArtistScene
"Heart-Shaped Box"
music in SSW interview
"Throw Your Set in the Air"
Cypress Hill
Daria's thoughts during breakfast
Jake instantly falling asleep
"Throw Your Set in the Air"
Cypress Hill
Daria's thoughts after seeing the Fashion Club
"Tokyo Vigilante #1"
Powerman 5000
Daria walking to Jane's house
"Tokyo Vigilante #1"
Powerman 5000
Artie arrives with pizza
"Tokyo Vigilante #1"
Powerman 5000
Artie talking with Daria and Jane
arriving at school rally
"Holla Holla"
Ja Rule
accusations flying at rally
"Outer Space Girls"
Spice Girls
closing credits

Episode #312
Just Add Water
Song & ArtistScene
"Kelly's Heroes"
Black Grape
Fashion Club grooming ritual
"Full Clip"
Mr. DeMartino talking to Ms. Li
Quinn at the hair salon
Mr. DeMartino runs from casino
"Jonathan Parker's Gateways Research Institute"
Subliminal: Creativity
Fashion Club in dining hall
in the lounge
"My Heart Will Go On (instrumental)"
Celine Dion
DeeDee and Ms. Barch standing on bow ala "Titanic"
"Pure Morning"
ship heading for garbage scow
"What's My Age Again?"
Blink 182
everyone standing up in shallow water
"The Gambler"
Kenny Rogers
closing credits

Episode #313
Jane's Addition
Song & ArtistScene
walking home after receiving multimedia assignment
Massive Attack
Tom walking over to Jane
"A Perfect Day Elise"
P.J. Harvey
Daria talking to Trent at the Zen
"Sugar Kane"
Sonic Youth
Trent driving Daria home
"If You Had My Love"
Jennifer Lopez
Daria and Jane at Pizza King
"Also Sprach Zarathustra"
Richard Strauss
Upchuck's multimedia presentation
"Forever (Live and Die)"
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
Daria, Jane, and Tom at Pizza King
"He Likes Me"
Violent Femmes
closing credits