The Corsair Saga
by Ross Webster

Daria and co. are created by MTV.
Michael Andrews and Mara Jacobs are created Michael Pfeffer.
The Knight Sabers,AD Police, and others belong to Animeigo/youmex (soon to be A.D. Vision).
Ross Morgendorffer, Senator Crichley, Children of Redemption, and others are created by Ross Webster.

The future. The year 2034 to be exact. Much has changed since the last
century and still is changing in ways we can't even
imagine. What follows is the tail of two cities. Well, one satellite
town of L.A. called Lawndale, and MegaTokyo. The
Megalopolis. The center of the world at the time. In the year 2025, the
Second Great Kanto Earthquake engulfed the city into
a blazing holocaust. Damage in the billions. Over 8 MILLION dead. It
seams as though it were a miracle that the city was
saved. Saved by the hands of Genom, the corporation which has now
become one of the greatest powers of the world. The
city rose from its ashes to become the great jewel it is today with
great technological wonders. More specifically, the
The boomers, or cyberdroids, were originally designed to gather
resources from space. They have now become capable of
becoming a new race far superior than humans. Boomers now fight man's
wars and serve the purposes of most technological
labor on Earth. Chairman Quincy, of Genom hides his true ambitions. He
seeks the ultimate prize. The world under command of
Genom, and he is very close to this goal.
Aside from these goals, boomers have also been known to malfunction and
head on rampages and kill anyone whom gets in
their path. For the task of preventing such a crisis, the A.D.(ADVANCED)
Police was created to handle rouge boomers
with high technology and weaponry. There is only one flaw. The A.D.
Police are rather incompetent and end up with high
As Genom has spread to influence every part of the globe the American
branch has drawn its attention to a town called
Lawndale. Their purpose is to destroy the area of Lawndale in order to
create a Genom research and development site. They
shall first, though, manipulate those with feeble minds and low
reasoning and consolidate them into the ever devouring
conglomerate. And in Lawndale, the ignorant are in huge numbers and ripe
for the feast.
In both nations, the smart have learned of Genom's ambitions. In
Lawndale, high-school student, Daria Morgendorffer along
with elder brother Ross, discovered the shocking secrets of Genom
through their fellow members of a high-tech vigilante
organization until they became among the last of their organization
through a Genom assault on the country-wide outposts to
retrieve stolen information, and the slaughter of their leaders by an
unknown source. Determined to expose them for what
they are, Ross and Daria set out through their hometown in order to form
The New Corsairs.

Dr. Kishigato Stingray, a rich scientist, was the father of boomer
technology. Aside from that, He was also a loving father
of his two children, Sylia and Mackie Stingray. Dr. Stingray was then
robbed of his life by Brian J. Mason, Vice president of
Genom. His lab was burned and his children were orphaned. Sylia would
later receive a data unit which downloaded all of
Genom's secrets into her mind. Among them were the hardsuits, extremely
durable and advanced body armor. Now in her
early adulthood, She and three other women, Priss, Linna, and Nene, have
joined to form the high tech mercenary/heroes
The Knight Sabers.



DECEMBER 2, 2033
It was late in the evening. The heavy rain accompanied the bitterness of
the night. The San Gabriels were usually undisturbed at this time of
night. It's surprising even by the fact that the mountains are silent in
this era of progress. Where cybertechnology and the corporate ways
dominate the way of life. The only outpost of the new era was a
warehouse. This warehouse belonged to the Gulf and Bradley Corp. The
second largest conglomerate on Earth. The largest, had its name also
inscribed on the building's entrance sign, a name which is well known,
well respected, and feared. Genom. Ever since the Gulf and Bradley corp
joined forces with Genom, Genom CEO Quincy has been a very happy man.
Genom now held 78% of the world's cars and gasohol(21st century
replacement for gasoline). Not only that, but with this move on his huge
chessboard, he has won favor of U.S. Congress and has allowed him to
replace the Genom tower that was destroyed in Chicago by an orbital
particle beam satellite, due to an "accident". The same was in New York,
Berlin, and Sydney. He is once again triumphant. These matters are now
put aside and we return to the warehouse. It was a fairly medium
structure, that is until it received an unexpected visitor. A large
tank-like battlemover rushed toward the facility, shattering its
steel/titanium door as though it were a thin sheet of ice on a warm day.
