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What if the South had won the Civil War? What if Hitler had never risen to power? What if Daria had never moved to Lawndale? What if Jane or Daria had been born male? Welcome to the world of alternate history, where you can indulge in other authors' speculations on how the "Daria" universe could have turned out under different circumstances.

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By Batdz Angel

What if Daria had met Trent instead of Jane that first day in Lawndale? It'e the author's take on what would have happened had our favorite teen cynic met our favorite slacker. (A definte Daria/Trent shipper fic.)
Accidental Future
By Richard Lobinske

Daria's near-accident in "Boxing Daria" has a decidedly different outcome in this story. Here, the SUV rolls over, and the last thing Daria remembers is hitting the side window. She awakens to find she's married to Tom Slone and has two children... and no memory of the past twelve years. An alternate-future tale that combines two PPMB "Iron Chef" challenges.
After the End (*)
By The Angst Guy

Jane eventually forgave Daria for kissing Tom... but what if she hadn't? What if the "freakin' friends" were no more?
Age Change: Little Sister

In this AU tale, Daria and Quinn's ages are reversed. Written in response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge.
Alternate Endings
By Mitch

Endings for The Teachings of Don Jake and Misery Chick.
And I on the Opposite Shore Will Be (*)
By The Angst Guy

Jane Lane makes a stunning confession to her closest friend--but is it a secret she should have kept to herself? A tale of how "The Lawndale File" could have gone.
The Art of Seeing [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

When Daria Morgendorffer meets Jane Lane in an alternate universe, they discover things that the eye will never find. An "Iron Chef Challenge" fanfic.
As Many Worlds as There Are Artists (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria and Jane contemplate their future after high school, while Trent and Mystik Spiral hang out in the basement--but an artistic element has changed in the Lane household, in this alternate-world tale.
As She Remembered It in the Long Years After (*)
By The Angst Guy

An alternate-universe love that never spoke its name finally does... too late.

Blood, Sweat and Cheers
By Kristen Bealer

Chaos erupts when Jane Lane does the unthinkable: she joins the cheerleading squad. An alternate universe story that branches off from "The F Word."
Bound to Highland
By Richard Lobinske

An alternate history chronicling Daria's struggles after Jake and Helen divorce while still in Highland and the family never moves away from the town. Based on a version of Daria first introduced in the story "Three."
Boxing Daria: Alternate Ending
By Cruel Summer Nights

What if Daria wasn't so lucky in "Boxing Daria"?
The Boy with Sea Green Eyes (*)
By The Angst Guy

Of all the "what ifs" of "Daria," the most intriguing pivot around Tom Sloane's appearance in the series. What if neither Jane nor Daria had hooked up with him? Here is one possible outcome.
A Broken Night
By Angelinhel

An AU story set during "Is It Fall Yet?" in response to Ned's Iron Chef Challenge to write a Daria/DeMartino shipper. Probably not what you're expecting...
The Butterfly Storm
By Mystik Slacker

What if Daria and Jane had met fifteen years earlier? What if Jane had been adopted? What if Quinn wasn't embarrassed by her own intelligence? What if Daria was more outgoing? Find out what Lawndale High would be like in this tale of an alternate universe.
By the Memorial

In this AU tale, Helen reminisces about her choice to join the Army (rather than go to college) on a visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. Written in response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge.

Cafe Ineffective
By Bacner

An AH version of "Cafe Disaffecto," inspired by Ace Trax's "Darian" series.
Camped Out
By Kristen Bealer

WWhat if Daria had blown off the Camp Grizzly reunion with Jane while Trent decided to stay? An alternate universe take on the episode 'Camp Fear.'
The Children of the Scorn
By Kristen Bealer

It's Focus on Teens Night at the Morgendorffer house, and Daria has to stop a room full of kids from killing each other, burning the house down, or--worst of all--being forced into a sing-a-long. An alternate-universe take on the episode "Pinch Sitter."
Click, Click, Boom (*)
By The Angst Guy

Somewhere in an alternate universe, Daria Morgendorffer meets Jane Lane, things click, and they're all over Lawndale, shooting people... sort of.

