Fan Fiction
"Two Halves"
by Dark Kuno

#1: Esteemed Colleagues

The Morgendorffers have recently moved to Lawndale. How will the children handle the unexpected surprises of their first days at Lawndale High?
#2: The Uninvited

Daria finds herself invited to a party at Brittany's house. Naturally, Alex and Jane get dragged along for the ride.
#3: Sleepover Easy

Helen and Jake are away on a couples retreat. What happens when the Fashion Club invades Casa Morgendorffer for the weekend?
#4: Open Mic Night

Mr. O'Neill's plan to rescue a local business provides Alex and Daria with an opportunity to relieve some of the extracurricular stress Helen has been putting on them.
#5: Mall Rat Blues

The students of Lawndale High get a lesson in applied economics (whether they want it or not) at the new Mall of the Millennium.