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Do you think it would be cool to see the "Daria" cast interact with Mulder and Scully from "The X-Files"? How about taking the places of the cast of "Titanic"? Check out these stories, where the "Daria" crew comes up against other genres in new and often hilarious ways.

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Abruptly Amy (The Spinoff That Was) (*)
By Various Authors

A series of stories that details the life of Amy Barksdale in her own TV series. Wait... you mean you've never heard of "Abruptly Amy"? Well, read on and find out... if you dare...
Abruptly Amy in "A.A. A.O.K."
By Carrie D. Wildly

Amy fights to retain custody of Andrea after her biological mother pays a visit to Rutherford. But her sister Rita just might provide the death blow. Special guest voices: Wendy Hoopes as Helen Barksdale Morgendorffer and Roma Downey as Matilda Hecuba.
Abruptly Amy in "Cops," Rudely Ruth in "Generic Cooking Show," and Angry Andrea in "Real World"... or So They Think
By Napalm Krigbaum

Based on "Abruptly Amy (The Series That Was)." An "Abruptly Amy/COPS" parody. Amy talks inanely to a camerman off-screen while searching for crime in Rutherford... what little there is.
Abruptly Amy in "Silly Sci-Fi Crossover"

Based on "Abruptly Amy (The Series That Was)." Rita falls asleep drunk and dreams herself into being Lister from "Red Dwarf"... but how long will the insanity continue?
Abruptly Amy in "Suddenly Smoochy"

Based on "Abruptly Amy (The Series That Was)." Amy turns smoochy, and has to face the heir to an evil criminal empire.
Academic Imprisonment
By Wyvern337

Trying to sort herself out in a strange new town, Daria turns to her favorite fictional creation for inspiration. But Melody Powers seems to be having a few troubles of her own...
Action Stories #1: Ace Reporter (*)
By NightGoblyn

Quinn Morgendorffer gets a call regarding a new technological breakthrough about to be announced at Star Labs, and heads out to cover the story with her faithful photographer and best friend, Jane Lane.
Action Stories #2: Deep Trouble (*)
By NightGoblyn

Scarlett, along with friends and family, puts out to sea for a relaxing weekend before school starts again. The weekend becomes less relaxing when she hallucinates a nude man swimming along the sea floor, and then even less so when their ship is attacked. Luckily, she wasn't hallucinating.
The African Queen (*)
By The Angst Guy

Fourteen heavily armed men went hunting for her in the jungle. It was not a fair fight. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.
All in the Family... Guy
By Patrick Moore

For years, Daria had crossed over with various movies and television shows in fan fiction. Now she is in the ultimate hell, when she and Jane meet the Griffins of "Family Guy" to help Peter find who stole Gene Simmons' guitar.
All You Outcasts
By Robert Nowall

In a bar on Dega Street, Daria learns her life, and fate, and future, weren't what they had seemed. Based on a short story by Robert A. Heinlein.
Apocalypse Then (*)
By Milo Minderbinder

The "Okay to Cry Corral" is open for its second season in this parody of "Apocalypse Now." The horror... the horror...
Attack of the 50 Foot Butt
By Bobby Birks

Beavis and Butt-head devise a diabolical plan, Daria and Jane go to a gig with Helpful Corn and encounter disaster, and FBI agents Mulder and Scully find their way to Lawndale in this delightfully discombobulated spooooky crossover story.

Back to the Future, Again! [Artwork]
By Milo Minderbinder

A parody of the "Back to the Future" trilogy, with Daria and Aunt Amy filling in for Marty McFly and Doc Brown. As in the movies, a not-so-simple trip to the past becomes a frantic journey across the space/time continuum to repair the fabric of history, with much hilarity and plenty of hijinks along the way.
The Ballad of Stacy Rowe (*)
By The Angst Guy

A musical spin-off from a much better fanfic by E. A. Smith ("Good Intentions"), this bluegrass-music ballad works best if sung to the tune of Grandpa Jones's famous "Mountain Dew," with banjo accompaniment.
Barely Tales
By Kemical Reaxion

Fairy tales. We've all heard them... but not like this!
Battle Royale: Beyond Blunderdome
By Canadibrit

Based on the film "Battle Royale" by Fukasaku Kinji. A school trip turns nightmarish as the Daria cast is forced to participate in a Government-inspired 'game'. The rules: Kill each other off until only one remains...
Beavis, Daria, and Butt-Head
By Patrick Moore

Set in the past and the present, Daria tells about the time Beavis and Butt-Head came to her fifteenth birthday party. Plus, we find out from where Daria got her green jacket and black skirt.
The Blue and Yellow Submarine (*)
By Guy Payne

Many leagues beneath the Sea of Blue and Yellow, the magical land of Lawndaleland is being menaced by an internal faction dedicated to crushing it's sartorial freedom beneath the iron heel of fashion. Who can Capt. Daria find to help save her home town? Can they survive the many pointless and annoying adventures that beset them? And, most importantly, can she use the towns fuel card to get a cash advance?
The Blues Others [Artwork]
By Mike Yamiolkoski

"It's 106 miles to Lawndale. We got a full tank of gas, half a pepperoni pizza, it's dark, and I'm wearing thick, round glasses." "Hit it."
A Bouquet for the Brain (*)
By Milo Minderbinder

Take a glimpse into the mind of Kevin, a boy living in an "intellectual twilight" who is transformed into a genius by means of an operation. A journey between the distant worlds of ignorance and intelligence, innocence and knowledge, told from Kevin's point of view. Based on the novel "Flowers for Algernon."
Bump, the System Lord
By Brother Grimace

A couple of quick scenes with my favorite "Falling Into College" character, now with the station in life she's always believed to be hers...
Bus Stop (*)
By The Angst Guy

A crossover ficlet with an ironic "uh-oh." An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.