Daria 2007: The Girl from Hope (*)
By The Angst Guy

What might "Daria" have been like if the show had taken place in 2007, ten years later than it did? And what if Daria had gone to an alternate high school back in Highland? One answer to those questions lies in this response to two fanfic challenges.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Daria What-If #1: "Quinn the Brain" Alternate Ending
By Austin Covello

An alternate ending to "Quinn the Brain" and asks the question: What if Quinn didn't care that Daria had dressed up like her?
Daria's Addition (*)
By The Angst Guy

What could have happened after "Jane's Addition": Daria finds a new friend that comes in a bottle and is 80 proof.
Daria: Hunter
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

In this sci-fi alternate history series, Daria and Jane are friends who eke out a living as bounty hunters in 22nd Century Lawndale City. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it...
Darius [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

Imagine Daria with a Y chromosome. What might have happened if the eldest child of Jake and Helen Morgendorffer had been born a boy? Here is an alternate-history might-have-been, or a parallel-universe might-yet-be, with all the fallout.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Dark of Hearts (*)
By The Angst Guy

How would the third-season episode "Jake of Hearts" have gone if Jake's father, Mad Dog Morgendorffer, were still alive? A twisted Daria/Tom shipper-fic from an alternate universe answers the question.
Darren's Estimation
By Bacner

What would Lawndale have been like if Daria had been born a boy? Read on and find out what might have been...
A Desperately Needed Ending to "Depth Takes a Holiday"
By Kara Wild

It's the ending that puts the whole sorry mess that was "Depth Takes a Holiday" into perspective by saying: IT WAS ONLY A DREAM!!! And wait'll you see: the reality was even worse...
The DF Continuum [Artwork]
By Steven Galloway

What if Daria and Quinn had a brother they never knew existed? That's the premise behind this intriguing series, filled with revelations, confrontations, and all sorts of behind-the-scenes plots and intrigues.
Die! Die! You Bastard! (*)
By The Angst Guy

After ruining Jane's hair-dye job, Daria fears she has lost her best friend. Jane, for her part, fears Daria is trying to steal her boyfriend, Tom. Will everything work out for the best? And what does T. S. Eliot have to do with any of this? How episode #413 *should* have gone, according to the author.
Double-Crossed Girls
By Kristen Bealer

Val is coming to Lawndale to visit the winner of the "Spend a Day With Val" contest...Quinn Morgendorffer! An AU take on the episode "The Lost Girls."
Down the Lane (*)
By NightGoblyn

Daria tries to reconcile with Jane after "The Kiss," and discovers that it's already too late.

End of the World
By Jennie Shephard

What if Quinn wasn't totally shallow, but a brain instead? Is it the world coming to an end? No, just a lot of fun, plus a few yeta acts from Jane and Quinn.
Exchange Students (*)
By NightGoblyn

What if Jake had joined the Marine Corps the way his father wanted? How would that change his little girls? What if Jane angrily rejected her family's obsession with art? Welcome to a whole new Lawndale...

Fortunate One (*)
By The Angst Guy

When Quinn Morgendorffer moves with her family to Lawndale, she tells her new friends that she is an only child--but she secretly suspects this was not always so. Did she once have a big sister? What happened to her? Where did she go? And was her sister named... Daria?

Generation Gap
By Richard Lobinske

Soon after Daria's high school graduation, Helen and Jake tell her about Anastasia, who was born when Helen was 16... and is actually Daria's real mother! The mysteries behind her death lead Daria to join the FBI and search for what really happened. A response to Prince Charon's "Helen as Daria's grandmother" challenge on the PPMB.
Gimme Skelter (*)
By The Angst Guy and Brother Grimace

In another time and place, college freshmen Helen Barksdale and Jake Morgendorffer help make a young man's dream come true. Unfortunately, the young man is a psychotic cult leader named Charles Manson. The dream that comes true is the apocalyptic nightmare called "Helter Skelter."

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
God Save the Esteem
By Charles RB

October 2010, and the hardcore punk Morgendorffers are descending on Lawndale: Hellion, Jake the Snake, Killer Quinn, and... Daria, the one who refuses to rebel properly. Can an armor of sarcasm get Daria through headbutt-filled family life and Lawndale High School? Heck no!
Gone (*)
By The Angst Guy

The Cuban Missile Crisis boils over in October 1962, and the lives of three young sisters change forever. Helen, Rita, and Amy Barksdale star in this tale of sibling bonds tested under the worst of worst-case scenarios.
The Great And The Good
By ognawk

After getting tired of dating girls who seem to be more interested in his status than in him as a person, Tom Sloane and his best friend go to a grunge club in Lawndale, where he meets an interesting artist who he starts dating. However, one of the girls he dated previously has fallen for him and is determined to get back with him.

