It is a tropical paradise of such natural beauty that it would put your wildest castaway fantasy to shame.


Yes – even THAT one. You know the one I'm talking about. J



ANNOUNCER: (V.O.) On an uncharted island, the story continues...






DARIA stands at the edge of the cliff, her face beautiful and yet winsome as she looks out over the spectacular vista.


She wears her auburn hair unusually long and flowing; her slender figure, firmed and sculpted by her long ordeal, is garbed in a short skirt and top fashioned from animal pelts. She is the acme of femininity, a vision highlighted by the orange and burnt-cinnamon rays of the setting sun. (I DO love to use that description of sunset, don't I?)



ANNOUNCER: (V.O.; cont.) In this pristine cradle, untouched by civilization, a young woman will come of age.



As Daria looks out over the panoramic view, TRENT comes up from behind and puts his hands on her shoulders.


He wears only a pair of slightly torn slacks; his bare upper body is tanned, lean, and firm, with arms that are muscled and sleek, and Daria lets a slight gasp of desire escape from her lips as Trent leans down to gently brush aside her hair and kiss the nape of her neck...



ANNOUNCER: (V.O.; cont.) She will grow to understand her body, and come to understand that in Nature, there are urges, and sensations, and desires that can't be denied... that will NOT be denied...


KEVIN (O.S.) Daria! Hey, Daria!



Daria snaps out of her daydream/fantasy, annoyance on her face as she turns around...


KEVIN comes running up to Daria – and air explodes in a painful sound as Daria whirls around and catches him directly in the groin with a swift kick with her left foot... snug and comfortable in her Doc Martens. He falls to the ground, his cries of pain becoming unintelligible gurgles as Daria spends several minutes kicking the cowboy s**t out of him.


Daria stops – finally – and shoves Kevin's lifeless form over the edge and into the sea.



ANNOUNCER: (V.O.; cont.) 'Blue Lagoon 3 – The Race Finally Dies Out'. Coming soon.


Daria looks back out over the ocean, her trademark smirk on her face.



19 January 2006

Revised 25 January 2008