Candy Girls
By wierdgrrl

When Quinn is killed in a birthday prank, the Fashion Club must take the blame off themselves. But when Daria discovers their folly, how do they keep her quiet? A parody of the movie "Jawbreaker."
Carry On Wayward Stacy
By Ronin

A parody of the Kansas song "Carry On Wayward Son," centered around everyone's favorite wallflower.
Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition
By Derek

In the grand tradition of "Saturday Night Live" comes this wacky series of parodies of the celebrity editions of the venerable game show "Jeopardy!", this time starring characters from "Daria" and various personalities in "Daria" fandom. (Each episode is co-written by various guest authors.)
Cheese Is The Word (*)
By Kemical Reaxion

Daria and the gang are seniors, and are wreaking havoc on the town of Lawndale. Yes, this is a parody of "Grease," but it's NOT your average musical! Five parts plus footnotes; links to each are at the bottom of each story.
The Chosen One
By Wyvern337

There have been "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" crossovers before, but in the author's humble opinion, one rather obvious candidate for the Slayer has been overlooked... *until now*.
The Corsair Saga
By Ross Webster

Daria and older brother Ross along with Jane form together in Neo L.A. to become the New Corsairs, and get ready to join forces with the Knight Sabers from MegaTokyo as "Daria" joins forces with the action/adventure anime "The Bubblegum Crisis."
Crisis in Infinite Lawndales (*)
By Nick Gaston

In the "prologue" to the epic supermegafanficcrossover which will never be written, a fight with Helen inadvertently reveals to Daria that "something is rotten" in the Omniverse. An "Iron Chef" entry, if only just.
Crossing Over (*)
By The Angst Guy

A dystopian Mary Sue crossover Daria metafic ficlet that should not have been written. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.
Cynic and Violence
By Patrick Moore

It's the Muppet Show, with very special guest star... Daria Morgendorffer? Daria and Jane must save the Muppet Show when they find a script for the twentieth anniversary of Jim Henson's death. Guest staring Lady Gaga and Alvin and the Chipmunks... sort of.
Cynic Wars Episode I: The Fashion Menace
By Matt

Chapter 1 of the "Cynic Wars" saga, based on "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace."
Cynic Wars Episode IV: A New State of Hopelessness
By Matt

Chapter 4 of the "Cynic Wars" saga, based on "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope."
Cynic Wars Episode V: The Popular Strike Back
By Matt

Chapter 5 of the "Cynic Wars" saga, based on "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back."
Cynic Wars Episode VI: Return of the Cynical
By Matt

Chapter 6 of the "Cynic Wars" saga, based on "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi."
The Cynic, The Fashionista, and The Jackass
By Doggieboy

A crossover western parody about a search for gold, with three of the most unlikely partners in the title roles.
A Cynical Guide to the Galaxy
By Jill Palmer

It's not what you expect... no, wait, it *is* what you expect: a take-off of Douglas Adams' wild and weird sci-fi novel series, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
Cynical Symphonies
By Ranger Thorne

Daria Morgenbunny and her friend, Jane "Rabbit" Lane, have all manner of wacky adventures in this series of stories, a parody of the Warner Brothers "Merrie Melodies" and "Looney Tunes" cartoons.

Dar(ia) Wars - Episode 4: A New Girl
By Robin Sena

There's been a few Daria crossover parodies with the "Star Wars" trilogy before, so one more wouldn't make any difference as our heroine spoofs "Episode IV: A New Hope."
Dar(ia) Wars - Episode 5: The Barksdale Empire Strikes Back
By Robin Sena

The spoofing of the "Star Wars" saga continues in this parody of "Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" in which Daria starts her Cynic training with Yodeling Amy Braksdale.
Dar(ia) Wars - Episode 6: The Return of the Cynics
By Robin Sena

In the spoof of "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi," Daria "Starkiller" Morgendorffer's got a lot of work cut for her: saving Han Sandi Griffin from Upchuck the Hutt, finishing her Cynic training, helping her friends bomb the Empire's second Def Starr, and confronting Darth Helen and the Empress Janet Barch--and on her own time, no less.
Daria Coast to Coast
By Patrick Moore

Daria and Jane go on Space Ghost's talk show.
Daria Deathmatch

It's Jodie vs Brittany, Stacy vs Tiffany vs Daria vs Jane, and Sandi vs Quinn in the most fun you can possibly have watching cartoon characters beat each others' brains out. A parody of MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch."
The Daria Files
By Invisigoth

The truth is out there. WAY out there, as it turns out. A crossover with "The X-Files."
The Daria Horror Picture Show
By Ronin

Yes, it's exactly what you think it is: a parody of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
Daria Hunter: Collision Course
By Bacner

Ms. Li's newest pet project, Lawndale High's Filmmaking Club, is shooting "Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course". Read it at your own peril...
Daria in Wonderland
By Barry Eshkol Adelman

Daria, Beavis, Butt-head, and "Alice in Wonderland." No good can come from this...
Daria Meets Homestar Runner
By Patrick Moore

While surffing the Internet for new webtoons, Daria finds a website staring everybody's favorite goofball, Homestar Runner.
Daria Meets Johnny Bravo
By Patrick Moore

Daria meets Cartoon Network's resident buffed, brainless, Johnny Quest clothes-wearing casanova, Johnny Bravo.
Daria Meets Kevin Williamson
By Stephanie

Geek meets chic in "Dawson's Creek."
Daria Morgenpotter & The New Same-Old, Same-Old
By Daniel Callahan

Mix a little "Daria" with a little "Harry Potter" and what do you get? Well...
Daria Pie
By Ronin

A parody of the classic Don McLean song "American Pie." Can't be any worse than Madonna's cover, right?
The Daria Squares
By Ronin

A parody of the venerable game show "Hollywood Squares."
Daria Von Doom [Artwork]
By Richard Lobinske