With the vehicle's dramatic entrance, its hatch popped up and out sprung
a cloaked figure. The figure drew out a member pistol and surveyed the
inside for cameras or any security devices. None. The figure removed its
cowl, Revealing the face of Daria Morgendorffer. " What exactly is the
point of all this?" She asked. "This is about as dangerous as it is to
pick a penny off the ground." A voice came from the vessel's interior. "
Despite that maybe a mouse crapped on the ground and then you get the
Hanta virus." Jane then climbed out of the machine. "I think it's one of
Ross' little ideas. The public will be shocked to have this happen in
our little town and break out in panic." "Even though this is just a
little warehouse? I doubt that even Lawndale's that gullible." "On the
other hand.." Jane added. " The town will be screaming and running in a
panic, and fleeing from the Corsairs, the threat to American
productivity and world civilization'. And with that big sweaty dumb
football players will want to protect their sweaty blunt cheerleader
gals and we make our retrieval." Daria looked through her thoughts to
find sense in the whole plan. "I'll just do this for the fun of seeing
terrified civilians at the market and fighting over Triscuits." Jane
smiled and pulled out a little device. It shot out into 8 little laser
projectors all rotating and tracing in a pattern into the concrete
floor. The concrete now had the design of a boomer's skull, and a
shotgun/sonic drill crossbands. At the bottom of the design was the word
CORSAIR. Within a few minutes Daria and Jane drove off leaving the
warehouse a bright inferno.


Midnight in MegaTokyo. A nation of it's own really. Unlike the rest of
Japan, MegaTokyo has the largest ethnic melting pot of anywhere in Asia.
Hell, no where else in the world can compare to this techno-jungle. It's
almost ironic that six centuries ago, anyone who fit the description of
a "gaijin", except Dutch traders would find themselves without a head.
Now MegaTokyo is loaded with more gaijins and gaijin/Japanese hybrids.
Despite these differences, all these people share one thing in common.
The tower. The immense cylinder/pyramid arcology of Genom. It is to the
Empire State building or even Petronas Towers as is a man to a number
two pencil. If traveling from top to bottom in an elevator, one might
notice how sprawling the tower was to the little insects below. Almost
as though it were swallowing the city up. For the super conglomerate,
this was no illusion. They had control of almost every sense of the
Japanese government . Gift giving and bribing the puppets in the Diet
and robbing the country blind yet they still want more. At the summit of
the tower, through the smoked glass windows, an imposing man looks out.
Even though he is near sixty five years old, to those who care not to
watch what they say, would believe him to be the devil himself. This is
Chairman Quincy. "It was once said that only gods could ascend these
heights. Mortals who dared to neglect their edict, would parish and
suffer the extreme consequences." The old man smiled slyly. "All is so
true." He returned to his desk in the near empty office which rivaled
the quarters of any great ruler. He discovers two message discs just
sent into him this evening. He went along and popped the first disc into
a slot which activated a wide screen T.V. on every side of the room. It
contained a broadcast of Neo L.A. News of a burning building. Young
anchorwoman, Shinobi Yamazaki informed the masses. "This small community
of Lawndale is in a state of concern as this
warehouse behind me burns into oblivion. This building stored 45,000
optics accessories for
boomer manufacturing." "This information isn't even worth its speak."
Quincy growled. "Why do the fools at international affairs bother to
even look at this unessential garbage?" The broadcast continued. "The
only evidence that can be recognized is this design engraved in
concrete. At the sight of the design Quincy's interest turned to it. He
was not in the least bit concerned but turned his attention to it
anyway. "Corsair..... A name connected with the Hou Bang Corp. It is
nothing . Just a thorn at my side." He destroyed the file with little
care. He glanced at the second one
and played it. This time he scowled and his face darkened a little. "And
yet, another thorn at my side." This image was of a security camera at
the new GPCC building at Ukyo. His tested fusions between BU12 standard
battle boomers and 55C combat models had ended in failure. All thanks to
the Knight Sabers. They seemed so insignificant 3 years ago. Though he
doesn't want to admit it, The four armored women are more like a sliver
than a thorn.

He slept on the couch the night before. He would have gone to the
basement, but felt queasy like always. Besides it wouldn't be too much
trouble for his mother to spruce it up into a real room. That is if she
hadn't been making claims of how hard she worked when her assistant had
been doing her work and working for a check which she got only 25% of.
His dad would probably do so. Yeah right. If he did he'd probably scare
off the decorator, try to do it himself, and end up dressed by a
mortician. Ah hell, it didn't really matter. His family's house sure
beats life in Yokohama seven years ago. All was tranquil until the
silence of Ross Morgendorffer's peace was sacrimented. "Ahhhhhh!?!
"Quinn! What is that around your waste!?!" A typical debate of the
Morgendorffer household. "Mo-oom! Relax. It's only the latest trend!"
"Wow, the backwater Ethiopian tribeswoman look." responded the 16 year
old cynic, Daria. Quinn replied back insulted "Uhg. For your
information Daria, this is a skort." Jake enthusiastically asked "Wow!
