-The Montailanes( Trenteo, Janevolio and Jesscutio)
-The Capudorffers( Dariet, Rosaquinn, mother Helena, nurse Amy, Sandybald)
-The priest (Andrea)

Two house holds, both alike in dignity, in fair Lawndala where we lay our scene....

(Morning at the Montailane's house)

Janevolio- Well, it's calm today. Unusualy calm. I could even say...suspiciously calm...

(She walks to the basement, no Trenteo there.)

Janevolio- Um...then he's sleeping no doubt.

( She goes to his room, no trace of Trenteo...well except for all that junk lying around the place.)

(Split-screen of Janevolio and Jesscutio on the phone)

Janevolio- Yo Jess! Is Trenteo with you?

Jesscutio- No.

Janevolio- Have you seen him? Have he told you where he went?

Jesscutio- No.

Janevolio- Well he's not home and his car is in the driveway, I'm worried Jess.


Janevolio- So!? Get the hell over here, we're going to look for him rigth now young Man ! The next think we'll know is that he's lost in is own town!

Jesscutio- OK, cool. ( hangs up)

(Janevolio and Jesscutio are in " the Tank" driving around the town. They go everywhere he could have been : the Zen, Mc Grundy's brew pub, Dega street's boutiques including Axle's peircing parlor, Trenteo is nowhere to be found.)

(Desperate, the two of them stop in front of Cashman's department store. What a surprise: he's there, sitting or should I say " slouching" on a banch, asleep. They get off the Tank and run to him.)

Janevolio- Hey! Trenteo! Wake up! We search for you everywhere! What in the name of god are you doing here!?

Trenteo- Well, I had somethings that I had to think about and-

Janevolio- Hold it ! Would'nt those "things" be called (romantic tone) Rosaquinn?

Trenteo- Well...yeah and then-

Janevolio- No wait!!! You got out for a walk, got lost and ended up in front of Cashman's, so you told yourself that you would just wait here and that somebody would eventualy look for you.

Trenteo-(confused) ...Woa...

(Janevolio gives a " I'm so damn good" look at Jesscutio.)

Jesscutio- ( remembering something) Hey, speaking of Rosaquinn, I've got those passes to the Capudorffers party tonight, we could all go and Trenteo could see her, would'nt that be cool?

( The Montailane sibblings look at each other astonished by the unusual lenght of Jesscutio's speach compared to his usual ones wich often resumed to " cool, yeah or OK.")

Jesscutio- What?

Janevolio- Nevermind.

(Later that day at the Capudorffer's house)

(Dariet is reading on her bed.)

Helena- Dariet! Rosaquinn has already finished putting on her costume an hour ago! What are you waiting for?!

Dariet- Oh. You're right mom, I can take off the ear plugs now, thanks for telling me.

Helena- (impatiently) You know thats not what I meant young lady. Now put on your Costume ! You're going to be late for the party!

Dariet- Mom, there is no way I'm going to dress up as an angel, it's against my principles.

Helena- Oh, don't be ridiculous! Nurse Amy!!! Come here and help me with this stuburn daughter of mine!!! Nurse! Nurse! NURSE!!!!!

Nurse Amy- Yeah, I'm here. What is it? She don't want to be forced into that marriage?

Helena- Amy! ( wispering) I haven't told her yet!

Nurse Amy- Oops! My mistake.

Dariet- Mom...told me what again?

Helena- Ugh! The young Ruteiller ask me if I would consent to give you to him in marriage. I expect you to accept...he's very rich as you know...

Dariet- Mom. what is that? Peolple don't get married for money anymore, at least they deny it.

Helena- Dariet... Promise me to at least talk to him and try to know him. Oh! I'm going to be late ! (runs out and slam the door.)

Dariet- Amy, do you know this Ruteiller guy? How is he?

Nurse Amy- Well...he's rich, VERY rich...and ugly, perverted, stupid, self-centered and did I mentioned ugly and perverted.

Dariet- Oh, god

(That night at the Capudorffer’s party)

(Everyone wear elaborated costumes of all kinds. Trenteo, Janevolio and Jesscutio enter the living room, wich is very crowded. They are respectivly dressed as a knight, a wild-west lady ( think of her season three alter ego) and Jesscutio is a wild-west gentleman, to Janevolio’s request of course. They walk throught the room, hopping that no Capudorffer would see them because of the grudge they hold against Montailanes. After a while, Janevolio convinces her gentleman to dance.)