Daria's invitation to study overseas during the summer break before her senior year leads her to discover her true parentage as the biological daughter of (and successor to) the infamous Dr. Victor Von Doom. An alternate to "Is It Fall Yet?" and a crossover with the Marvel comics universe.
Daria vs. Delta House (*)
By Eric Noss

Quinn hosts a party while Helen and Jake are out of town, and through Daria's intervention, it gets crashed by two rival fraternities. Then, Daria and Jane go to a huge Delta House homecoming frat party. Hijinks and hilarity at the "Animal House."
Daria vs. Predator
By Bob Marley

First Arnold Schwarzenegger, then Danny Glover, then the Alien. Now, the most fearsome hunter in the galaxy goes up against the most sarcastic teenager on Earth. The Predator may have finally met his match...
Daria's Blue Lagoon
By Brother Grimace

Daria and Kevin, alone on a tropical desert island. Dare you read any further?
Daria's Guide to the Galaxy

Andrea reveals herself to be an alien, and the Earth is destroyed to make way for a superspace highway. And that's only the beginning of the adventure. Be sure to bring your towel in this parody of Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
Daria's Inferno: A Not-So-Divine Comedy
By Kristen Bealer

Jane leads Daria on a trip through Hell, in more ways than one. A parody of "Dante's Inferno."
Daria's Mid Summer Night's Dream (*)
By Love Gordon

Daria and Trent! Jane and Tom! But Tom and Trent? Quinn and Kevin? Strange pairings, hilarious revelry, Upchuck as Punk, and more in this twisted send-up of the Bard.
Daria's Web
By Ranger Thorne

After being accidentally bitten by a geneticaly engineered spider, Daria acquires the strength and powers of a spider. On the run from the law, Daria tries to clear her name while fighting crime and searching for her best friend. A crossover with the Marvel comics universe, particularly "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" (both the comics and the films).
Daria/Star Wars
By Ranger Thorne

In this epic crossover series, Daria, Jane, and others from Lawndale High are pulled through a spatial rift and end up in a galaxy far, far away. As Daria, Jane, and Jodie become a part of the Jedi Order, Quinn falls under the spell of the Sith and is transformed into an agent of evil.
Daria/X-Men Evolution: Sealed With A Mutant
By Fernando Santoianni

The school of Bayville has been destroyed, and all the X-Men have moved to a new city... guess wich one! The events taking place among the regular and the new students of Lawndale are too numerous to list.
Daria: The Mona Lisa Smile of Fate

Daria tells Jane and the Gupty kids about her childhood encounter with a very stupid cult. A crossover with the film "Manos: The Hands of Fate".
Darialance (*)
By The Angst Guy

A Daria/Dragonlance crossover was suggested, and a ficlet was born.
Detective Stories #1: End of an Era (*)
By LSauchelli

Shortly after the murder of Police Commissioner Loeb, Lt. James Gordon and assistant DA Harvey Dent scramble to find the shooter before the mob can silence him forever.
Doctor Who Gives a Damn
By Yui Daoren

A strange man and woman appear in Lawndale, taking Daria and Jane on a galaxy-spanning, deadly adventure! Based on the venerable BBC television series "Doctor Who."

Empire Strikes Back Records

A parody of the film "Empire Records," with a little "Star Wars" thrown into the mix.
Epiphany (*)
By Nick Gaston

After a personal tragedy, Daria strikes a "furtive, underhanded blow at the nonsense of [dark] knight errantry."
Essay of Exile
By DragonPanther

In this crossover with "Invader Zim," Zim and Dib are assigned an essay, and Zim turns to the Lawndale citizens for help. A three-part story.
By Shane Greentree

"Daria" in pirate form. Those seeking a cheap bootleg may be disappointed.
Esteeminator: The Daria Morgendorffer Chronicles
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

Daria makes a metal friend at school and joins the fight to save the future. Based on the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."
Esteemsters: 4chan /b/ edition (*)
By The Angst Guy

The Daria episode "Esteemsters" as it would look in script form on 4chan's Random (/b/) channel. Hang on for the ride.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Ever Never: A Daria Crossover
By Hikhali

A tale of a young boy who falls in love. Sappy, isn't it? A parody of the film "Ever After: A Cinderella Tale."
Everything You Know Is Wrong!
By Don Fields

In a bizzare parody of the Firesign Theatre's audio play of the same name, Daria and Jane get mixed up with a hole to the center of the Earth, alien insurance investigators, and Art Bell fanboys.

Fashion Angels
By Aloysius

The Fashion Club, now working as Charlie's Angels, have met their share of challenges in the past. Now, they face their most challenging assignment: babysitting a cat known as Toonces.
Fortune's Fool
By Kristen Bealer

A dim-witted football player and an empty-headed cheerleader become star-crossed lovers in a parody of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."
Free Your Mind Instead
By Steve Cross

After Dr. Drakken and Shego kidnap the Fashion Club, nobody believes the only eyewitness to the abduction, which is Daria. Not believing Daria's story, the Lawndale cops call in Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Why do Drakken and Shego want the Fashion Club? Will Daria and Jane get along with Kim and Ron? Is Mr. O'Neill allergic to naked mole rat dander? No, wait, the last one is easy, because there IS NO naked mole rat dander. Anyhow, this crossover is about mind control, which is a recurring theme on the Kim Possible show.

The Gem and the Sword (*)
By Ranger Thorne

In this crossover with the animated "Teen TItans," Daria learns that prophecy can come true and that her origins are tied to those of a Goth hero named Raven.
Gimme the Prize
By Richard Lobinske

A "Highlander" crossover written for the "March Madness" challenge at PPMB. Anthony DeMartino meets the only other remaining Immortal for the final battle for the Prize.

