Fan Fiction
"The Submariner Series"
by Wildgoose

The Last Journey HomeTwenty years into the future, a family tragedy brings Daria home from halfway around the world.
Into the Depths Once AgainA prequel to the author's "The Last Journey Home."
A Walk in the ParkDaria and Jane reflect on the past with Daria's children.
One Season at a TimeIt's that time of year for Daria, friends, and family. This year's gifts consist of reflections on the past, music from the heart, and a close encounter of the stupid kind.
Reflections Before SummerA friend is lost, and a circle of friends now has a missing link.
The Old and the NewAn old friend raises the prospect of a tedious task, and an offshore day trip leads to a new discovery.
The Other Side of ThingsQuinn, while visiting Daria, is (for unknown reasons) in the foulest of moods, and Amy's secret friend finally gets to meet the family.
ReunionsIt's time for the twenty fifth/twenty sixth year reunion for the surviving Alumni of Lawndale high. But classmates aren't the only people Quinn might be reunited with.
The Sound of the Other ShoeJane's son William and his girlfriend, whom until now has remained a mystery to the surrounding community, experience a very significant change in lifestyle.