Fan Fiction
"It's Eureka, Daria"
by Richard Lobinske

#1: Bathing With Archimedes

After moving to Eureka, the town's mysterious therapist, Beverly Barlowe, is pleased when Daria quickly befriends Jane Lane, who had moved to town a year before with her parents. Daria quickly learns about the risks of new technology in the town when a sun-screen ring she is given by one of Jake's clients reacts badly with her glasses.
#2: Spiral Dynamics

Trent and the rest of Mystik Spiral arrive in Eureka. Hearing about the band, Jake suggests that the town host a concert and perhaps hire Mystik Spiral to produce a new jingle for Global Dynamics. With Jane not helping, Daria faces opposing attractions to Trent and Patrick, a fellow student.
#3: A Walk in the Woods

Daria and Jane take advantage of a "field trip" opportunity offered by a Global Dynamics researcher to avoid a day of school and test a pair of walker vehicles in the woods outside of Eureka. While exploring, they find a crashed stealth airplane and things take a more interesting turn when two security agents arrive looking for the missing pilot.