Fan Fiction
"Hell Is To Follow"
by MFC

Old EnemiesEvil Chris has rounded up a bunch of Chris's enemies from other stories (plus one new one) to come and destroy Lawndale.
The Bad, Good, and PinkA portal opens up in the world of DragonBall Z during the fight between Vegito and Majin Buu. Majin Buu is sucked in the portal and he is now in Lawndale and he's after Chris!
Jealousy with a Capital 3 JsTired of Quinn going steady with Chris, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie are granted supernatural powers by Evil Chris. The Three Js will use their powers to win Quinn's attention back to them, even if they have to kill Chris.
The Lawndale Chainsaw MassacreChris is on vacation, but all is not well when Leatherface shows up in Lawndale. Is Lawndale doomed without the help of Chris?
Send In The DronesAn evil Wizard has made clones of everyone in Lawndale. They're identical copies except for two small factors: all the clones have red eyes, and they are a lot smarter... but wait, the real Chris has red eyes, too!
Pinch Sitter 2: A Hellish OccasionQuinn can't get Daria to baby-sit the Guptys again, and she can't get Chris to do it either. So, it looks like Quinn will have to spend a night with Tad and Tricia.
Paintball DayThe paintball match has begun and various cartoon characters from different shows arrive in Lawndale. It's all out war.
Hellraiser: Pinhead's RevengeIt's not even a minute after Paintball Day and Pinhead decides to show up.