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December 2003
Dec 31 Happy holidays, all! Hope you had/are having/will have a joyous and wonderful Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa, or <insert appropriate ethnic holiday here>, as well as a happy New Year!

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November 2003
There were no updates this month.

October 2003
Oct 31 Happy Halloween! In honor of the occasion, we've got a few new horror-themed fics from Roger Moore and Thea Zera & Deref, and there's plenty more on the Horror & Suspense fanfic page. Enjoy!

Update: I received a few more fics after my self-imposed deadline, so I decided to tweak this update. I also highlighted the horror fics in red. (More horror-themed fics for the holiday! Fun!)

Fan Fiction:
(*) This story includes language and/or content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.
Oct 3 Outpost Daria Reborn has reached the big oh-five! (insert horribly sung lyrics to "Happy Birthday" here) My, how time flies...

Fanfic submissions have been rather thin on the ground lately. Whether that's due to low output by writers, or reluctance to submit them based on uncertainty over OD's haphazard update schedule, I don't know. Either way, I'm going to start working on other long-neglected areas of the site for a while, areas such as artwork and episode transcripts. However, you authors shouldn't feel reluctant to submit your stuff; they may not be put up immediately, but they will go up.

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In the Media:
  • Added: Fashion Club appearance in the Mall Monkeys! online comic strip.

September 2003
There were no updates this month.

August 2003
Aug 8 As promised, here's the next update to take care of the items I missed from the last update. I'm not done yet, though, so expect another one in about a week or so.

Next, I've added Crusading_Saint to the list of Recommended Authors. Amongst the "new breed" of fanfic authors, there's no doubt that Saint's one of the standouts, and I'm more than happy to recommend his works to the Daria fan community. Congratulations!

Last, a reminder to fanfic authors: if you submit a story without providing a short description (either in your e-mail or in the story itself), it will be published without a description. I'll be perfectly honest: it's enough work just keeping up on this site without also having to do your job, and while I was willing to make exceptions in the past, I'm not going to do so any longer. What do you think will get people to read your story: an intriguing description, or "(no description available)"?

Fan Fiction:

  • Updated: The Daria-Jane Conspiracy (new URL)
  • Restored: The Unofficial "Daria" Movie Rumors Page (new URL)
  • Restored: When Fanfic Authors Attack (new URL)

July 2003
Jul 31 Oy! Talk about a hiatus! I've neglected the site for far too long, but this update should begin to make amends. This is only the beginning, though; lots more to come. I'll have another update online in about a week, in another attempt to catch up. Stay tuned!

Fan Fiction:

  • Updated: The Paperpusher's Site Message Board, now called PPMB Mark 2.0
  • Updated: Kemical Reaxion's Glitter Berries
  • Updated: Wraith's Sick, Sad World
  • Removed: I Am (NOT) Daria (link no longer valid)
  • Removed: Diane Long's Fan Fiction Library (site temporarily offline)
  • Removed: Mistress Daria's Dungeon (link no longer valid)
  • Removed: MTV's Daria Message Board (link no longer valid)
  • Removed: The Paperpusher's Site (site is offline pending renovations)
  • Removed: The Unofficial "Daria" Movie Rumors Page (link no longer valid)
  • Removed: When Fanfic Authors Attack (link no longer valid)

  • The FAQ has been completely redone. It now includes information on the show itself, as well as questions about such things as DVD/video availability.
  • The Cast & Crew page now includes links to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page for each person.

June 2003
There were no updates this month.

May 2003
There were no updates this month.

April 2003
There were no updates this month.

March 2003
Mar 24

February 2003
Feb 28
Feb 10 I want to take this opportunity to welcome the newest addition to the Recommend Authors list: Roger E. Moore. Anyone who can crank out quality fics at the speed Roger does deserves the recognition (his "fanfic challenges" on the PPMB come fast and furious, and his latest story, "Wish Upon a Fallen Star," was written in less than a day, yet looks as lovingly crafted as if he'd spent several weeks on it). Congratulations, Roger!
(*) This story includes language and/or content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.

January 2003
Jan 22 (*) This story includes language and/or content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.