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Mankind has always had a fascination with what lies beyond the boundaries of space and time... and a fear of what lurks in the darkest depths of the soul. Indulge your own fears and curiosities with these stories, full of adventures both grand and horrifying.

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The Altar At Midnight
By Wyvern337

There are strange nocturnal goings-on in High Hills Park...
Alter Egos: Daria, Space Goddess
By Mir

And Helen thought Daria had no extracurricular activities! Daria is contacted by interstellar beings and must embark on a secret mission...
Always Beside You (*)
By The Angst Guy

Two siblings meet late in life to share dreadful secrets, but someone else is with them, too: an old friend who is no longer among the living. This alternate-universe tale spins off from events in the episode, "Fair Enough," carrying them in a nightmarish direction.
The Amazing Adventures of D-Day and the Mighty Jane! (*)
By The Angst Guy

The unstoppable D-Day Morgendorffer and The Mighty Jane Lane face their greatest challenge yet in this alternate-universe tale of superheroes, supervillains, cliffhangers, and sudden death!
An Angel Named Mary Sue
By Angelinhel

Daria is given the chance to see the world around her a little better.
Anthony DeMartino Just Wants to Have Fun
By Smileyfax

Mr. DeMartino struggles to suppress his murderous alter-ego Metalmouth in order to prevent himself from killing again.
Attack of the Fifty Foot Fashion Club
By Gregor Samsa

The combination of the newly invented "Fem-A-Sizer" and the Fashion Club results in chaos. (Set during Season 3.)

Behind Enemy Lines
By Brother Grimace

An unauthorized one-shot based on "Estrangsters," this fic finds a familiar character from "Its All About Respect" in the greatest challenge of his life...

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Blood and Irony
By J Osako

Daria and Jane have developed psychic abilities and they have reason to believe that the death of one of the school's coaches may have had a supernatural cause.
Box to the Future
By Smileyfax

Daria discovers that the refrigerator box she's been obsessing over is actually a portal to her past -- and works with her adolescent self to improve her life. Winner of the category "Favorite Supernatural or Fantasy Non-Horror" in the 5th Daria Fanworks Awards.
Bringing the Angst
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

Heartache, unhappiness, anger, destruction, pain, and ruin...

Call of Quinnthulhu
By Dervish

Quinn has a secret of what life was like for her before she came to Lawndale. But now her secret can no longer be hidden, and she finds that it's part of an awful and awesome legacy that not only terrifies her, but threatens the very existence of all humanity.
The Chris Series [Artwork]

A new kid named Chris arrives in Lawndale, and trouble soon follows. Daria, Jane, and Quinn join forces with him, and soon find that he's not exactly what he seems.
Climb The Ladder
By Invisible Dan

Some friendships donít end even when one amiga dies.
By Brandon League

After Jesse Moreno is killed in a car crash, Trent takes drastic measures to get his friend back. Inspired by the classic "Tales from the 'Burbs" horror fanfic series.
Cries for Help
By Dervish

Lawndale is in trouble when Mr. O'Neill discovers his monstrous potential. Alison, Wind, and Link guest star.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
By Nemo Blank

Thanks to a demon's spell, Charles' wish to "truly understand women" is granted in a most unexpected and horrifying way. Reversing the curse requires intervention on a cosmic scale, and the Holiday Island gods have the two perfect candidates in mind for the job: Daria and Quinn.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
A Curse of Bad Timing
By SoulfulZen

Jane is cursed by a gypsy, with steamy results.

Daria and Jane Go to the Moon, Part 1: Ticket to Ride
By Stanley Hollinshead

Set in an alternate universe -- one in which JFK was never assassinated and the Apollo lunar program flourished -- Daria and Jane are shocked to find they've been chosen to be the first artists on the moon... all thanks to a very unlikely source.
Daria and Quinn Switch Bodies
By Nada Rowls

Daria and Quinn accidentally switch bodies after fighting. They try to get each other in trouble, and they both suceed. But will they ever get their bodies back?
Daria and the Fall of Asgard
By Atomius

Daria meets a strange traveller who turns out to be more important than at first glance.
Daria Gets Whacked
By The Unknown

Daria and Jane fall through a porthole into Wuffo High, home of the characters in the author's comic strip "The Wackies."
The Daria Multiverse
By Various Authors

A collection of stories that cross the various Daria multiverses. Includes all stories from the Daylight, Judith Strikes!, Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Shining Star, and Tales of the Ringbearers shared universes.
Daria the Hoosier
By Doggieboy