Is it a skirt or a short? Ha!Ha!Ha!. Radical! Ha...Heh,heh..Heh,heh."
Everyone at the dining table just stared back at him. Jake cowered back
to his newspaper as usual. "Alright,alright. I'm sorry I erupted like
that. I just think that it is isn't it a
little revealing."
"Wellllll,maybe, but according to Waif, people started wearing these
last year and...and..I know! Ross!" Ross awoke completely and very
annoyed "Oh fer the luv'v God! I'm on the Couch you don't have t'yell!"
Quinn skipped the apology and went on to the subject "Ross, you were a
reporter, isn't this a new fashion trend?" Ross analyzed the piece of
fabric briefly "Sorry, don't know any civilized nation who's teens
prance around in wash cloths." Quinn just frowned back at him "Ross for
once. Try to be supportive of your little sister."Helen scolded. Daria's
mouth tried to form words. Helen stopped her. "And you too Daria!" Ross
replied. "Sor-ry. I never covered fashion. I was an field reporter for
Neo LA's department of international topics, not a photographer for
Victoria Secret's new velcro bra or whatever's hot these days. Besides
Mom, I thought it was that shirt...smo...thing that you were against."
Helen tried to find an argument. "I am! I...Support that.....Well...Oh,
forget it. Quinn, keep the skort." Quinn smiled. "I guess parents just
know what being cool is after you show them." Daria replied. "Guess so.
Dad, can you crash the car someday? I want a cybernetic arm. The kind
where the wires hook into your brain." Jake laughed and took Daria
seriously. " Sorry kiddo. You see, Daria, cybernetics look rad, but
they're dangerous. You can get what we call Boomer Syndrome. It's a
disease......" Daria interrupted. "That penetrates the brain and causes
loss of emotions, compulsive lying, kleptomania, and murderous assaults
on human beings. Just as long as it doesn't kill me, I'll probably start
my war against mankind for it's flaws in life." Jake continued the
discussion of morals and techno ethics from what he knew, which had more
to do with "No toys for sissy Jakey'. Real men use tools'. Helen head
off for her work on the Lanson/Mc Frugal Case, Quinn spent her time on
the video phone with Tiffany on the latest wears for 30 minutes, and
Ross......Ross was quiet. This was not unusual. He spent most of his
time thinking. Pondering about the past, present, and future. He was A
reporter then, a newcoming novelist now, and soon.....For most people
soon refers to the great blank space of time to be written. For Ross,
one thing was clear in present and in future. Revenge, what has now
become his life and his on-going quest. He looked around for a while.
Everyone else has gone for their everyday routine. Ross thought to
himself . "Well, looks like it's time to fish for ideas." with that,
Ross fell asleep. Within minutes he woke up from a couch to a metal
table. Ross examined himself. He was in dirt/ash covered casual clothes
and a black trenchcoat. He touched his face. His left side felt slightly
w the burns. On the right side of the face, Ross pulled back his hand.
"Ow! Shit!" His face stung from the broken glass stuck in his face. Ross
looked around. It was mostly near pitch black. It was night fall.
"Either this is a flashback and, or hallucination. Ah hell, I'll probably
discover something valuable if I play it through." Ross walked away
from reality. He was back in the apocalypse. Back in Yokohama.

Midnight. It was a later time than usual for her to arrive home, at the
Silky Doll. Who would ever think of the secrets that went on at the top
of a lingerie shop? The unknown life of the owner of this building? The
truth is only seven people know the enigma of Sylia Stingray. She had
come back from the reconstruction site of the the GPCC building. It had
been an exhausting fight. Sylia just decided to head on to bed. "A 5CC
fused with a BU12." She thought to herself. "Even if it was a failure,
what does this mean for Genom? For us?". As she slipped into her silk
nightgown, she thought back. Back to the age of innocence. Dr. Kishigato
Stingray Was the Wiz laboratory's greatest achiever. He had successfully
discovered the revelation of scientific technology, the boomer. With
this new creation mankind would be able to achieve it's highest goals.
Reduce of manual labor, farming of the seas, and the colonization of
space. Dr. Stingray wanted to create a better world. To liberate mankind
from the plight of the earth. He wanted a world for his 12 year old
daughter, Sylia and little Mackie. What the good doctor didn't realize
was that he created another flock of sheep. The atom bomb, chemical
weapons, cyberdroids, they're all lost flocks who are divided between
shepherds. The Wiz laboratory became sponsored by a soon to be very rich
shepherd. A fairly successful corporation named Genom. They were
interested in the boomers. Sure, all talk of space colonization and
liberty from manual labor sounded good and the corporation would add
this to their goals, but a revolutionary machine like this, this could
be sold all over the world for every use. War, descry, prostitution
even, the globe could eat out of their hands. Of course a person like
Dr. Stingray would oppose to such things. Suppose however, Dr. Stingray
never invented the boomer and wouldn't be able to claim anything. April
13, 2022. A fire destroys the Wiz laboratory with Dr. Stingray inside it.
