Fan Fiction
"Back to the Future, Again!"
by Milo Minderbinder

Part I (*)When Daria travels back in time (courtesy of Amy's time machine) and inadvertantly changes history, she has to get her parents-to-be back together... or else she'll never be born!
Part II (*)Daria journeys to the teeming metropolis of Lawndale, circa 2024, but returns to a universe that's dominated by Upchuck. To set history back on its proper course, she has to return once again to the Roseland Disco in 1978.
Part III (*)In the conclusion of the trilogy, Daria must travel back in time to 1865 Lawnburg to prevent Aunt Amy from being hanged for her alleged involvement in the conspiracy to assasinate President Lincoln. But Amy finds true love in the past, and both she and Daria must make decisions that will affect the future.