Memories Of The Night Before

Author: Wormbait (

Will Daria and Jane finally come to the ultimate step in their friendship?

Disclaimer: Nope none of it is mine, unfortunately. If it was I wouldn't have settled for just 5 seasons. I'm making no money from this so keep your lawyers on their leashes.

The shrill sound of the alarm roused Daria from her dreams and after a few tries her blindly groping hand found the off button.

"Unngh, thanks." Mumbled Jane from behind her.

"Mmmm, sss'ok." Said Daria, rolling over in bed to lie facing Jane.

They lay there happily smiling, gazing into each others eyes inches from their own for several minutes before they both suddenly froze. Daria slowly looked around. Yep, it was her room alright, her padded walls, her desk, her computer and her bed, and yes that was Jane too, lying sandwiched between Daria and the wall.

"Aaaahhhh !!!" They leapt up to stand at opposite sides of the room staring in shock at each other.

"Umm, Jane? Why are you naked?" Looking down Daria turned crimson, Jane was intrigued to notice that her blush went from head to toe, a fact that she could see clearly. "Jane? Why am I naked?"

They met each others eyes again for a brief moment before diving for their clothes which lay scattered on the floor by the bed.

A short time later they sat fully dressed on opposite sides of the kitchen table with an empty whisky bottle between them. Neither of them could quite meet the others eyes.

Jane cleared her throat "So, I remember we were going to celebrate you getting a short story published."

Daria looked up from the bottle "and we came here because my family is away for the week. I remember the pizza binge." They both looked over at the small pile of empty pizza cartons sitting on the counter.

"There was something about looking for a bottle of champaign to help the food go down."

"This isn't champaign Jane." Daria said holding up the bottle.

"Mmm, umm.... so.... do you.... ummm.... do you think that anything.... ummm.... that we, umm.... did anything..... ummm.....?" It was the first time that Daria could ever remember seeing Jane blush.

"I don't know Jane." Said Daria with a glimmer in her eye. "Maybe I put the lipstick all over my nipples myself... you know, by accident."

"Ooohh, shit" Mumbled Jane as she dropped her head onto the table.

Daria smiled as she looked over at the top of Janes head, until a memory made the smile slide off her face. She had looked down at the top of Janes head and smiled before, recently, last night in fact.

She winced as she had a vision of herself sitting naked on the side of her bed with a similarly undressed Jane kneeling on the floor between her legs, kissing her breasts tenderly before dropping her head down to Daria's lap.

"Oh god." Whispered Daria, causing Janes head to snap up in curiosity.

"What? Do you remember something? What is it?"

"I just remembered how I got your lipstick all over my breasts," Jane cringed when Daria said it was 'her' lipstick. "and that's not the only place I probably have it." She blushed crimson again which did nothing to ease Jane's fears.

"What? Where?" Jane wasn't sure she really wanted to know.

Daria winced before quickly glancing down at her lap, hoping that Jane would get the hint and not make her say it.

Jane just stared at her in confusion for several moments, her hangover making it hard to concentrate, then she followed Daria's eyes and once again dropped her head to the table, this time with a thud. "Oww... ohh shit... ummm..."

"Exactly, umm!" Daria said quietly "At least you don't have any marks on you." she said hopefully.

"Sorry to say this but you don't wear lipstick," as Daria slumped Jane pulled her collar down "and anyway..." Daria looked and saw a hicky on her friends neck.


"My thoughts exactly."

They sat with their heads on the table for almost an hour trying to remember anything else. Daria's mind was a blank but Jane found herself recalling more and more, which she relayed in a dazed voice.

Daria finally sat back and looked at her partner in crime. "Well there's one thing I do know, although I'm not sure if you'll want to."

Jane sat up as well and after a moment met Daria's eyes. "Hmm, what is it?"

"Well, it's just that... well... umm... it's just that I've never been as happy in my life as I felt this morning."

"Yeah me...." Jane swallowed with a suddenly dry throat as she realised what she was about to say, before continuing in a whisper "Me too."


They looked into each others eyes for several minutes before Daria slowly stood up and moved around the table, a nervous look on her face. Jane felt more and more panicked as Daria approached but she did not flee, even when Daria leant over and gently brushed Janes lips with her own. They both shivered with pleasure at the tingle that the contact sent through their bodies.

Looking up shyly Jane softly licked her lips "Mmmmm, that was nice." Pushing her chair back from the table she pulled Daria down into her lap before kissing her again, this time deep and lingering, their tongues gently touching. Jane moaned with pleasure as Daria sucked upon her lower lip and without thinking she raised her hand and began to caress Daria's breasts through her T-shirt.

Daria stiffened at first but then relaxed as little jolts of electricity went arcing through her body. Standing she took Janes hand and led her out of the kitchen and upstairs to her bedroom.

Later that afternoon they sat cuddled against each other on the lounge room couch watching Invader Zim cartoons when the phone rang. Daria reluctantly answered it on the 5th ring.

"Underground airways, what's your destination?"

"Err, Daria?" Said a worried voice.

Cringing inside she looked at Jane and said clearly "Hi Tom." She felt her best friend, now lover, tense up.

"Umm, Daria, we need to talk about something important." If anything he sounded even more worried.

"Don't tell me let me guess... you're breaking up with me aren't you." She half joked.

"Yeah well, actually."

"What? You are?" She almost laughed with the irony of it.

"Well we've been seeing less and less of each other and, well, I just need more Daria." She could almost feel him tense up ready for her to explode.

"Oh well, if that's how you really feel I suppose we should." She said casually. She felt Jane relax and looked at her with a radiant smile as Tom tried to follow what she was saying.

"I must say you're taking this well. Just don't worry Daria you'll get over me before you know it."

"You know, I think you're right, why I feel much better already, hang on... uuungh... there, that's it, there it goes, yep I'm over you now. Well have a nice life Tom, or not, I really don't care. Don't write and I won't reply, ok."

Before he could say anything else she hung up the phone and then took it off the hook, looked down at a grinning Jane and kissed her with as much love as she could put into it.

As Daria pulled back Jane took a deep breath "Wow... the future is looking better by the moment."

The End