He Stopped Loving Her Tonight (*)
By Nick Gaston

A sadder, little seen facet of the Daria finale.
Horrors at Bay

In this AU tale, Jake, a successful author of horror novels, has to reassure his daughter Daria about his career choice (by way of explaining it). Written in response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge, and a co-winner of the 2007 Bootie for "Best Jake Story."
How It Might've Turned Out
By Bacner

An alternate history of Lawndale and what might have been...

I've Waited Here For You
By Kristen Bealer

What if Daria had asked Trent out at the end of "Lane Miserables"? An AU that turns shipper convention on its head.
In the Doldrums
By Erin Mills

A simple question: what if the Morgendorffers had moved to Lawndale ten years earlier, and Daria began life in the new town at Lawndale Elementary?
By Richard Lobinske

A retrofic. In 1942, Daria and Jane hear an important announcement at Lawndale High.
It Slipped Through My Hands, Like a Shadow, Like a Dream (*)
By The Angst Guy

In an alternate universe, a lonely outcast named Daria moves from Highland to Lawndale... yet in the wake of a single change to the Dariaverse we know, disaster spreads. The one who could have prevented the horrors now cannot, and the avalanche of chaos widens to engulf everyone the outcast has known--unless someone takes a stand to stop it.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
It Stays In the Family
By BlackWolfhound

Tempers are rising high when Evelyn Barksdale celebrates her 70th birthday and the complete attendance of all her relatives is required. However, the usual exchange of barbs and insults between the three sisters becomes unimportant for Daria when she stumbles across an old family secret involving her parents and Amy...

Jacob Morgendorffer, Esq.

In this alternate history series based on a PPMB Iron Chef challenge, the history of Jake Morgendorffer is subtly altered when he decides to become a lawyer instead of a marketing consultant.
Jane on the Side
By The Alchemist

Seemingly minor events can sometimes have major consequences, as we see here when the Morgendorffers' move from Highland to Lawndale is delayed by one day. The new and the familiar combine to show us how Daria's life might have unfolded had that one minor difference prevented her from meeting a cynical, artistic loner named Jane Lane.
John Lane [Artwork]
By Richard Lobinske

A gender-bending alternate history series that explores how things might have been if Vincent and Amanda Lane's youngest child had been a boy.

Lady Lex
By Richard Lobinske

A retrofic sequel to "Infamy". Stationed on board the USS Lexington, Ensign Tom Sloane gets his first combat experience during the Battle of the Coral Sea.
By getrealordie187

What if Daria had been sent to Buxton Ridge Military Academy? Featuring love, intrigue, angst, and flashbacks to Daria's time in school.
Lie! Lie! My Darling!
By Dennis

What if Tom had been the one who was honest about The Kiss? An alternate version of "Die! Die! My Darling!" where one change leads to a very different place.
Lost Girl Found
By Robert Nowall

What would have happened if "The Teachings of Don Jake" had ended in tragedy? Find out as Daria reluctantly returns to Lawndale for a most unusual family reunion.

Making the Breast of It (*)
By The Angst Guy

A ficlet about an alternate-universe superheroine with two big problems.
Malice of Absence
By Renfield

A day in the life of the Morgendorffer's daughter.
Manifest Destiny

An AU tale in response to an Iron Chef challenge by Minx which asked: "What would Lawndale be like if a major event in history did not take place?" Daria, a girl from the German Empire, begins classes at Lawndale High eighty years after the United States chose not to enter World War I.
Meet the Fashion Club (*)
By The Angst Guy

There was one career path that the Fashionable Foursome could have taken, if they had wanted popularity, money, fame, and dates--and had talent.
The Misery Chicks (*)
By NightGoblyn

A very different Daria and Quinn arrive at Lawndale High, both girls carrying scars from a horrific encounter buried in their past. They draw other injured souls into their circle, but can the Misery Chicks help one another overcome their demons?
Misery's End
By Richard Lobinske

What if the events of "The Teachings of Don Jake" had ended differently? Amy Barksdale arrives in Lawndale to care for a niece she hasn't seen in years and they learn to cope with the changes in both their lives.

The New Girl (*)
By NightGoblyn

A teenage girl and her family move to a new town to get a fresh start on life, and she meets a new friend.

Of Inhuman Bonding
By Kristen Bealer

When Helen finds out she can go to the conference with Jake after all, Daria is left at home to face off against the Fashion Club. Unlikely alliances result in this AU of "Of Human Bonding."
Out of Fashion
By Kristen Bealer

When the Fashion Club disbands at the end of "Fat Like Me," the consequences spread throughout all of Lawndale. An AU story that turns the lives of Sandi, Quinn, and Stacy upside-down.