A dark chapter in Sylia's life takes place and the daughter and sister
must become the mother as well. Fortunately for her, the enormous
Stingray fortune wasn't lost and Mackie has grown into a
genius(perverted)teenager. One day a data unit came for her. Once she
gained access to it, information flooded her mind faster than a
lightning bolt. What truly happened to her father, Genom's ambition's,
and most importantly, the hardsuits. The hardsuits were a type of armor
unknown to any field of scientists, but those whom worked with Dr.
Stingray. Battlesuits or battle movers were usually bulky, large, and
manually controlled. Hardsuits contrasted by being humanly compact, and
with special innerware, could be controlled from a simple impulse from
the brain. This passed on to Sylia a new meaning for her life, to avenge
the death of her father. All she needed were some teammates who shared
her ambitions and money to spend on technology. The fiery and strong
Priss Asagiri, typical and athletic Linna Yamazaki, and sweet and
computer wise Nene Romenova. These three were to become her teammates and
adopted family. They emerged as the Knight Sabers, mysterious vigilantes
who oppose the savior of Tokyo and ominous threat of mankind. They work
as "hired guns" to their employers in return for prices in the millions.
Sylia was pondering on the goals of the Knight Sabers. Priss lost a
lover,Linna's parents died in a boomer rampage, and Nene wants to be a
hero. To be exact, most of the Knight Sabers act on a quest of vengeance
and only one acts for the right thing. Was her father's work truly
worth fighting for? Boomers benefit humans in many ways and would
benefit even more if Dr. Stingray's legacy were carried, but boomers are
truly no more than a slave race that need equal treatment. To most
people this is bullshit. Boomers have no souls or true hearts. Then
again, most people don't know much about sexaroids, androids who are
near like us in every way, but people don't know that do they? All they
are is black marketed(Genom manufactured)sluts and playthings. Sadder
though, boomers can't truly be allowed freedom. Mankind will have a new
superior enemy to dominate the earth. Then again, are humans worthy to
their mother Earth? Does Darwin dictate the weak to parish? Too many
thoughts and questions. Sylia put these matters aside and drifted off to
sleep. Tomorrow was another day, and unknown to her, drastic events
occurring on the other side of the world.
Jacob H. Chrichley entered the auditorium with sheer confidence and
superiority over the audience. "Splendid." He mouthed sinisterly . These
were the young people of Lawndale. Perfect. They all were either paying
close attention to him or chatting on about nonsense. They were all
stupid looking or pathetically excited. Especially the football player
still in his uniform smiling like the ignorant waste of space he was.
The older generations were probably just as ignorant as the youths.
"I'll be Genom's vice president for sure."He thought. The speech began.
"Good afternoon, students of Lawndale High, and future achievers of the
world." He was satisfied with the loud cheers that followed the words.
The words failed to please Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane, Michael
Andrews, and Mara Jacobs. "Which percent of the room is he addressing?"
Daria asked. Jane scanned the auditorium. "He's talking to the cows."
"The people who don't care about their health or the really happy ones
on their way to the beef factory?" "Can you guess which one awaits the
icy cold hand of death and don't know it?" "96 percent?" "Bingo."
Michael observed the dark haired man carefully. "So he's Senator
Chrichley. I expected a 50 year old pervert. Well, looks are deceiving.
The perfect illusion. A young, "cool guy", and with the people." "
Michael, is there somebody you're not telling me about?" Mara joked.
Michael scowled while Mara chuckled and changed the subject. "Seriously
though, you know who he is? You called him senator. Does that give Genom
the right to subpoenas?" "Fortunately no. Senator is just a nickname given
to him because of his connections with Congress. This guy's a conniving
rat bastard. He's always hiding in the dark. He plots behind the U.S.
military forces and bribes whoever carries four stars and needs the
money for whatever they need. Fortunately, they don't have much luck
with the air force. He wants the whole country and maybe even reporting
directly to Quincy himself." Chrichley continued on. He introduced the
whole idea of turning Lawndale into a pro Genom town. One of several
global towns which will be selected in order to make a better community
for everyone. Also Genom will take charge of special classes designed
for economics and Genom employee training. Chrichley added. " And don't
think It'll be a typical class, This class will be by choice."