During the events of the episode "Daria!," Daria Morgendorffer suddenly finds herself taken from the Lawndale of her time and deposited in the Indiana of 1979. She must find a way to get back home while at the same time find help getting there.
Daria vs. The Chubb Chubb
By Thea Zara and Deref

Quinn brings home a seemingly harmless (and cute) pet. But when people start disappearing, its true nature becomes apparent, leading Daria to plot its destruction before the entire town of Lawndale is decimated.
Daria vs. the Lawndale Zombies [Artwork]
By Erin Mills

Toxic waste, high caliber bullets, walking undead and Jane's pet chainsaw Maurice all collide in this demented B-Movie when an army of zombies is out to conquer Lawndale.
Daria's Braincut
By psychotol

Someone sneaks into Daria's room at night with the intent of giving her a braincut.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Daria's Magical Interdimensional Bus
By Edgardo Cruz

(no description given)
By Di

Because of an ancient family curse, Daria is turned into a guy: Dorian Morgendorffer. How does he/she and everyone around them adjust and handle the change? Series starts between seasons 3 and 4, and is a response to the Iron Chef Challenge: "Genderbend wha!?"
By Various Authors

For unknown reasons and with little warning, the Sun has destabilized and has become hotter and highly eruptive, with profound consequences for human civilization (to say nothing of the rest of Earth's biosphere). This collection of stories, set in various Dariaverses, tells how our well-known Lawndale denizens cope with the first Coronal Mass Ejection event -- "Zero Hour" -- and how it has forever changed life in and around Earth.
Deus Jane (*)
By The Angst Guy

What was happening behind the scenes of the"Daria" show? Were the show's artistic and script-related mistakes truly "accidental"? Who was the show really about? Discover the shocking answers in this fantasy crossover tale about a teenage girl whose Neverland was her own home town: Lawndale.
Drive (*)
By The Angst Guy

Investigative show hosts Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane take their "Good Mornings with Daria and Jane Show" to a Pacific island that houses a secret government research base--and are caught up in a nightmare that leads them farther from home than they ever could have imagined.

By Richard Lobinske

After college, Daria and Tom Sloane are hired by a highly secret division of the CIA as forensic investigators of paranormal threats. While on their honeymoon, they are directed to examine strange events around a laboratory housing the remains of Neolithic lovers, buried in a last embrace over five thousand years ago. When the ancient lovers' souls are transferred to their bodies, they must learn to share bodies while the agency begins to learn about, and make plans for, these new guests. Followed by "Reaper in the Wind."
The Evil Daria Vignettes (*)
By NightGoblyn and Various Authors

The epic from the PPMB finally collected into one easy document, and then sensibly split back into four smaller ones so it doesn't make your browser cry. Originally running to six-hundred and eighty eight posts stretching across three threads, this collection includes only the Vignettes themselves - still in the original posted order and with titles and author credit (blame?) for the reader's convenience. Time to enjoy the Evil!

Fangs for the Memories
By Thea Zara

There are witches, vampires, ghosts, and various other creatures around us all the time. These creatures of the night have now come out... to Lawndale.
First Flight (*)
By Guy Payne

Reincarnation gone wrong. From a PPMB Iron Chef.

By Mike Yamiolkoski

Being a Guardian Angel for the Morgendorffers: it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Hard Contacts (*)
By Nick Gaston

Better than the ending of that stupid Jodie Foster movie. Kinda.
Heart's Desire: A Tale of the End of the World
By Robert Nowall

Ever wonder why nothing on "Daria" ever changes much? The truth may be a LOT stranger than you could ever imagine...
Heartless (*)
By NightGoblyn

When Jane's wish is granted by an evil faerie, Lawndale is set upon a course of suffering from which it will never recover. But the end isn't brought about by the heartless Jane or the wicked Daria, but by the first innocent, terrible wish made long ago.
Hell in a Hand Basket [Artwork]

This series takes place about a month after the events in The Chris Series. Chris finds that Satan won't send him back to Earth to kill Daria, Quinn, Jane, and the rest of Lawndale, but he'll sure send up something Chris created...
Hell Is To Follow

More adventures with Chris and the Lawndale gang. Set one month after the events in "Live the Movies."