Harboring a Soldier
By Mitch

Daria has an encounter with Captain America.
A Hard Dazed Night
By jak981125

The setting is 1964 London, where a band -- ironically called Mystik Spiral -- is about to take a train ride... A parody of the Beatles' film "A Hard Day's Night."
Harry Potter and the Flack-Jacket Mafia
By Canadibrit

A TLAS tale with a twist. Set in place of "Tour of Duty," the worlds of magic and muggles may never be the same when Daria, Jane, Lynn, and AP meet up with Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts. (Note to those who take this stuff too seriously: don't. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!)
The Haunting of Lawndale High [Artwork]
By Patrick Moore

The ghosts of Beavis and Butt-Head haunt Daria's school, and it's up to both Real and Extreme Ghostbusters to catch them.
Hell Hath No Fury
By Danny Bronstein

Daria discovers that she has telekinetic powers... on the eve of the Lawndale High prom. Things really heat up in this parody of Stephen King's "Carrie."
Highland Fling (*)
By The Angst Guy

The best night that young Daria ever had in Highland did not start out that way. A crossover ficlet with "Doonesbury", "Bloom County", and "Calvin & Hobbes".
The Highland Invasion
By Daniel T. Dey

Just when Daria thought she could leave Highland behind, the first Lawndale-Highland exhibition football game brings an influx of students, faculty, family and fans from Highland. To make matters worse, Todd's gang, who is running from the law, brought two unflattering memories with them...
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Sarcasm - Part 1

Yes, it's what you think it is: a parody of "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy," with Daria and friends in the main roles. (Part 1 of 2)
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Sarcasm - Part 2

Yes, it's what you think it is: a parody of "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy," with Daria and friends in the main roles. (Part 2 of 2)
Holiday Kombat
By Richard Lobinske

Trent, accompanied by Daria, Jane and an unexpected guest, must face his worst fear to save the Earth. A PPMB Iron Chef crossover with Mortal Kombat, featuring the Holiday Island spirits from "Depth Takes a Holiday."
Horse Sense
By Smileyfax

Daria makes an unusual friend in the horse stables at Camp Grizzly.
The House on Space-Time Lane
By Galen Hardesty

Daria notices some unusual architectural features of the Morgendorffer house. The explanation comes as quite a shock, to say the least.

I Can Be Only Numb II: The Quickening

A sequel to the "Highlander" crossover "In the End, I Can Be Only Numb." Daria is living happily with a daughter after winning the prize from Kurgen, only for an immortal who's been asleep for four hundred years to came and try to take the prize for himself. Now Daria must protect both the ones she loves and her own head from this new villain.
I Can Be Only Numb III: The Irony

Daria and Jane are living life as old women when uninvited guests from the future show up. A few surprises here and there, and the return of an old friend. Beware of Cynics bearing swords!
I Don't (Like Landlubbers)
By Shane Greentree

The piratical adventures of Daria Morgendorffer and company continue.
I Had Quinn's Phone Number Last Summer
By Moogus1234

A parody of the film "I Know What You Did Last Summer."
I Know Quinn So Well
By Ronin

What do Daria and Sandi have in common? A love/hate relationship with Quinn. As such, the brain (Daria) and the beauty (Sandi) team up as the oddest couple to parody "I Know Him So Well" (sung by Elaine Page & Barabra Dickson, from the musical "Chess") and dedicate it to Quinn.
I Never Metamorphosis I Didn't Like (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria Morgendorffer awakens one morning from uneasy dreams to find herself transformed in her bed into a giant cockroach. A rather twisted "third season"-esque comedy based on Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis."
The Idiocy
By Kristen Bealer

Getting home is half the battle. Literally. A parody of Homer's "The Odyssey."
If You Only Walk Long Enough (*)
By The Angst Guy

A ten-year-old girl, in abject misery at summer camp, has an unexpected conversation with a grinning, tree-dwelling cat. In the process, she learns a secret about the future... hers, and someone else's.
The Impossible (*)
By The Angst Guy

A little girl realizes her goal in life with the help of an even smaller girl--a bright blue one. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.
In Darndest Night... (*)
By Nick Gaston

An unsuspecting (and probably undeserving) Lawndaleite becomes the new guardian of Earth, and sector 2814. Personally, I wouldn't want to be around to see what happened after that. An "Iron Chef" entry.
In the End, I Can Be Only Numb
By Mystik Slacker

Headless corpses are turning up in Lawndale, and Daria may be next. She has an ally--one who's been around a *long* time--but it may not be enough. A parody of the "Highlander" movies.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Irony Chef
By Ronin

Daria takes on Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe on the Japan TV series "Iron Chef." Who will win?
It's a Sick, Sad, Sad, Sad World
By The Excellent S

It's a mad dash across the country as all of your favorite "Daria" characters embark on a race to get to 50 million dollars located in the abandoned town of Highland, Texas. But as they say, getting there is half the fun... A loving mishmash of movies like "The Cannonball Run," "Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and "Rat Race."
It's a Wonderful Life, Not [Artwork]
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Daria meets her guardian angel, who shows her how the world would look without her. Unfortunately, the angel is a complete jerk. Soon, Daria's life is in danger. Based on concepts in the Frank Capra film "It's a Wonderful Life."
It's Eureka, Daria
By Richard Lobinske

When Helen accepts a better offer from Global Dynamics, the Morgendorffers move to Eureka, a town in Oregon where strange is commonplace and life is often upside-down (sometimes literally). A crossover with the SyFy TV series "Eureka."
It's the Millennium, Stupid! (Part 1)
By Don Fields

A terminally unfinished sequel to "The Sound of One Band Sucking," incorporating all sorts of wackiness from "South Park" and "The Blues Brothers."
It's Time to Duel!
By Brother Grimace

It's Yu-Gi-Oh! It's the adults of Lawndale! It's an Iron Chef! It's very short!

