Summary: Daria likes Trent and Tom what is she to do?! It's not like her to like a person let alone two people! Well, find out who she will choose...

Note: First of all these characters are not owned by me they re owned to MTV and any other company's who helped. This is after Tom brakes up with Jane.

(Scene 1-Daria is sitting on her bed reading a book when a knock on her door interrupts her.)

Daria (putting down book): Come in

Trent (entering): Hey Daria

Daria (eyes wide, in surprising tone): Trent! (Deadpan once again) What are you doing here? Need another idea for a gift?

Trent: Uh no, it's about Janey. She's been moping around the house and I think it's because of you and Tom.

Daria (angry tone): Are you saying it's my fault?

Trent: No of coarse not!! I mean well, sort of. I was wondering if you could talk to her or something.

Daria: Sure Trent. Uh when?

Trent: Do you think now would be a good time?

Daria: Sure, I guess

(Scene 2- Daria and Trent enter the house)

Daria: Where is she?

Trent: In her room.

Daria (walking upstairs mumbling): How do I get myself into these things?

Daria (entering room): Uh Jane?

Jane(in shock): Daria!? What are you doing her?

Daria: Trent wanted me to talk to you about you being sad all the time um, is it because of Tom and me?

Jane: No of course not! Well it's actually because I like this guy but I can't tell him because I'm afraid to.


Jane: Jesse.

Daria: Oh, well I think if you really like him you should call him and tell him.

Jane: Really!? Ok I guess(Picks up the phone and dials)

(Split screen with Jesse and Jane)

Jane: Hi uh Jesse?

Jesse: Yeah?

Jane: Um it's me Jane.

Jesse: Cool. Hi, uh what's up?

Jane: Well (really fast) I like you alot!

Jesse (eyes wide): Cool. I mean uh...do you wanna go out then cause I kinda like you too.

Jane (yelling):Yesss!!!

Jesse: Ok see ya'.

(split screen fades back to shot of Jane)

Daria: I take it that went well

Jane: Yup I've got a new boyfriend

(Scene 3:Daria is asleep her hand hanging off the bed glasses still on and book on her chest slightly snoring when the phone rings)

Daria(groggily eyes squinted then puts on glasses, looks at clock. Exactly midnight picks up the phone): Hello?

(split screen with Jane)

Jane: Happy Birthday!

Daria: Dammit you remembered!Jane what the hell! It's midnight and your awake?

Jane: Couldn't wait to torture you! I even planned a little party for you at my house!

Daria: Oh great who's coming?

Jane: Jesse,Trent,Tom, and the rest of Mystic Spiral!

Daria: Good no one important

Jane: All right see you there at noon Bye!

Daria: Bye

(Hangs up phone puts down glasses groans and turns over)

Helen & Jake(Next morning): Wakey Wakey Birthday girl!

Daria(putting pillow over her head):Go away!

Helen: You'll be late for the party dear so get up!

Daria(putting on glasses): How did you know about that?

Jake: Janice called

Daria: It's Jane dad


Helen: Well I heard that young man Tom was going to be there so I washed all your old cloths but they are not done yet so you'll have to wear this!(holds up tight black skirt and matching short sleeved shirt)

Daria: No way I am not wearing that

(Scene 4:Daria walking up to Jane's door in Helen's outfit, her hair tied back in a ponytail, miserable look on her face rings the doorbell. Jane answers)

Daria(bright red): Hi I'm here

Jane: Woe! Daria what the hell are you wearing!? You look so good! And here I am in my usual cloths if only I had known it was such a festive event.

Daria: Shut up and let me borrow some cloths!

Jane: No I think I'll let you wear that

Tom(passing by):Woh! Daria?

Daria(bright red):Uh yeah it's me Tom.

Jane: Nice isn't she?

Tom: Yeah

(Scene 5: Daria walks out into the backyard where everyone -well the little crowd- is chatting)

Jane: May I present the birthday girl!!!

(Everyone turns to look at Daria and becomes speechless)

Daria(whispers):I hate you Jane!

Jane(whispering back):I know!

Jane: Well let's open the few insignificant gifts!

Daria(walking over to the table and sitting down): Alright

(Everyone follows and sits down at a chair-Tom to her left Jane to her right-)

Jane(handing her a card): Alright this one is from Tom

Daria (opening it):2 hundred dollars!