Daria was a little puzzled. "It'll? What the hell is It'll?" Jane
commented on the classes. "At least they don't have any doggy treats to
submit them to their will." Chrichley continued. "By the way anyone who
enrolls, will get a lifetime discount on Sports Shorts." Many of the
guys, especially Kevin whistled and cheered. Jane put her hand to her
head. "Dammit." The speech went on. "And remember, the people of
tomorrow working for us is the greatest right we could have and life is
the greatest privilege you could ever receive. Any questions?" Daria
raised her hand. She could take no more of this guy's crap. "Yea, With
that slogan you stated, doesn't that say that Genom has the right of
it's employees and that life, being a privilege, gives you the right to
take those lives." Chrichley was stumped. " Uhhh....Uh heh,heh.
Uhhh....Interesting thought. Well, umm.. That concludes this session
thank you for your time, and remember Sports Shorts discounts."
After the assembly. Chrichley met with Principal Li. She commented with
praise on the speech. Chrichley was pleased. He brought the matter of
Daria to attention. She replied " Oh, don't worry about her. She is a
bit troublesome in keeping this school's positive image. I'll settle the
problem fine." Chrichley replied. "Ah, then everything is well, I should
be off now. Till we meet again Ms. Li." After he left Principal Li Was
about to call Daria's parents. She thought to herself. Mr. Morgendorffer
was a stupid and confused parent and Mrs. Morgendorffer. She'd hate to
be discussing lawsuit threats with that bitch. How dare she call her a
socialist. She remembered a note left by Mrs. Morgendorffer. If the
parents were not available call Daria's brother, Ross. Ross. Li's face
blackened at the sound of that troublemaker's name. What she would do to
forget Ross and his magnificent gang of four. Ah hell, He could've
changed. Could he? She dialed the phone to Ross' cellular.
His face showed a rough ride to where he was that day. He just landed in
the hell that would be seven years of his life. Ross Morgendorffer
looked up to see the aftermath of the holocaust that hit. He only had a
few words to say. "Oh, damn. Damn,damn,damn." He had just woken up and
discovered an 8 day gap in his head. He knew who he was, who his parents
and two sisters were and his job, but what the hell was he doing in
Tokyo? What just happened to this city and how in God's name did he wind
up in a warehouse? He walked out a ways. The streets were cluttered with
refugees. The casualties of progress had to forget who they were and
turn to dependency of those even more dependent. Not Ross. This was his
own quest that no one in this country shared with him. One of the
homeless bums was actually doing well. "Marijuana here. Get yer
Marijuana! Everything will go away in just a jiffy! Just one Puff!" Ross
crossed his path. The druggie saw an idea for a profit. He came up and
spoke.Ross detected a heavy Polish accent "Hey man, you look like you
need a little weed. Want a vintage Roman Red?" Ross replied back in an
exausted voice. Beat it Druggie. I'm supposed to be on a United 797
sleeping after watching the digital remake of Titanic. Not some
....Some....My God... Where am I? "Welcome to Yokahama." Said the Pole.
"Once the best real estate in all Tokyo, I guess you could call it
Yoko-shit hole. Bwah ha! Ha! Ross noticed the Druggie's merchendise
"Sales aren't going well I take it by the looks of your bags and the
smoky stench on your all ready urine soaked pants from being in whatever
happened here." "Hey man, it's ok. I get it all the time from the
Yakuza. Which reminds me I am in desperate need of a new pair of pants."
Ross checked his wallet and handed him 50 yen. "Wow, thanks I..." Ross
was turning back the bum raced to catch up with him. "M'name's
Zeb..Wait! Where are you going?" "Sleep. I'm in despereate need. Oh, and
my name's Ross." Ross returned back to the warehouse. It took him a
whole fifteen minnutes to sleep. The cries of those suffering haunted
him in the dark room. Women crying for their husbands and children and
vice versa. Some fathers would outlive their sons and little children in
their cribs would become bastards Their brothers and sisters left
innocence behind and take to the cruel streets of povery. Disturbing
thoughts indeed. Ross finally went to sleep...Wait a minnute... there
are murmurs and talks of unknown things going on. The weight of his
clothes suggests he's not been kidnapped by aliens . He tried to open
his eyes. He couldn't. Suddenly a surge of pain shot through his head.