Identity Crisis [Artwork]
By Yui Daoren

During a European vacation, Daria meets a strange woman who calls herself a sorceress. When Daria's appearance begins to change after being enchanted, will she still be the same Misery Chick we all know and love?
An Ill Wind
By Dervish

Daria finds herself in big trouble as she becomes the focus of a malevolent poltergeist. Daria horror inspired by the Bell Witch and the Amherst poltergeist.
Illusions [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

What did Daria see behind the attic door that made her faint? Would you believe... another Daria? Prepare for a crossover journey into strange but familiar Lawndales, drawn from alternate-universe "Daria" fanfics of every sort. Co-written by CharlieGirl and Angelinhel, based on a PPMB Iron Chef challenge.
Illusions: The Unswerving Punctuality of--
By CharlieGirl

Daria, one of a certain special breed of writer, investigates her attic and keeps an appointment made behind her back by chance and fate.

Jane Unchained [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

During a sensory deprivation experiment, Jane Lane reveals a remarkable talent for getting her freedom--in a very unexpected way.
Judith Strikes!
By Various Authors

In this series, an alternate universe version of Daria, Judith, travels from world to world in search of information and artifacts related to cross-dimensional travel... and leaves a vast amount of corpses behind. Completely sociopathic and armed to the teeth with a variety of high-tech & magical weaponry, her secondary objective is to cause as much pain & suffering to the multiverse's Daria's as possible.

Kitsune [Artwork]
By Rey Fox

Trent is smitten with a mysterious red-haired beauty that he meets on the side of the road. Daria, naturally, is jealous, but as events unfold, she begins to suspect that this girl is more than she appears to be.

The Lane That Wasn't
By Di

What road would you choose if you were given the choice? Jane Lane is about to find out.
Last Dance With Mary Jane
By Rey Fox

Daria tries to cope with the fallout from her night at the football team's post-game beer bash, and gets help from an unexpected source.
Lawndale 2500
By Atomius

Daria is brought to the future to stop a war from tearing the Earth's people in half.
Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie
By cfardell_Brenorenz29

When Sandi Griffin discovers a genie, she unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that will change Lawndale as she knows it.
The Leader of the Pack
By Canadibrit

Trent Lane is a "wild man," or the closest thing to one that Lawndale will ever produce. But one fateful weekend, Daria and Tom find out just how wild Trent Lane can be.
Legion of Lawndale Heroes
By Various Authors

In this sci-fi/alternate universe series, the major characters of "Daria" have acquired superpowers and are convinced (or manipulated) into forming "the Legion," in order to combat threats on Earth (and beyond).
A Little Vacataion
By Doggieboy

Zombies, teleportation, alternate realities, and let's not forget the requisite mad scientist, all of which combine to create one of the most horrific adventures Daria has ever been on in this multi-part story. (A "Tales of the Ringbearers" story.)
Live the Movies

Set shortly after "Hell in a Handbasket." Chris has returned, and in his thirst for revenge, he casts a spell that forces the residents of Lawndale to enact the plots of various movies.

Mart of the Dead
By Smileyfax

Andrea finds the night shift lasting longer than usual when a terrorist attack unleashes the walking dead upon the world, trapping her and a growing number of survivors in the Pay Day warehouse store.
A Midsummer Nightmare's Daria [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

Quinn pulls a prank that causes Jake to think that Daria has taken up demon worship, and he takes Daria to a weekend father-daughter seminar to bring her "back to the light." Add in a few former classmates, romance, and an unexpected twist--courtesy of Stephen King--and a very strange summer weekend gets underway in Lawndale.
Minds Touched By Madness
By WellTemperedClavier

What begins as a simple art contest spirals into a nightmarish encounter with forces older than time itself. Note: This file is in PDF Format. You will need the Adobe Reader to view this file.
Mission: Impawsible
By Kristen Bealer

The cats and dogs of Lawndale fight like...well, like cats and dogs. But they also work hard to defend the town from its enemies. When a strange new danger arises, can they uncover the mystery and protect the innocent before it's too late?
By Wyvern337

Aunt Amy tries a little... *experiment*...
A Mother's Love [Artwork]
By Richard Lobinske

A mother's love can make all the difference in more than just one world. Daria finds this out first-hand when a simple retreat from the pressures of her everyday life finds her caring for three rather unusual children, leading to an adventure that affects her more deeply than she ever would have thought possible.
My Favorite Enemy
By Mystik Slacker

Three years after the events in "True Cynicism," Daria has to save the world from nuclear war again, and encounters some old friends along the way.

