Fan Fiction
"Unseen Phenomenon"
by Wildgoose

A New ExperienceAfter being hit by a car, Daria has a near-death experience.
All Good ThingsDaria and her friends and family try to cope in the aftermath of Quinn's tragic death. But guess what? So does Quinn...
IssuesDaria and her friend Maria take a trip to the shore in order to find answers to a strange recurring dream of Daria's, but get more of a mystery than they bargained for.
Shadowed WingsSuffering from a bout of insomnia, Daria goes for a late-night drive, and encounters a familiar face.
Burnt OutDaria watches as someone else's house goes up in flames, and has a most unexpected encounter.
By the TwilightA Fourth of July fireworks display leads to an interesting twist in Daria's life.
Strange BondsDuncan is in the hospital; what else can possibly happen? How about an eerie visitation from someone totally unexpected?
If I Could Tell YouIt's time for the holidays, and everyone's got a secret to tell.
A Mere FormalityJodie is getting married, and Daria and Jane are invited.
Fate's Twisted Sense of HumorAn automobile accident has unusual consequences for Jane.
Morality CheckHelen's having some problems with her personal life... but they're not exactly what you'd expect.
Which Ever Way the Wind BlowsFate's sense of humor returns with a vengeance.
For Just a MomentMaria's day has come at last, as seen from Daria's POV.
The Things We Put Ourselves ThroughDaria takes a dive off the deep end... so to speak.
GenerationsAs Daria endures one of life's blessed moments, she passes the candle of cynicism to the next generation.
Change of PaceDaria is learning to adjust to living the life of a parent.
The Empty HourglassJake reaches the end of a deal, forged many years ago... and the end of the road.
MusingsDaria's family must learn to cope with the sudden loss of her father.
Lunch BreakFifteen years after Jake's death, Daria and her son cross paths during the course of the day and exchange memories over lunch.
Season's EndAn elderly Daria looks back on her life, and is visited by an old friend who gives her a profound choice to make.