Fan Fiction
"Power Rangers: Lawndale Force"
by Cyke

#1: Dawn of the RangersRita Repulsa and her minions escape their dumpster prison and begin their attack on Earth, only to be stopped by the Power Rangers of Lawndale.
#2: Food No MoreThe rangers are forced to "volunteer" for the school's food festival. Meanwhile, Rita wakes up with an upset stomach and sends down Pudgy Pig to eat up all the food on Earth.
#3: Evils of Being Green, Part 1Daria, the evil Green Ranger, betrays Rita and tries to make Jane join her side by kidnapping Trent!
#4: Evils of Being Green, Part 2The evil Green Ranger has captured Jane, sent Narcoleptor and King Sphinx to destroy the rangers, and discovered a terrible weapon that may make her unstoppable!