He was blindly trying to move. Trying to scream.Trying to die. He could
not make any convulsions or see what was going on. Ross finally screamed
out to liberation from this pain.... and woke up in his house. He
searched around and sighed a sigh of relief. The celular in his pocket
started viabrating. He awnsered it. "Hello, Mr. Ross Morgendorffer? This
is Angela Li of LAWNDALE HIGH." "Well, well, what can I do for you
Madame Mao?" " It's now PRINCIPAL Li, Mr. Morgendorffer!" Ms. Li shouted
over the phone. "Anyway this message concerns your sister Daria. During
an assembly speech by Genom she gave our speaker a rather smarmy remark
about their slogan. I would like to ask of you to consult her and try to
enrole her in retraining in self esteem class again. If not I shall have
to take actions myself." Ross smiled devilishy. "Sure Ms. Li, and just
for the fun of it , how bout I talk to my mother envolving the Dean
Scrotter crash that occured 15 years ago." Ms. Li was shocked "How the
Hell do you Know about that?!!" "Tisk,tisk Ms. Li. You shouldn't
carelessly leave important documents on your desk when you're away."
"You...You son of a..." "Temper temper. Here's the deal. Don't force my
sister in repeating self esteem and this can remain our little secret."
Ms. Li could not find any alternatives. "All right. She won't repeat."
"Thank's Ms. Li, Well I have work to do and you have your Lawndale
over-glorification to attend. Toodles Honey, call me when you find
Ambassador Duke." CLICK. Ms. Li simpely slammed her fist on her desk.
"Damn the whole lot of em!" Ross laughed at the little fiasco over the
phone and checked his watch. "12:34. I better get to Mc'Grundy's and
give the boys the good news." He could already imagine the look on
Jesse's face when he told him.

There was only the silence and the man clad entirely in black. Of course
the silence is never permantent. Good thing he wasn't wearing anything
that showed his national background or things would not be going well
back in the U.S. Still that didn't matter he was the intruder and
intruders get to be shot at by soldiers shouting in Korean. At least
they haven't noticed the file in his hands. He made a speedy getaway to
the safe zone on top of the 63 Building. Robert Parks. A Pacific
Islander / American agent of the C.I.A. and the top secret U.N. OP
squad. "Damn these are getting easy he said smugly." He looked at the
file just captured. "We got ya now you multinationalist bastards." He
made it later back to the states to meet an old high shcool friend.
"Hello?" Ross said. "Ah yeah, wait there."He droped the phone and went
into the living room of a fairly big 3 story house in California. "Hey
Rob, it's for you....I think." "Hello? Uh,yeah....I can be there in
five minutes. Yeah, see'ya latter Joe." "Ross! I gotta use you other
car!" Ross looked up from his paper" I'm using the Porche later, Mc
Grundy's is callin me." "Blue Boar, eh Ross?" "Naw, business." ....
With that Ross left their presence. He had to be their to deliver the
news to Trent and Jesse.
The Man practiced in the Dojo. He was a strong figure. Imposing and
fierce. A look at him would detect a great deal of Russian decent.
Without a shirt he shows his Samurai spirit with the sinister demon
tattoo dominating his torso. This tattoo was his namestake which fitted
the Japanese/Russian hybrid well. Mamano Zhirinovsky, corporate assasin,
spy, samurai, and marksman combined to form Genom's greatest headhunter
and the one responsible for keeping the lid to all Quincy's dirty
secrets. "Mr. Zhirinovsky." called the kimono clad manequin class
boomer. "There's a call on the monitor." "Tell them to call back later
Madame Butterfly." The manequin replied. "Sir, You really should awnser.
It's from the chairman." "What?" Mamano asked. "He says it's about two
prizes." Said Madame Butterfly. Mamano's attention rose a bit. "What are
their names?" "Micheal Andrews and Robert Parks." "How much?" "According
to the chairman, 990million. Mamano grinned. "Tell the chairman I'll be
It was the typical afternoon crowd at Mc' Grundy's . Mystic spiral
practicing songs. Drunken reprobates drownt their sorrows. Happy people
drinking away because they were just so damned mucho contento. One of
Lawndale's best souls, rough n' tough Scotsman, Clancy Mc'Grundy was
like any typical bar owner who ran the place along with his son Scott
Cowen Mc'Grundy who aslo brewed coffee so finely. Scott came up to the
table of two of Lawndale's poor as dirt punks named Nick and Shane. Nick
was rambling on about the days he "ruled" the streets. "Man, I was the
best. Anyone who gave me shit would get an ass whoping. Any bitch who
gave me smack would get pimp slapped. I was the Greatest! I.." Scott
interupted by splashing Nick tequila in his face. "Oh, dinnae' be goin
along wi'all that bullshite'bout that! Look at yae! Yae probly spent all
the days in the bathroom wit' Victoria Secret!" Nick was of course
angered. "Hey shut up man! Once I get this gig completed, I'll be richer
than all you sons'a bitches! I'll get the old gang back together!" Trent
and Jesse chuckled. A voice interupted Nick. "What the hell're you
talking about?" Ross said as he entered. "You never even had a gang
Nick. You were lucky not to even be a gang member. Dante would.." Nick
interupted again. "If Dante got in my face I'd be all over his ass."