Jake's Therapy
By Mitch

Jake undergoes therapy with Dr. Katz to get a handle on his stress.
Jormungandr (*)
By The Angst Guy

When the unlikeliest group of heroes imaginable encounters the unlikeliest alliance of evil, it's winner take all--with the entire world at stake. An epic crossover with "Beavis and Butt-head" and "The Head."

Keeping Up With the Benjamins
By Rey Fox

Space Ghost decides to enlist help from MTV to make his show more hip for the younger crowd. Unfrotuantely, that help arrives in the form of Our Heroines...
Kill Tom (Volumes 1 and 2) (*)
By The Angst Guy

The Deadly Fashion Viper Squadron meets its match in this parody of Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" movies.
Killjoy Was Here
By Erin Mills

In a corrupt future where intellectual outcasts are oppressed and imprisioned by Dr. Sandra Griffin and the People for Proactive Popularism, Daria Anne Marie Morgendorffer, the last intellectual hero, begins a last desperate gambit to escape from prison and restore the right to think to the world. Based on the Styx album "Killroy Was Here."

Lane Change
By Ranger Thorne

The epic tale of time traveller Daria Morgendorffer and the Last Great Time War. Based on the BBC TV series "Doctor Who" (specifically, the 2005 revival) and stories by Yuri Daoren and Galen Hardesty.
Last Night in Lawndale
By Erin Mills

What will you do with the rest of your life... all six hours of it? Depression, revenge, reflection and the indulging of one's wildest fantasies are the order of the day as the citizens of Lawndale literally face the end of the world. Based on the film "Last Night on Earth."
The Last Stupor
By Diane Long and Jon Kilner

A dark comedy about the mixture of violence and idealism. Very loosely based on the film "The Last Supper."
The Last Words Heard
By Mahna Mahna

Based on a PPMB challenge: A chase between Melody Powers and a communist agent ends in an unexpected way...
Lawndale Beauty
By wierdgrrl

Jake is pitted against his manic, materialistic lawyer wife, Helen, and his sullen, contemptuous teenaged daughter, Daria. Into their lives come two catalytic outsiders. Sandi jolts Jake into a sexual epiphany that blooms into a second adolescence. And an eerily calm young neighbor, Trent, transforms both Jake and Daria with his canny influence. A parody of the film "American Beauty."
Lawndale Death Match
By Steve Mitchell

"Celebrity Deathmatch" comes to Lawndale to "get it on!" The lineup: Mack versus Kevin, Ms. Barch versus Mr. DeMartino... and Daria versus Sandi.
The Lawndale Factor [Artwork]

With widespread news of mutants, Daria finds that it hits close to home, along with a figure ready to wage war against humans for survival! Based on Marvel's "The X-Men".
Lawndale Marmalade
By Ronin

Quinn recalls a crazy dream in which she and the Fashion Club sing "Lady Marmalade."
Lawndale or Verone?

Jake gets a new job at Grace, Sloane and Page, then Angier Sloane fires him. It's the Sloanes versus the Morgendorffers, and Tom and Daria are caught in the middle. (This story beginning to sound familiar yet?)
The Lawndale Tango [Artwork]
By The New Kids on the Cell Block

An all Daria version of the Cellblock Tango from Chicago. A PPMB Iron Chef and a collaboration including several authors.
Lawndale's Finest: The Last Daughter of Krypton
By NightGoblyn

Even the Earth's mightiest heroes had to grow up, and life as a teenager is hard enough without super powers, strange allergies, and mysterious enemies. At age sixteen, the Girl of Tomorrow learns of her unearthly heritage and must come to terms with her true past while juggling loyalties both new and old.
Lawntropolis (*)
By Milo Minderbinder

Enter the world of Lawntropolis, circa 2026, in this parody of Fritz Lanz's fantastic vision of the future, the silent sci-fi film "Metropolis"... it's possibly the world's first "silent fanfic"!
The Life and Death of Stacy III
By Kristen Bealer

Stacy's true motives are at last revealed! Based on the famous opening monologue from William Shakespeare's "Richard III". A response to an Iron Chef issued by Richard Lobinske: Write the cast into one of Shakespeare's plays.
Like Angels' Visits, Short and Bright (*)
By The Angst Guy

Amy Barksdale and two girlfriends are in a spot of trouble, with the fate of Earth at stake, in this way-over-the-top crossover of "Daria," "Charlie's Angels," Robert Heinlein's "Starship Troopers," the USAF Space Command, and H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories, if you will.
Live the Life of Quinn
By Chris Mack

Quinn and Daria have a "Freaky Friday" experience when their bodies are switched, and each gets a glimpse into the other's life.
The Love Song of Jake Alfred Morgendorffer
By Gregor Samsa

A psychological portrait of Jake Morgendorffer. (A crossover/parody of T.S Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.")

M.I.B. - Morgendorffer in Black
By Ross Webster

A parody of the film "Men in Black."
By Nick Hernandez

A trip to the mall provides for an interesting day when Daria and Jane run into Beavis, Butt-Head, the Fashion Club, and a couple of *really* weird guys, in this parody of the film "Mallrats."
The Many Loves of Thalia Gillis
By Milderbeast and Deref

In this crossover with "The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis," we meet Thalia Gillis, who's as smart and cynical as Daria and as "take-no-prisoners" as Jane. She also has a secret that could cause complications in her newly formed friendship with them.
Mirror, Mirror
By Paperpusher

After a day of dealing with Upchuck's come-ons, an all-night marathon of classic "Star Trek," and a lot of really bad pizza, Daria awakens to find herself in an alternate universe, one where everyone she knows is brutal, sadistic, and cruel. How did she get there, and how will she get home? An uproarious parody of the classic "Star Trek" episode "Mirror, Mirror."
Misery Chick: Wrestling with Fashion
By Chris Smith

