Fan Fiction
"Daria Von Doom"
by Richard Lobinske

#1: Is It Doom Yet?

Missing Jane and hurt by what appears to be Tom's attempts to hide her from his family, Daria accepts an unusual invitation to attend the Royal Latverian Academy in order to avoid volunteering at Mr. O'Neill's Okay to Cry Corral summer camp. There, her true family history comes to light as she discovers that she is the biological daughter of Latveria's ruler, Doctor Victor Von Doom.
#2: Daria R

Ten years after "Is It Doom Yet?", the people of Latveria vote down Queen Daria's proposed constitution, leaving her to continue as the undisputed monarch of the country... one where tradition expects her to marry soon. Daria also finds that the failed vote leads to a plot to remove her as Queen and alter the course of history.
#3: Succession Crisis

Tending to her first child, Princess Jane Valeria, Queen Daria is surprised by the return of her biological father. She tells him that that she considers his abdication final and her succession complete, but that he is welcome to stay as Archduke of Doomstadt. Rejected by the citizens of Latveria when he tries to gain their support, Doctor Doom goes to his remaining child, Quinn, and tells her how Queen Daria has plotted to keep her away from her rightful place.