Ross argued back. "You wouldn't even have time to flip him off. You
wouldn't and never will have anything to beat those techno-nazis.
Anyway, what's all this I hear about a gig?" "Non'na your business."
"What do you mean none of my business?" "I mean that I'm sposed to give
a data unit to some guys outside the Jericho freeway." He looked at his
watch. "Shit! I gotta get there. See y'all later jackasses." Nick and
Shane left the pub not noticing a man with cybernetic replacements and a
tube going through his head who listened very closely. Ross sighed.
"Outside Jericho Freeway. How stupid can people get." He focused his
attention on Trent and Jesse. "Hey Mr. Morgendorffer." Trent greeted.
Ross smiled back "Please Trent, just call me Ross." "So, what brings you
here?" Ross awnsered Trent. "Just the usual. Blue Boar, hot wings, and
results from the Mojave test." Trent listened with anticipation. "The
results re back already?" "So what'd it say?" Ross gave out the
results. "Well, despite the whole thing with the barrel and the farmers
complaining about the explosion and stealing crops, congradulations. You
passed." Jesse's eyes lit up. "Whoah! You mean? We..." "Yup, you passed.
You are officialy members of the Corsair society." "Alright!" The duo
shared a high five. Ross just smiled. "Kids. So enthusiastic these
days." Ross thought to himself.
The Jericho highway was once an ideal road to prosperity. It is now
desolated and abandoned from social dreams. The place has become a place
of refuge for the outcasts of a society that once believed that it was
the damned coolest thing to rip out your eye and replace it or amputate
your arm and get a bitchin metal one. People who have sense never
approach it. Nick and Shane on the other hand don't have a whole lot.
"Shit. They said they'd meet us right here. It's been five hours." Shane
noticed some spray paint on a road sign. "Hey Nick and buddy. Look
behind you." They followed the instrutions to a shocking display. Their
contacts were strapped to their own truck with chains. Their bodies,
bloody and mutilated. "Hey buddy boys!" Called a voice suprising them.
"You really shouldn't be out here anytime day or night." "You see, we
don't take very kindly to your kind." Nick asked shuddering.
"Wha...What the hell do you want from me." "Ha! Ha! Ha! It's not exactly
what I want with you. It's what does he want with that." Nick looked
around for what the voice would be looking for. "I'm talking bout the
data unit you f*cing
prole! Now. If you want him to spare your lives do exactly what I tell
you. Go into the truck's back door and lay the data unit right in the
middle and he will not kill you." Nick and Shane entered reluctantly
into the pitch dark truck. They followed the intructions and let out a
sigh of relief. "Now, what do I do I want with you?" "What?" Shane
asked. "Thank's for volenteering to go first." Out of no where, a flash
of blackish-blue came from out of the floor and Shane's last visions
were a thing with red eyes, teeth and cutting him up alive. Nick
frantically ran from the truck only to be stopped by a tall black man
with a bald head, cybernetic eye and cybernetic arm. "I see you met my
colleuge Shrapnel. He's a little on the morbid side, but it turns out to
be an excelent sacrifice. And what a day it shall be tomorrow. The
VT3455 and the orca shuttle touching down outside Malibu." He picked up
Nick who was petrefied with fear. Nick timidly asked " you .
Him?" "Why yes. I am he. I am the great srevent to our benvolent savior,
who will slaughter the ones whose gluttoney shall become their
damnation. I am Dante. Dante the Chosen." Nick was tossed in the air
landing on his oppressor's knee and last saw his head being torn from
his body. That's when he saw crimson. Then shortly, nothing.
Everyone was present and accounted for. Daria, Jane, Trent Jesse, Mara,
and Micheal were all there. Ross began the session. "Good evening. May I
have your attention please ?" Daria replied " You can have the
attention, but no deal with intrest." "Don't worry Sis, this won't take
long." Daria sighed. "Yeah, despite the fact that you've taken enough
time waking up from Happy Pre St. Patricks Day. At least Trent and
Jesse are awake." She thought to herself. Ross went on. "Every
orginization, every society is based on a foundation. Some even reinvent
themselves to find the very thing which brings forth a new and greater
devotion. Something which would...." Daria wished Ross not to take his
sweet time. "Get to the damn bottle!" "Uh, right. Ahem! Sorry, sorry.
This is our foundation." Ross approached a well locked safe and oppened
it, carefully taking out a wine bottle. Trent and Jesse were unappealed.