When Sandi disgraces her old hometown, chaos follows. This story (which takes place five years after the episode "Esteemsters") is strongly based on the documentary about wrestler Bret Hart.
The Mission
By Daniel O. Gilbert

Daria helps the love of her life, Trent, save his mother from rebels in Central America, with the help of John Thomas Rourke of "The Survivalist Series."
Mole? Somebody Get Me a Dermatologist!
By Belle Book

No, it's not that kind of a mole. Daria is tricked into becoming one of ten contestants on a spin-off of "The Mole," called "Teen Mole." Daria is not the Mole; instead, she has to figure out which of her fellow contestants is the Mole--and prevent the other eight genuine contestants from finding out so that Daria can win the jackpot at the end of the game. Will Daria succeed? Is Jane her best friend? Does she even care? Stay tuned! (A ten-part story.)
More Real Than Real
By Shinai

Not long after the Morgendorffers arrive in Lawndale, a new student comes to town who's more than she seems to be. Loosely based on the Amber diceless role playing game.
Morgan V Morgendorffer
By psychotol

Two serial killers go to war, in this crossover with the Showtime series "Dexter."
The Morgans
By Smileyfax

The Morgans, a rural family, strike oil and move to Lawndale. Hilarity ensues. From the "White Trash Daria" Iron Chef.
The Morgendorffer Code (*)
By The Angst Guy

Imagine this: a crossover involving Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code". Now imagine you're about to read it.
The Mr. T Trilogy
By Smileyfax

In part one, "Daria Meets Mr. T," Daria meets Mr. T and together they go on a magical journey of hitting people so hard they explode. In part two, "Alison vs. Mr. T," Mr. T and Daria work together to save Jane from being seduced by the artistic temptress. And in the thrilling conclusion, "Mr. T and the Fanon Cannon," Mr. T proceeds to beat up everybody in the Daria expanded universe.
The MSTing of Sailor Brittany
By Skyrocket

Mitch's "Sailor Brittany" gets the MST3K treatment.
MTV Mutants #1: Safest Emergency
By Caira

Lawndale is under threat... and it's not just the graffiti on the "Welcome to Lawndale" sign this time. Brittany's on fire, Kevin's *never* gonna call Mack the wrong thing again, and DeMartino's eye isn't bulging. Obviously, something must be done... and of course Ms. Li screws it up. If there's anything left of Lawndale High afterwards, she might just figure that out.
Much Ado About Laughing
By BlackWolfhound

O'Neill stages another play, but this time he takes existing relationships and friendships to a new level as Daria, Jane, Tom, Jesse, Trent, Upchuck and many others act out Shakespeare's classic comedy--with their own spin!
The Mud Racer Challenge
By Greystar

Daria, Jane, and Trent have made it to the first round of the TLC show "Junkyard Wars." What will their challenge be, and will they prevail?
The Muppet Show: Cynicism & Violence
By Erin Mills

It's the Muppet Show, with our very special guests, the stars of MTV's "Daria"!
My Daria/Harry Potter Crossover
By Brother Grimace

Several Death Eaters find out that one shouldn't try to Trace down folks in Lawndale.
My Fair Zombie
By Smileyfax

In this brief send-up of "My Fair Lady," Jane proposes to make a proper lady out of Daria, who has become a zombie.
Mystery Usenet Theater 3000: "A Kiss for Quinn" (*)
By Bryan McGucken

The author's own fanfic gets the MST3K treatment.
Mystery Usenet Theater 3000: "The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle" (*)
By Matt Blackwell, et al.

A "Mystery Science Theater 3000" treatment of Peter Guerin's fanfic.
Mystery Usenet Theater 3000: "The Return of the Lawndale Militia" (*)
By Matt Blackwell, et al.

A "Mystery Science Theater 3000" treatment of Peter Guerin's fanfic.
Mystery Usenet Theater 3000: "Triumph of the 'Retart'" (*)
By Matt Blackwell, et al.

A "Mystery Science Theater 3000" treatment of Peter Guerin's fanfic.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Mystik SPIRAL (The White Fic)
By jak981125

This time, the author's gone too far as the Spiral takes on the Beatles' "white album." Sorry, Eric Clapton refused a cameo.
Mystik Spiral's Lonely Lawndale Band
By jak981125

Enjoy the concert of the season as Mystik Spiral takes on Sgt. Pepper in a 9/11 benefit. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

By Shane Greentree

It is a little known (or entirely fabricated) fact that, shortly before his death, James Joyce began adapting his great novel "Ulysses" into the "Daria" universe. Presently only this fragment has been found.
New Masters of the Universe
By Cyke

In this crossover series, the never-ending battle between He-Man and Skeletor comes to Lawndale, home of He-Man's descendent.
A Night of Bells (But No Whistles)
By Doggieboy

A temporary clothing change gets Daria the most unexpected kind of attention. A crossover with the Cartoon Network Adult Swim series "Robot Chicken."
Night of the Living Butt-Head
By Bobby Birks

Beavis and Butt-Head come alive as zombies, and as a result, everyone starts killing each other. A "Beavis and Butt-Head" crossover, with a cameo FBI agents Mulder and Scully (of "The X-Files" fame).
North to Alaska, South to Lawndale
By Robert Nowall

Trent learns a lesson in the latest Great Alaskan Gold Rush. Based (loosely) on the song "Saginaw, Michigan" by Lefty Frizzell.
Not Quite Beyond the Goblin City
By Professor Moriarity

In this parody of the film "Labyrinth," Daria wishes that Jareth, the Goblin King, would take Quinn away. But what happens when he does, and Daria doesn't want her back? And does Jareth really deserve having Quinn inflicted upon him?

