Constraints: Whenever.


Synopsis: An explosives delivery driver decides to confront apparent ignorance of the significance of the 11th of November.


How Patriotic.


Content: Rude words.




Jason Stevens retrieved the clipboard from the cab of the truck and walked over to the bomb range's manager to get his signature.


A Foreign dude with a flower pinned to his high visibility jacket. A flower, like a damn hippy, on today of all days.


The man signed the document and handed it back. Jason let out a snort commenting, "A fag too huh?"


Then man smiled saying "No thanks, I don't smoke."


Jason looked at the man who had signed the document "Betty" and said "You know, you could show some respect here, this day especially of all days."


Betty commented "Right, because you who just used the word Fag which I presume to be short for faggot, a derogatory term for homosexual, presumably based on my traditionally female name, that's a stupid leap by the way, you get to lecture me about respect now? How does that work?"


Jason sneered and walked back to Betty saying "My dad died in Viet Nam, fighting communists, and here you are," Jason tore the plastic flower off of Betty's jacket lapel saying "wearing the socialism logo as if it's nothing." Jason threw the plastic flower on the ground and stepped on it as he turned and walked back to the truck.


"If your dad were alive, and a real soldier, he'd slap you up the back of your head for the shite you just spewed."


Jason stopped and turned to face Betty, bent over the plastic flower, brushing the mud off of it. Before Jason could say anything Betty said "First off, this is not a rose, it's a poppy, socialism international's logo is a red rose, the red poppy is the symbol for the Royal Legion."


"Oho, Royal legion? British version of the freakshow over here?"


"No you tit, the Royal Legion is a charity caring for injured and otherwise incapacitated servicemen from all armed services, I give to them all year round, but they go on a drive around Armistice day, what you call Veterans day , so where I come from an informal name is Red Poppy Day."


Jason suddenly wondered how he got in this mess where he looked the traitor.


Seeing Jason's look, Betty said "Yeah, I should think so. Do your fucking homework next time you think of slagging someone off. I think I'll log onto and find me a new explosives supplier, thanks for the delivery."


Jason gawked for a while and then got into the truck with his assistant.


They drove off in silence. Jason wondered how serious Betty was about switching to another supplier, and if his Boss might hear of this.