Fan Fiction
"The DF Continuum"
by Steven Galloway

RevelationsWhat would happen if Daria and Quinn found out that they had a thought-of-dead full-blooded older brother? Would things turn out for the better... or for the worse? A sprawling 15-part epic, with links to all parts at the top of each chapter.
VisitationRoughly one month after the events in "Revelations," Daria and her family, Jane, and the Fashion Club visit Darren at his estate, where insights are gained, secrets are revealed, and family intrigue is the order of the day. Another sprawling epic, in 9 chapters.
Sty LarkSet about two weeks after the events in "Visitation". Who or what is a 'Sty Lark'? You have to read to find out!
To the Reardon, March!Jane visits Darren at his estate. Takes place at the same time as "Sty Lark".
Sister PactDaria and Quinn visit Darren at his estate. Takes place one week after the events in "Sty Lark" and "To The Reardon, March!". A three-part story.
Return EngagementDaria, her family, and Jane welcome Darren when he comes back to visit Lawndale, this time with Krystal in tow.