Once Upon a Time in Lawndale
By Disco 3:16

A red-haired traveller looking for revenge.A babyfaced killer looking for power.A fashionable outlaw looking to clear her name.A gentleman from the East looking for a better life.It all happened once upon a time in Lawndale.
One Night in Lawndale
By Ronin

A parody of the Murray Head song "One Night in Bangkok" (from the play "Chess"), set in the Daria universe.
One-Band Town
By Danny Bronstein

A crossover with the TV series "South Park."
Our Drummer's Rusty Van
By jak981125

A Mystik Spiral parody of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, but with a few twists. WARNING: contains enough dumb jokes to fill the Albert Hall!
Outcast Castaways
By Robert Nowall

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale / a tale of a fateful trip / that started from a Lawndale port / aboard this tiny ship." Yes, Daria and her friends are stranded on a certain uncharted island, where tempers begin to flare as they start getting on each others' nerves.
Outcasts From Beyond (*)
By The Angst Guy

On her way to see Tom Sloane, Daria Morgendorffer has a car wreck--but that's only the start of her problems in this long, weird alternate-universe/crossover "Daria" tale of secret identities and super-powers that begins about halfway through "Boxing Daria" and heads into the wild blue.

Phantasmagorier [Artwork]
By Brian Taylor

What do an eerie mortuary, cannibalistic dwarves, and psychic visions of a Tall Man add up to? Plenty of trouble for Lawndale's most cynical teenagers in this spine-chilling parody of the "Phantasm" films. (UPDATED)

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Pinchsitter II
By Chuckie Finster

A reworking of the episode "Pinch Sitter," only instead of the Guptys, Daria is babysitting the kids from "Rugrats."
Poor Pathetic Planet
By Timothy Shanahan

A parody of the TV series "Captain Planet."
Power Rangers: Lawndale Force
By Cyke

In this crossover series, five teenagers from Lawndale have been chosen as the heirs to incredible powers. Their task: nothing less than the protection of the entire planet.
The Princess Daria Diaries
By Jessica S.

Daria finds out that she is really a princess, which forces her to make a choice: be a princess and move out of Lawndale, or remain a Morgendorffer and stay with her family.

Quinnderella [Artwork]
By Mike Yamiolkoski

Daria and Jane give an old fairy tale a new twist.
Quinnisqatsi (*)
By The Angst Guy

A crossover with the film "Koyaanisqatsi." It is impossible to describe this better than that.

By Maeve Johnston

Trent falls asleep while watching the movie "The Crow" and dreams that he's living the events of the film.
Reaper in the Wind
By Richard Lobinske

CIA agents Daria Morgendorffer and Tom Sloane must collaborate with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service when a Reaper, a magical creature from the past, kills a Marine in the middle of a secure base. A sequel to "Eternity," and a crossover with the television series "NCIS."
The Reluctant Ring-Bearer
By Morfiwien Greenleaf

During a Bad Movie Night featuring "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," Daria falls asleep and is magically transported to Bag End and ordered to complete Frodo's famous quest. With Jane, Trent, Upchuck, and the Fashion club by her side, she endeavors--with some pushing and shoving from the narrator--to destroy the One Ring.
Rime of the Auntcent Mariner
By Shane Greentree

"I hear thee, auntcent mariner!" Stuck at a wedding and facing boredom, Amy Barksdale tells Daria a story. It just happens to be in the form of an elaborate piece of verse.
The Road Worrier, Part 2 [Artwork] (*)
By Milo Minderbinder

No, it's not what you're thinking. Yes, it's a short parody of the second "Mad Max" movie, "The Road Warrior" (aka "Mad Max 2").

Sailor Brittany
By Mitch

A "Sailor Moon" parody.
Sailor Switch
By CrazyInsaneAnimeFanGirl

A bizarre dimension hole causes some of the Daria characters and some of the Sailor Moon characters to switch places!
Sandi Was Here
By Robin Sena

Yet another take on the "Kilroy Was Here" album concept by the progressive rock band known as Styx, in which Dr. Brittany Taylor of the Battalion for Brittany's Bimboness (BBB) is bent on wiping out all things fashion... that is until Sandi, who breaks out from jail, sets out to bring fashion back.
Sarcasm of Titanic Proportions [Artwork]
By Matt

Yes, it's what you think it is: "Titanic" rewritten with our favorite Lawndalians. Trust me, it's much better this way!
Scream in the Life of Daria
By Foo Fighter and Nessy Thompson

Someone's killing off the students of Lawndale High, in this parody of the film "Scream."
By Caira

One of the world's few intelligent vampires finally gets a clue and a hitman, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is dead. And there was much rejoicing. Of course, someone has to replace her, one girl in all the world at any time and all that, and with the way Daria's luck's been running lately...
Sentence Passed
By Wilson Perez

In this parody of the TV series "The Prisoner," Daria learns about a place that some people get sent to for security reasons, and decides it's time for some payback.
Seven Days
By E.A. Smith

Jane finds and watches a mysterious videotape, with dire consequences, in this crossover with "The Ring."
Shabby Road
By jak981125

Sit back and enjoy as Mystik Spiral parodies the classic Beatles album "Abby Road."
The Signup
By Greystar

Jane tries to talk Daria into signing up for a national television show... on The Learning Channel? "Junkyard Wars" may never be the same again!
Silly Rabbit, Matrix Are For Kids!
By John Berry

The Keanu Reeves movie "The Matrix" (or possibly a brain aneurysm) provides the basis for this parody, in which Daria discovers what she's suspected all along: that "reality" is not what it seems.
The Simpsons in Lawndale?
By Emo Fringe

What would happen if Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson, now high schoolers, showed up in Lawndale?
Six Days of the Hamster
By Brother Grimace

A Daria/Groundhog Day crossover has Daria reliving the events of "Esteemsters"--well, the first day, actually--over and over again...
Something Is Rotten in the State of Lawndale
By Kristen Bealer

Vengeance!? Swordfighting!? Self-esteem workshops!? Daria must avenge her father's death, but there's less murder and more silliness in this parody of Shakespeare's "Hamlet."
The Sound of One Band Sucking
By Don Fields

