Fan Fiction
"New Masters of the Universe"
by Cyke

#1: The ReturnSkeletor has escaped his exile and arrives in Lawndale -- unfortunately, the home of He-Man's descendent.
#2: GreyskullKevin travels to the ancient castle Greyskull to discover how Skeletor escaped.
#3: EmptySkeletor has stolen Man-At-Arm's old armor and used his magic to animate as a way to destroy He-Man.
#4: The Beast WithinSkeletor has just recruited three new minions -- Beastman, Blade, and Tri-Cylops.
#5: Fight of the CynicJake uses the egg of Avion for dinner. Daria eats it and has some unwanted side effects.
#6: Andrea's BoxWhile bringing a mysterious box back to Skeletor, his minions lose it and a certain goth girl finds it.
#7: The Lady or the TigerFearing for her safety, Kevin breaks up with Brittany, but things go very wrong.
#8: Reborn of FireSkeletor's robot army, led by his new minion Trapjaw, attack the masters.
#9: Fire and IceThe Masters try to fight stop Skeletor minus He-Man and Wildcat, who are on a quest to find the counterpart to Skeletor's armor.
#10: Jessie's Back (aka Reunions)Our heroes try to recover from their battle with Skeletor until they find Jessie. Also, we are introduced to a new threat as well as a new ally.
#10.5: 2BadA sub-fic Dealing with Skeletor's attempt to escape from Mordak's enslavement and his encounter with two morons.