Night of the Living Doll
By Robert Nowall

The horrible accident ten-year-old Tiffany suffered was only part of the story...
Night of the Living Furniture
By Smileyfax

Jane discovers Tom in the midst of doing unspeakable things to the Morgendorffers, and must flee for her life. Followed by "Snow Problem."
Not So Slow
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow I am not slow
Nuthouse [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

Dinnertime visitors at the Morgendorffers' home prove that Jake was right about one thing after all.

The Omega Cynic
By Mystik Slacker

It's the end of the world as we know it, but Daria finds the apocalypse to be less satisfying than she expected. Based very loosely on the concept for the 1971 movie "The Omega Man."
The Omega Jane (*)
By The Angst Guy

After a lethal pandemic kills almost everyone alive, Jane Lane inherits the earth--but only from dawn to dusk. Cannibalistic ghouls in the billions arise after sunset, and Daria Morgendorffer is one of them. A horror tale inspired by Richard Matheson's classic novel of paranoia and vampirism, "I Am Legend" (later filmed as "The Omega Man").

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
The Outers [Artwork]
By The Angst Guy

What would happen if you literally dropped off the face of the Earth? What if you reappeared years later, to find that the world has passed you by... and that you haven't aged a single day? And what if who's responsible isn't willing to let you go? Daria Morgendorffer is about to find out.

The Pact
By Richard Lobinske

Entry for the author's own PPMB Iron Chef, based on fan artwork of Daria as Taarna the Defender from the movie "Heavy Metal." When Ms. Li appears at a pep rally with a strange, green pendant, Daria knows that evil is afoot and she's the only one who can stop it.
Prayers for a SAINT [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

Amy Barksdale takes her favorite niece out to celebrate the publication of a Melody Powers story--and tells her a story of her own.

The Quiet Ones
By Smileyfax

Daria draws Quinn and Jane into a murderous game of cat and mouse.
The Quinn Show
By Disco 3:16

Inspired by the film The Truman Show, as well as the "Hidden Nature" Iron Chef on the PPMB, Quinn realizes that her life isn't what she thought it was.
Quinn Started It
By Heather Murphy

A story that has something for everyone -- blood, gore, romance, and revenge -- as Quinn goes to extraordinary lengths to get even with Daria.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.

Repeiceing Down the Girl
By Morden Gans

Follow along and re-experience the most important events in Daria's life as the writer adds himself into this story of love, adventure and the many possibilities tomorrow brings. See many familiar faces, including some freinds from Holiday Island, and some new faces that bring Lawndale that much closer to home.
Return to Grassburg
By Atomius

Daria goes back to Grassburg to see the effects of her previous visit. A sequel to "Lawndale 2500."
By Kara Wild

A horror-comedy tale of what happens when Helen tries a little too hard to be young, and the consequences it has for a fledgling Daria/Trent relationship. Set between "Dye! Dye! My Darling" and "Is It Fall Yet?". Part of Thomas Mikkelsen's "Tales From the 'Burbs" collection.

Scarlett the Fairy
By Aloysius

The wild and wacky (and often naughty) adventures of Scarlett the Fairy.
By Smileyfax

Daria, fresh from being checked out of a mental institution, finds she is the only person able to stand between an ancient god and the end of the human race.
Sea's Sorrow
By Diane Long

When Daria accompanies Jane and Tom on a Mystik Spiral gig to a quaint bed-and-breakfast on the coast, the World's Biggest Skeptic finds herself (along with the rest of the gang) embroiled in a mystery of supernatural proportions.
The Shadow Over Lawndale
By Michael Sears

Lawndale meets Lovecraft as Daria, Jane, and Trent encounter an unusual rock band... and the power of the Cthulhu Mythos.
Shadows and Secrets
By Crusading_Saint

What lengths would you go to for your friends and family? How far would you go? Jane is about to find out.
Shining Star
By Various Authors

Similar in design and intent to the Daylight series, this series describes a chronological series of astronomical and biological events that occur over a period of years when a supernova erupts in Earth's interstellar neighborhood, only 14 light years away.
Smoking Mirror (*)
By The Angst Guy

After a disastrous experience in Central America, Penny Lane returns to Lawndale, her life in shambles--but with her is a dark souvenir that unravels the lives of everyone around her in terrifying ways.
Snow Problem
By Smileyfax

In this sequel to "Night of the Living Furniture," Jane and Daria have one final horrific encounter with Tom Sloane in Montana.
Stacy and the Lamp (*)
By The Angst Guy