Based on... excuse me, ripped off from Danny Bronstein's "One Band Town." Daria, Jane, and the rest of the Mystik's travel to a gig in South Park to perform at "CowFest '99." They barely survive (the cows incuded).
The Sour-puff Girls
By traP

Mystik Spiral gets a gig in Lawndale, where the mayor is Kevin's uncle... we think. Brittany offers Daria and Jane a ride in Kevin's Jeep when Trent's car won't start. Worse yet, the Powerpuff Girls (and, when they get in the way, Kevin and Trent) are captured! Guess who has to save the day this time, with a little help from one worried Professor?
Stacy Rowe, Evangelion Pilot
By Austin Covello

In this crossover with the anime series "Neon Genesis: Evangelion," Stacy is now the pilot of Evangelion Unit 03, defender against the Angels. But Stacy has bigger problems: her teammates! How will she handle working with a redheaded bully, a weirdo roommate, and a boy who's as callow as she is? A five-part story, with links to each chapter at the end of each story.
Stinkbutt Part Two
By Robert Nowall

In this parody of the TV series "NewsRadio," a new intern comes to WNYX... a certain sarcastic teenager from Lawndale. Meanwhile, Matthew is posting fan fiction on the Internet.
Story Girl
By Erin Mills

Daria and Jane take on the classic Billy Joel song "Piano Man."
Stranger Than Fiction [Artwork]
By Admonisher

While investigating a case involving a seemingly deranged man, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully find their perception of reality severely challenged when they're somehow transported into the cartoon world of Lawndale. There, they team up with a reluctant Daria and her friends to help set things right before both universes are destroyed. An epic crossover with "The X-Files" that proves the truth really is out there. (Or in there. Whatever.)
Strangers in Royston Vasey (*)
By James Burrows

The Morgendorffers take an ill-advised holiday abroad, in an even more ill-advised crossover with The League of Gentlemen.

Taking a Page From a Queen
By Mitch

Quinn Morgendorffer is everything Paige Fox wants to be--or, at least, what Paige *thinks* she wants to be--in this crossover with the comic strip "FoxTrot."
That's Daria! (*)
By The Angst Guy

What if "Daria" returned to the airwaves... as an offbeat teen sitcom created in the most way-out-there Hollywood style?
The Third Woman?
By Brian Taylor

In the future, Daria and Jane meet up again. Their conversation doesn't quite go as either one has planned...
Three Ways of Looking at a Tiffany Blum-Deckler (*)
By The Angst Guy

A parody of Wallace Stevens' "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird," only this time we get a glimpse of just what makes Tiffany tick. (Do we really want to know? Of course we do!)
Through a Scooby Darkly (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria meets Scooby-Doo! Isn't that exciting?
Through the Gate
By Steve Mitchell

On a visit to the museum, Daria, Jane, Trent, Jesse, and Amy encounter an ancient Egyptian device that gets them into a world of trouble (literally), in this crossover with "Stargate SG-1."
Tiffany in Wonderland (*)
By The Angst Guy

A little girl goes down a rabbit hole--and Wonderland goes down the drain.
Trent Caufield
By Larkin Mullin

The author imagines Trent as the protagonist from J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye."
Two Halves of a Brock
By Mitch

A "Pokemon" crossover.

Uh-Huh-Huh-Huh-Huh, Football-Head
By Chuckie Finster

Daria and Jane become study buddies with the Powerpuff Girls, Arnold, Helga and Gerald, until something bad happens and Daria has to return to the past that she thought she had forgotten for good.

Warped Speed Captain
By Thea Zara

A mini-ficlet that puts Daria in an interesting predicament...
A Warrior Maid of Lawndale
By Mystik Slacker

Beneath the hurtling moons of Barsoom, the angry squeal of a wild thoat echoes, as a lone hero rides out on a mission of honor, to reclaim her lost love, or maybe she's just looking for a good Chinese restaurant. A parody of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian stories.
The Waste La(w)nd
By Gregor Samsa

A poetic meditation upon the state of Lawndale. (A crossover/parody of T.S Eliot's "The Waste Land.")
The Way Things Ought to Be
By Barry Eshkol Adelman

Daria slips into "The Twilight Zone" and discovers just how true the phrase "be careful what you wish for" can be, as she suddenly finds herself back in Highland... and having traded places with Quinn!
Weekend at Barch's
By Patrick Moore

Daria and Jane find the body of Ms. Barch in the school's dumpster. If you loved "Weekend at Bernie's," you'll love this story. Or not. Whatever.
West Lawndale Grand Ballroom Gown
By Richard Lobinske

A possible future history of one of the Girls of Lawndale. Inspired by the Jimmy Buffet song "West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown."
By Bacner

Ms. Li's latest pet project, Lawndale High's Film-making Club, isn't dead yet. Please witness its next creation (there won't be any survivors - only bodies)!
The Wizard of Ug
By Ken T.

Daria and Jane find themselves in the land of Oz, 60 years later.

The Year of the Cynic
By Wouter Jaegers

A crossover with "Kiss Psycho Circus," based on Brian Holguin's "The Year of the Fox."

The 2 Sides of a Cynic
By Chris Fabris

Daria and Jane are heroes with James Bond-like gadgets, fighting the fiendish Mumm-ra and his plans to rule the world, in this crossover with "Thundercats."
500 Vindaloos to Go
By Professor Moriarity

Daria and Jane encounter the cast of "Red Dwarf."
86 Bottles of Beer
By Kristen Bealer

"I'm sorry, what did you say you do? I thought I heard intelligence, but that can't be right." In this parody of the TV show "Get Smart," Kevin Thompson, CONTROL Agent 86, is all that prevents KAOS from succeeding in its many plots for world domination. God help us all.