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The artist known only as "S.C." arrived on the Daria scene in early 2006, quickly becoming a favorite of the fan community with artwork that mimics the artistic style of the series down to the tiniest detail. Other very talented artists have their own styles that make them popular, but for artwork that could have been lifted right off the animation cells, S.C.'s work is nearly impossible to beat.

Other artwork:
| "The dPod Generation" |
| "Daria Sin City: The Donneria Party" |

(Click on the images to see the full-size pictures, where applicable.)

Artist's dream DariaCon

The artist's vision of a DariaCon.
DariaCon in blacklight

A blacklight view of the DariaCon.

'Burnout Girl' on a throne

Jennifer ("Burnout Girl") on a throne, serviced by her slaves.
On the set of 'Good Mornings'

On the set of "Good Mornings with Daria and Jane." Inspired by the IICY closing credits.

Jane's new car

Jane's new car.
Daria and Jane shock the FC

Daria and Jane decide to freak out the Fashion Club, at poor Stacy's expense.

Brittany in 3D #1
Brittany in 3D #2
Brittany in 3D #3
Several views of a computer-generated 3-D model of Brittany.
(Those pom-poms of hers really do stand out, don't they?)

Quinn the pinup girl

Quinn as a pinup girl.
The French Toast Club

The Fashion Club finds a way to make Ms. Li's newly-mandated school uniforms work for them.
Three goth chicks

Three goth chicks.

The Fashion Club at Burger World

The Fashion Club get jobs at Burger World. They turn out to be bigger disasters than Beavis and Butt-head.
Strange bedfellows

Strange bedfellows, indeed!

Quinn's mug shot (color)
Quinn's mug shot (B&W)
Portrait of Daria
Here's one photo shoot that Quinn never expected to be in!
A portrait of Daria.

Daria's dungeon (full view)
Daria's dungeon (side view #1)
Daria's dungeon (side view #2)
A nearly-realistic CGI rendering of Daria's "dungeon."
(Warning: the full-size images are very large!)

'Burnout Girl' catches a wave

Jennifer ("Burnout Girl") hangs ten on a really bitchin' wave.
'Hoochie' Quinn

"Wild thing... you make my heart sing..."
Fight club

"I... have had... enough... of you!"

A Fashion Club picnic

Did Quinn put glitterberries in the Fashion Club's fruit salad?
Daria 'N' Da Hood

What if Daria was set in an urban high school? Welcome to Jefferson Lawndale High and the cast of Daria 'N' Da Hood.
Daria: Agent of Cobra

Daria: Agent of Cobra

Daria in 3D #1     Daria in 3D #2

Several views of a computer-generated 3-D model of Daria.
Stuck in the middle

For someone in such an enviable position, Tom doesn't exactly look thrilled.
Valentine's Day

The girls of Lawndale on Valentine's Day.

Gangsta Daria

"Gangsta-D," chillin' and blingin' after a long day at Jefferson Lawndale HS.
Trent and Daria

The dream of every Daria shipper...
Portrait of Jane

A realistic portrait of Jane.

A gathering of old friends

Old friends get together for coffee on a chilly day in Boston.
Daria vs Melody Powers

An epic showdown between master spy Melody Powers and her creator.
Portrait of Stacy Rowe

A portrait of "Lawndale's Sweetheart," Stacy Rowe.

Lawndale Fighters selection screen
Lawndale Fighters: Daria vs Jane
Lawndale Fighters: Quinn vs Sandi
Lawndale Fighters: Kevin vs Mr. DeMartino
From the creators of Cannibal Frag Fest, it's the ultimate fighting experience: Lawndale Fighters!

Daria Darko

Daria does Donnie Darko. Creepy!
Jane paints a self-portrait

Jane paints a self-portrait, one that's surprisingly realistic.
Quinn and Sandi in 'Seventeen'

They're not little girls anymore...
Knights of Lawndale

The Knights of Lawndale!


On JaneCam, you don't view the art; the art views you!
A death in the family

Death sucks. A death in the family sucks even worse.
Daria wins an Emmy Award

Since when do you get an Emmy Award for graduating high school?!!

The Definitive Fandom Collection

It's Daria: The Definitive Fandom Collection! Oh, well, we can dream...
(Warning: the full-size image is very large!)