Stacy Rowe rubs an ancient brass lamp, gets three wishes--and it's the end of the world as Lawndale knows it.
The Stone
By Sam Lincoln

An unfortunately all-too-familiar horror visits Lawndale, and Daria gets caught in the middle.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Sudden Death
By SoulfulZen

Who is killing off the most popular residents of Lawndale? Why are they doing it? A collection of four mini-ficlets tells the story.
Sudden Death Overtime (*)
By The Angst Guy

A pink blossom grows from Kevin Thompson's crutch at the end of the fourth-season episode, "A Tree Grows in Lawndale." What happened after that? This horror-story sequel starts immediately following the blossom's appearance, so its beginning is entirely in canon!
Super Zero
By Erin Mills

Just who is Jake Morgendorffer? Is he really a clueless yutz, or is there more to him than he lets even his family see?
The Switch
By Brett Shearer

Daria and Quinn, although sisters, are two very different people. But what if their consciousness was transferred into each other's bodies (ala "Freaky Friday")? Find out as each learns first-hand how the other half lives.

Tales of the Ringbearers [Artwork]
By Various Authors

(no description available)
Temporal Friends
By Crusading_Saint

What would you do if you lost the most important person in your life? What would you do to get that person back?
There's Something Furry in Denmark
By Di

Daria and the gang are putting on the play "Hamlet" with some rather, ah, "unique" costume ideas. Write off-challenge response to create a Dark Modern Fantasy.
They Came from Planet Xulfanex (*)
By Kara Wild

Quinn learns that her math teacher is an alien, and from there things only get crazier, as she and Daria discover the truth about their family origins. A "B-movie fanfic" set in the Driven Wild Universe (a few weeks after "Memory Road"), but not part of the Driven Wild Universe continuum.
The Thirteenth Man (*)
By The Angst Guy

Compared to his intellectually and morally challenged classmates at Lawndale High, Daria's classmate "Mack" MacKenzie is almost superhuman. What if he really was superhuman? Enter an alternate universe in which Mack is not only too good to be true, he's even better than that. What could possibly go wrong for a straight-arrow guy who can do anything and everything? Let us see.
Three [Artwork]
By Richard Lobinske

After Daria's death in their worlds, Tim O'Neal, John Lane and Michael Fulton are recruited to stop a serial killer targeting her across multiple realities. A crossover of the author's "Falling Into College," "John Lane," and "A Mother's Love" series with The Angst Guy's Iron Chef story, "Illusions."
Through a Closet Darkly
By Brian Taylor

Watch the fun as Daria and Jane find themselves in a brave new world...
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

After suffering horrific visions, Daria and the rest of her history class find themselves trapped inside Lawndale High School.
The Triad Image
By Robin Sena

In the year 541,000,000,000 B.C., an ambassador from the planet Staavla landed on Earth in search of worthy people to share the secrets of the planet and its race. Now, in the year 2000 A.D., the chosen have arrived...
Twisted [Artwork]
By Janelane386

Set during the events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling," Jane goes to the Lawndale River right before she goes to Daria's, just to get her thoughts straight. There, she meets a familiar friend.

Unseen Phenomenon
By Wildgoose

What happens after we die? A series which explores some of the possibilities and chronicles the futures of many of our favorite Lawndale characters.
Uranium in the Drinking Water (*)
By The Angst Guy

There really was uranium in Highland's water supply--and a new kind of Daria Morgendorffer is the result! Meet Daria the Faerie, the counterpart to Tinker-Jane of "Jane Unchained," in this response to an Iron Chef fantasy challenge.

By Brother Grimace

A series where various Lawndale denizens encounter a well-dressed man who alters their lives by showing them what they need to see... even if it's not what they WANT to see.

Were Oh Were
By Deref

A ficlet. Daria's having a bad day.
The Wolf (*)
By Guy Payne

From a PPMB Iron Chef about an evil Daria.

You Only Hurt the Ones You Love
By Crusading_Saint

In this two-part story, Lawndale's residents are hoping for some changes in their lives. They should've remembered the old adage about being careful what you wish for, because it looks like they're going to get more changes than they ever bargained for...

3-D Chess
By Brother Grimace

Based on a "Fantasy Themes" Iron Chef challenge, the Greek God of the Underworld deals with the Misery Chick of Lawndale. Shudders of fear are experienced.