"That's it? Just a whine bottle?" Ross went on. "Yes. Just a bottle of
wine. A bottle of wine that the truly ambitious go after." Trent and
Jesse were puzzled. Ross continued. "Thousands of years ago a special
type of wine was extracted from the grapes of the mediterrainian. A wine
which legend says is the taste of pure victory. Alexander the Great
drank it before conquering the world. A popular treat at The Last
Supper. Lord only knows how many times the Roman emporers have guzzled
over it. To save the world from conquerers a band of French knights,
monks and nuns bottled the final one in 1132 AD and dubbed it Le
Victoire. From that moment on many have stole the bottle to gain a sip
of godhood. Famous amongst these, Nepoleon Boneparte, Benito Mussolini
and finally, Adolf Hitler. All recovered and the stealer suffers bitter
failure." Micheal felt the need to ask. "What does Le Victoire have to
do with Genom?" Daria awnsered. "The current orginizers of Corsair felt
that Quincy, knowing of the legends, would attempt to buy the wine from
us. No deal. Since then we declaired Genom our enemy and have stolen
secrets in order to publicize their crimes. Our leaders obtained
something important from them. Later on, last year Genom got their
revenge." Ross aided the speech. "Most all were interrogated or killed.
Many were not even 15. Our leaders were in Versailles, but somehow, they
got to them , and blew them to bits with the orbital sattilite weapon.
So Daria and I, being the only survivors, left to make Genom think they
had won." Ross was silent for a moment and finished. "So in their
memory, we went on to create from what was destroyed." The subject was
averted to another time to speak of other matters. "So nobody panicked
about the warehouse." Daria awnsered with sarcasm. "Oh yeah. The streets
were rioting with cries of prophecies and damnation." "Dammit! I should
never take stupid people for grantite." Cursed Ross. "I was hoping This
would get simple and we'd just steal the code at Taylor's house." Jesse
asked back. "What code?" Jane enlightened him. "The original plan was to
steal a certain code from Brittany Taylor's house. Her dad was recently
employed as part of the Enginerium Corporation, another puppet of Genom.
The code would've unlocked the location of the new GPCC archives
facility. Feeling that it would be easier to obtain with Brittany's
parents outta town, and her making out with Kevin in a social state of
Chaos. Ross instead is in our presence hitting himself." Ross stopped to
recollect his thoughts. "Shit, shit shit. It looks like it may be time
to arrange Plan B." Daria was hoping it wouldn't come to this. "You
don't mean.." "Yep, during the upcoming spring break next year and
possibley continuing in the summer, we're going to have to personally
look for the GPCC within several contestant locations in the Eastern
Hemisphere. The ideals are unknown at the present time except one. The
others will be given as soon as my friends at the C.I.A. and MI6 learn
more. But until then, tell your parents..." "We're going to Tokyo." Said
Daria when she got back home. "Tokyo huh?" said Helen with excitement.
"I'm going along with Jane over the spring break and the summer. Trent's
got a gig going down at some club called Hot Legs." "Wow! That's great
Kiddo!" Quinn was shocked. "Whaaat?! You can't go! I'm going their with
the fashion club! My chances of winning the Kawasaki Spring Fling are
ruined!!" Helen was also curious about Quinn's affairs. Ross enlightened
his mother , disgusted. "It's a cheap little sham made to see which
girls have the smoothest and creamiest of legs and brains and make an
honorary mannequin of them. Sorry, sis but I have to go to. I have to
recall some thoughts for my book sales." Oh, No!" Daria reassured her.
"Relax, it's the largest city on Earth. I doubt we'll even come close to
meeting each other." Helen let the optimism shine through. "Well, I
think it's wonderful that you three get such a great oppertunity to do
something more constructive than moping about eggplant pants or who
deserves to die soon or who caused my suffering." All three siblings
frowned at Helen. "What'd I say?" Ross put the matter aside. "Anyway, I
made dinner for this occasion. It's a simple yet exotic food that I
invented during my days of survival in the streets. I present ..." Ross
presented the most unappitising looking dish. "Slurry." Jake, disgusted
yet hiding it. "Well, we're quite the master cook. So what's in it."
"Herring, tuna, blubber, squid ammonia, squid, Octopus, shark
clasper, more varied seafood, and a ton o preservatives and
disinfectives. Go on and taste. It's like solami....Except it's soupy."
Jake decided to give it a go. It was a mistake. He was frantically
trying to find the nearest sink, but didn't quite make it. Helen ,
Quinn, and Ross both tried to escort him. "Jake! Not the glass coffee
table! I Washed it last Sunday!" "Dad, try not to swallow the bones!
They'll just make you cough up more.....oh dammit." "EEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!
MOOOM! MY NAVY BLUE SHORTS!!!" Daria hid a laugh.