Fan Fiction
"The Chris Series"
by MFC

The Goth KidWhen a strange new kid named Chris Donnelly moves into Lawndale, Lawndale students mysteriously start disappearing, and it's up to Daria, Jane, and Quinn to find out who is behind it.
How Chris Got His Life BackChris gets tired of his popularity so he turns to Daria for help... only he doesn't know that Daria is falling for him. What should do Chris?
Daria the Vampire SlayerVampires start invading Lawndale and it's up to Daria, Quinn, Jane, and Chris to stop them before everone in town is turned into a vampier. Plus, you find out why, in "The Goth Kid," Chris's head spun like the Exorcist child.
Night of the Living Dead TownspeopleSandi's hatred toward Chris comes to an all-out battle when she learns how to become a powerful zombie and starts turning others into zombies. It looks like The D Team is up to their Asses in zombies this time! Plus, you find out Chris's *true* origin.
A Nightmare At Lawndale, Part 1The fun doesn't stop when, following the events of "Night of the Living Dead Townspeople," Chris starts hearing the infamous "Freddy Krueger Song" in his dreams. (Part 1 of 2)
A Nightmare At Lawndale, Part 2After Chris is killed by Freddy (with assistance from one of Chris's old enemies), Daria, Jane, and Quinn seek revenge. (Part 2 of 2)
Lawndale Goes to HellChris is revived but our heroes face new problems... namely, a band of demons under the control of a revenge-seeking Upchuck!
H13: Hell on the 13thJust when things start to settle down, two more horror movie monsters stumble into town as Lawndale's residents come face to face with the tag-team of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.
Chris's Last StandQuinn revives the Fashion Club, but by doing so she accidentally revives Chris in the process. Unfortunately for Quinn, Chris isn't too happy about the you-double-crossed-me-and-threw-a-knife-in-my-face thing.