Fan Fiction
"Diane's Daria Continuum"
by Diane Long

It's My Party and I'll Cry, But Not In Front of You!When Jane tries to get Daria to celebrate her birthday, she gets much more than she bargained for!
I Saw You Standing ThereA story told from Trent's perspective, as we see his reactions when he begins to take a romantic interest in Daria.
Too Much Ado About EverythingAla the Shakespearean farce, a frustrated Jane decides that Daria and Trent need a little "help" from their friends.
Hazy Shade of WinterDaria and Trent discover that getting together was the easy part. Staying together, however, will be the real challenge.
Connect FourWhile Daria struggles to find the perfect anniversary present for Trent, she and Jake reflect on the nature of their relationship over the years.
A House of CardsDaria and Trent have just moved in together in New York City. Can they make it work, or will Daria's fears and misgivings doom them to failure?
UndoneSix years into his relationship with Daria, Trent makes the biggest mistake of his life. Can Daria forgive him? Probably not...
RestorationDaria and Trent broke up over a year ago. Can time heal broken hearts? Will there be a reconciliation, will they choose to move on, or will they both suffer in isolation? Happy endings are rare indeed.
RetributionThe final chapter in the "Undone" story arc finds Daria and Trent struggling to rebuild their relationship, a task further complicated by the vengeful actions of the financially ruined Dominic and Monique. Who will emerge triumphant, and will Daria and Trent find peace and happiness at last?