Tom: Uh I didn't know what to get you

Daria (looking at him wide eyed):Uh thank you

Jane(Handing her a box with a card on top):This one is from me

Daria(opening the card):May all your wishes come true? Uh thanks Jane(opening the box to reveal a bright pink teddy bear)What the hell is this?

Jane: I figured you could torture Quinn by placing it in her room during a fashion club meeting

Daria: good idea thanks

Jane(handing her CD)Mystik Spiral agreed to give you their famous CD for free!!

Daria: Gee thanks I guess

Jane: Alright now for the fun! A paint fight! We each get a supersoaker filled with paint and 3 cans of paint! And A table to duck behind! We already decided the teams. Jesse and I, Tom, Max and Nick who only get 2 cans of paint, and Daria and Trent (with a wink)

Daria: Well I was wondering why there were so many tables turned on their side.

(Everyone took their possession and were getting ready)

Trent (whispering) All right here's the plan I'll shoot while you duck and cover refilling my guns Ok?

Daria: All right as long as I get my cloths messy

Trent (laugh cough thing): Ok Daria I'll make sure you do (squirts Daria in the chest)

Daria: AK! I didn't mean like that!

Trent (laugh cough thing): Sorry

Jane: READY! 1! 2! 3!

Daria (deadpan): Go Trent!

Trent: thanks for the encouragement

Daria:Your welcome

(Well Everyone's paint was gone and they all had to go inside and use the two measly showers to wash off. Daria and Trent stayed behind to clean up their areas and puddles of paint)

Trent: Well that was fun

(Daria then slipped on a puddle of paint and grabbed Trent's neck pulling him ontop of her on the ground. Daria looked into Trent's eyes and he kissed her deeply her arms still around his neck)

Trent (smiling): I liked that

Daria: Uh me too I guess let's go inside

(Daria and Trent enter paint all over them)

Jane: what happened to you to?

Daria: I slipped and pulled him down with me

Jane: Awww how cute! The two love birds!

(Tom was in the corner leaning against the wall and scowling )

Jane: Alright I think Daria and Trent are next for the showers

(Daria walks into the bathroom and the rushing water is the only sound heard until Trent goes into the other one across the hall and the sound doubles. About 5 minutes later Trent crosses the hall to his room and appears a minute later in his cloths and leans against the wall again. Jesse walks into the shower Trent came out of and the sound once again doubles but only for a second because the water sound from Daria's shower stops and she peeks her wet head out-glasses still on-)

Daria: Jane do you have anything I could wear?

Jane: Sure follow me

(Daria crosses the hall in her towel ,her breasts shaping the towel. Tom and Trent both stare along with Max and Nick then she disappears into Jane room appearing a minute later in a tight dark blue dress)

Daria: I always hate my hair after showers because it looks too much like Quinn's

(Jane then walks into Daria's shower)

Trent: Uh Daria can I see you a minute?

Daria: Sure I guess

(Tom being the jealous type follows to listen to the conversation)

Trent: Daria I love you

Daria(mouth open eyes wide):Uh I know you are just saying that cause I look like Quinn

Trent: No I honestly love you!

Daria (angry tone): Alright first of all Tom I don't even know you that much and as of then day of the parade I was only with you because we were both looking for Jane, and when I kissed you (Tom gets a shocked look) well I don't know what I was thinking! I'm leaving!

Trent: FINE!

(Tom smiling to himself in triumph when he sees that Daria is crying as she runs out the door her hands cupped over her mouth he gets angry)

Tom (emerging from the staircase fist clenched): All right what did you do to her?

Trent: Nothing she is just an ugly freak!

Tom: If I heard right I thought you loved her?

Trent: So you were listening!

Tom: So what! I still heard what you said!

Trent: Well I don't care! If you love her so much then why don't you go after her!

Tom: Fine I will!

(Scene uh I'm too lazy to look: Daria's room. Daria is on the bed sobbing when a knock on the door interrupts her as usual.)

Daria: Go Away!

Tom: May I please come in?

Daria(gets up and wipes away the tears): Come in

Tom: Are you all right? I'm sorry but I was listening to what you and Trent were saying

Daria: Yeah I guess

Tom(sitting on the bed next to her):Are you sure you will be all right?

Daria(bursting into tears):No!

Tom(holding her and whispering):This may not help but I love you

Daria(thought: I don't know why but I believe him):Are you sure?

Tom: yes

(Daria kisses Tom and the credits roll)

The End!

By~ melmel girl

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