A QB Grows in Lawndale
By Kristen Bealer

What would have happened if Kevin decided not to rejoin the football team at the end of "A Tree Grows in Lawndale"? An AU story that follows the ex-QB through both victories and setbacks.
Quinn the Brain: Alternate Ending #2
By Daniel T. Dey

Daria's not satisfied with simply dressing like Quinn to threaten her identity. In this alternate version, she tags along on Quinn's date with the Three J's, and may end up with some of them.
Quinn's Code
By cfardell_Brenorenz29

Quinn Morgendorffer is interested in computers and anime rather than fashion. This leads to changes when the Morgendorffer sisters start at Lawndale High. But what is up with Daria?
Quinnts #101: Extremesters (*)
By The Angst Guy

Thanks to shoddy fertility drugs, Quinn in this alternate-history tale becomes the oldest of a group of quintuplets--five same-age, genetically identical sisters, each with her own interests. The dramatic effects that this has on the Morgendorffers' life are revealed, with the equally dramatic effects this new family arrangement has on Our Heroine, Daria. Based on an idea by Mike Yamiolkoski.

Saving Hope
By Richard Lobinske

In an alternate reality, Jake drives Daria and Quinn to their new school in Lawndale while Daria thinks back on the time she spent at Highland's alternative discipline facility, Hope High School.
Size Does Matter
By BlackHole

What if Daria and Quinn were quite tall... and Daria acted much like a boy? Life in Lawndale with a different perspective. (Note: this multi-part story is a work in progress.)
Snuffed Animals
By Disco 3:16

When the flames are put out, the fires are just beginning to burn. See how things might have developed had the events of "Fire!" happened differently.
Sticks (*)
By Nick Gaston

A poor parenting decision years earlier leaves Daria on her last nerve. (Ba-dum-bum.)

The Teachings of Dona Daria
By Galen Hardesty

The Morgendorffers spend a relaxing weekend communing with nature. An alternate ending for "The Teachings of Don Jake."
There Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies (*)
By The Angst Guy

Ninth-grader Daria Morgendorffer learns from her new phys-ed teacher at Highland High that the future can ride on the flip of a coin.
Tigresses of Lawndale
By Dr T

The sequel to "Tigresses of Summer." After her summer at Ashfield, Daria brings a more aggressive attitude to her senior year.
Tigresses of Summer
By Dr T

We all know what happened in "Dye! Dye! My Darling." In the end, the experience probably strengthened Daria and Jane's friendship (despite the storms of that summer) and helped Daria mature to where she was at the end of "Boxing Daria" and "Is it College Yet?" Still, given the dynamics of the various characters of the show, was that course the only possible series of events? And, if not, how might that next summer have been different for Daria and Jane? Could things have worked out even better?
Till Death Do Us Part (*)
By The Angst Guy

"I'm in the witness protection program," Daria told the bridesmaids at her cousin Erin's wedding. "The Morgendorffers were kind enough to take me in after my real family was exterminated by the mob." What if she had told the truth? Here is an alternate-history version of the wedding episode, "I Don't."
Tom Was There
By Overlord Mikey-kun

Daria. Jane. Quinn. Tom. Elsie. What if all five of them went to Lawndale High?
The Trouble With Veronica
By Brother Grimace

A trip to a familiar place gives some insight into the third Morgendorffer daughter.
Two Halves
By Dark Kuno

The continuing story of everyone's favorite family and their sarcastic leading lady... with one interesting difference. Life in Lawndale is now twice as cynical and sarcastic thanks to the presence of Quinn Morgendorffer's brother and sister, twins Daria and Alex.

A Very English Fanfic
By Emo Fringe

Imagine if Daria had been born in London and not Lawndale...
Victory Lane
By Brother Grimace

My entry in CINCGREEN's "Fanfic Throwdown," it's a AU take on the events of "Esteemsters," and Jane's track career.

The Weight of Conscience
By Di

Write-off challenge response. Quinn is in therapy for feeling as though she failed someone. A what-if the episode "Fat Like Me" had ended differently.
What Goes Around (*)
By The Angst Guy

There are lots of ways in which "Dye! Dye! My Darling" could have come out better. And there are lots of ways it could have ended far, far worse.
With a Wild Pack of Cards (*)
By The Angst Guy

In an alternate universe, in their senior year at Lawndale High, Sandi and Quinn discover that Tiffany has a hidden talent for cards--Tarot cards. But Tiffany is not using her deck for mere card tricks...

'Ado (*)
By Nick Gaston

An alternate world's lighter spin on "Dye! Dye! My Darling."