Fan Fiction
"Tigresses of Summer"
by Dr T

#1: Dying Jane

Jane has an idea, which gives Daria and Tom very different ideas.
#2: On to Ashfield

The Summer of 2000, Daria is accepted to Ashfield along with Jane. Here, the preparations and arrival.
#3: Ashfield Openings

The first session at Ashfield begins.
#4: Alison and the Fallout

Jane and Daria deal with the aftermath of "the camp kiss," plus the first session at Ashfield continues as Daria passes on an interesting suggestion.
#5: Ashfield, the Second Session

The second session at Ashfield and Daria's successes.
#6: Is it Fall Yet?

The second session at Ashfield ends, and it's time to go back to Lawndale.