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December 2002
Dec 24 Sorry I didn't get everything online in time. <jake> Damn last-minute holiday shopping! </jake> Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!
Dec 3 (*) This story includes language and/or content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.

November 2002
There were no updates this month.

October 2002
Oct 27 (*) This story includes language and/or content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.
Oct 3 o/` Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday, Outpost Daria Reborn... Happy birthday to you! o/`
  • Added fan fiction:
  • Added Mistress Daria's Dungeon to the Links page.
  • Reorganized the What's New archives for 1998, 1999, and 2000.
  • Something that's been long overdue: "Featured Authors" are now called "Recommended Authors," which is a less "loaded" (and more accurate) term for them.
  • Added Mike Yamiolkoski to the list of Recommended Authors.

September 2002
Sep 30 (*) This story includes language and/or content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.
Sep 10 "That's not an update." (pulls out a huge webpage) "That's an update."
-- Martin J. "Crocodile" Pollard

August 2002
Aug 23 I had intended this update to be a lot bigger; unfortunately, I simply ran out of time to finish before leaving for my vacation. For that, I am truly sorry. But, fear not: I will be returning for the Labor Day weekend, where I'll have lots of time to add all the stuff I've received over the past week (as well as the stuff I know I'll get while I'm gone). It's good stuff, too!

And so, it's off to Lost Wages I go... hopefully, my wallet won't be too much lighter when I return! <grin>

July 2002
Jul 31 There's more fanfic on the way. I wanted to add it tonight, but unfortunately I left the updated copy of my fanfic database at work. :-( Good news is, I should be able to get them online within the next week (possibly sooner).
Jul 26 I have more fanfic to add, but I figured I'd get an update out to you guys before the weekend. Rest assured, authors, I haven't forgotten you.
Jul 18 Note to those sending me fanfic: if you don't provide a description, your story is going to be listed with "(no description available)". Same goes for an e-mail address: if you don't tell me to include it, it won't be. No offense, guys, but my time is very limited and this site takes a lot of work to maintain, and I don't have time to do your work for you.
Jul 3 Bacner, MFC, Ben Breeck: yours were the only fanfic that I did not have time to post. Profound apologies! I will attempt to have them online before the week is out (Friday night, preferably).

June 2002
Jun 24 There's more fanfic on the way, but I wanted to get this update out right now due to the release of fanfics from veteran authors Kara Wild and Canadibrit, who've posted long-awaited new chapters to their respective series. Enjoy! (Another update should [hopefully] be online this weekend.)
Jun 9 This update features a special treat: legendary fanfic author Invisigoth Gypsy's entire series of stories, including her now-classic "The Disney World Story." For easier reading, all stories have been converted to HTML, and the seven-part "Disney World Story" has been merged into a single seven-chapter story. Enjoy!
Jun 5 I've received some new fanfic that still needs to be posted. That will happen this weekend; I wanted to get the exciting news about the IICY DVD release and Daria's debut on The N to you first. This weekend, I promise!
  • Added a new fan fiction topic, Alternate History, showcasing stories that depict the characters in timelines that are different than the one depicted in the show. Some characters are missing or changed, other events may or may not have happened... you get the idea.
  • Added to News: info about the upcoming release of IICY on DVD.
  • Added to News: info about Daria in second-run syndication on Nickelodeon's sister channel The N.

May 2002
May 10 o/` Today is my birthday... I'm gonna have a good time... o/`

April 2002
Apr 17 Yep, it's another long-delayed update, just in time for some relief from those nasty taxes. (Apologies for the huge delay between updates; life kinda got in the way again.)

March 2002
Mar 3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARIA! It was on this date in 1997 that the first episode, "Esteemsters" (#101), premiered, beginning a five-year celebration of angst, irony, and sarcasm.

And just another reminder: PLEASE DO NOT SEND FANFICS TO ME AS A DOC FILE! The last thing I need on my computer is a virus that's piggy-backed itself onto an unsuspecting Word document, thanks to Microsoft's marvelous security features (sarcasm alert!). Only plain text, HTML, or a URL to your story is acceptable. Microsoft Word has had the ability to save documents as TXT or HTML ever since Word 95 (see below), so please use it!

February 2002
Feb 2
  • Added fan fiction:
  • Removed fan fiction:
    • "Massive Attack" (author's request)
    • "One Flew Out of the Fashion Club" (link no longer valid)
  • Added fanfic authors Nemo Blank and Erin Mills as Featured Authors.
  • Added the summary and the song/oops lists for "Is It College Yet?".
  • Added Daria's appearance on the CBS Early Show to the In The Media page.
  • Added IICY article from TV Guide Online to the In The Media page.
  • Moved the MTV New Year's Eve 2002 transcript from the Episode Guide page to the In The Media page.
  • Removed (belatedly) the link to Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review Archive (link no longer valid).
  • Moved the list of Daria message boards to the Links page.

January 2002
Jan 21
  • Added "Look Back In Annoyance" to the Writing Staff page.
  • Added the final IICY picture to the home page and the IICY Art Gallery page.
  • Updated the News page to reflect the current status of the IIFY video and DVD (which became available on January 15th).
Jan 13
Jan 7
  • Added fan fiction:
  • Did a major reorganization of the Art Gallery pages, particularly the Makeovers and Alter-Egos pages (whose contents have been incorporated into the main Art Gallery page).
  • Added transcript of Daria's appearance on MTV's New Year's Eve 2002 show.
  • Updated the home page with the next IICY still.