Fan Fiction
"Pause in the Air"
by The Angst Guy

Pause in the Air (*)An unexpected guest appears during Thanksgiving dinner at the Morgendorffers' home.
Thanks Giving (*)Thanksgiving is a time for families to go a little crazy, but it is also a time for... giving thanks.
Moving Day (*)A romantic conversation--but since when was anything what it seemed?
Silent Night (*)A question about a Higher Power keeps Jane and Daria from a good night's sleep.
Shock and Aww (*)Daria and Jane wrestle with bad attitudes and a need for change at their first childbirth class.
Family Affairs (*)Valentine's Day in Boston has a twisted surprise for Daria and Jane.
Writes of SpringWinter changes to spring, and more changes come to light in Daria and Jane's lives.
April Showers (*)A surprise visitor opens the door to chaos in Daria and Jane's little world, two months away from the birth of their child.
Labor Relations (*)On a dark and stormy night before a funeral, Daria and Jane's tiny world changes forever.
After Birth (*)A moment after midnight with mother and child.