( Trenteo left alone, starts looking for his fair Rosaquinn. He spots her way at the other end of the living room, wearing an astonishing princess gown and surrounded by the majority of the party’s male population. He starts walking in her direction but gets blocked by a red-headed guy who was going in the opposite direction ,to another young girl, dressed as an angel…Dariet. Trenteo was amazed and Rosaquinn completly vanished from his mind.)

Trenteo- (thinking) Did my heart loved till know forswear at sight, for I never saw a true beauty till this night… (outloud) huh ? What did I just say ! ?

( Dariet looked totally bored, standing like a statue in a corner of the room.)

Upchuck- Well good day my dear Dariet, would you care to dance ?

Dariet – Who the hell are YOU ?

Upchuck – Charles Ruteiller the third, at your service …my angel (laugh ou loud).

Dariet –(Disgusted by the stupid joke and most of it by him laughing at it,) Oh…I see… can I call you Upchuck ?

Upchuck – Well, I prefer Charlie or Chucky…

Dariet – So Upchuck, how have you become so rich ? ( She knows that this question would keep him talking for awhile)

Upchuck – I’ ll tell you all about my wonderful person, but while we’re dancing..

(He takes her hand and brings her to the dance floor.)

Upchuck – So you know, I would be lying if I told you that my incredible fortune has nothing to do with my intellectual and physical natural beauty and-

( She had stopped listening to him a long time ago and her choice was done :  No way ! I don’t ! Never ! Uh-uh ! )

(In the crowd, she spotted a young man who was watching her. He had dark spiky hair and was dressed as a knight. He smiled at her and she felt her heart stop for a second, she knew she was blushing and tried to hide it. When the music stopped, he made a sign to her that meant to come over where he was standing. Dariet waited until Upchuck looked else where( a lady’s butt for the instance) to sneak away.

Dariet – Um..hello.

Trenteo – hey.

Dariet – Soo…what do you want ?

Trenteo – huh ?

Dariet – Well, you kinda asked me to come….why ?

Trenteo – Oh, yeah…um..what’s your name ?

Dariet – (blushing) Dariet, and you ?

Trenteo – Trenteo.

( Long silence)

(Dariet is blushing even more)

Trenteo – (nervously) So…I wanted to tell you that-

( Helena sudently stands between the two and takes her daughter’s arm.

Helena – Dariet Capudorffer ! ! ! The young Ruteiller is waiting for you ! (whispering loudly)You know you’re not aloud to talk with Montailanes ! ! !

( Trenteo opens wide eyes at the name Capudorffer, he looks as the two walk away, Dariet is still looking behind with even larger eyes.)

( But he missed something really important going on at this very moment.Sandybald had seen him, along with Janevolio and Jesscutio . She was furious for she hated Montailanes . Her and her friends were in a corner, gazing at their enemies.)

Sandybald – Like, can you beleive that those totaly unfashionable MONTAILANES sneaked in OUR party ! It’s like super - unacceptable and they will have to face the consequences to their acts !

Stacy and Tiffany – Yeah totaly…

(In Dariet’s room.)

(She’s standing at her window.)

Voice – My only love sprung from my only hate, to early seen and known too-

Dariet – Rosaquinn ! Go away ! (She slams the door in her sister’s face) I don’t care If my family hates him…I don’t.

(In the meantime, the Montailanes clan were back in the Tank, heading home.)

Janevolio – So, bro, have you seen Rosaquinn ?

Trenteo – Yeah….

Janevolio – So…

Trenteo – Well…

(he stops the Tank, jumps off and runs back to the Capudorffer’s house, leaving Janevolio and Jesscutio speachless,)

( It was late now, and everybody was asleep. Trenteo managed to find Dariet’s window and started calling her name.)

(Two hours later…Dariet heard a strange noise, she walked to her window , opened it and looked down. There was Trenteo, sleeping on the ground, snoring loudly. She blushed once again.)

Dariet – (whispering) Trenteo…trent…(louder) Trent..TRENT ! ! !

(He steps and wakes up.)

Trenteo – W..w..what is it ? Oh, hey Dariet.

Dariet – Hey,um, what are you doing here ? It’s kinda late you know...

Trenteo – Yeah, I know..I guess I just feel asleep trying to wake you up.

Dariet – How ironic.

Trenteo – Yeah.

Dariet – So why did you wanted to wake me up for in the first place ?

Trenteo – Uh..That’s a real good question…I don’t remember…

Dariet – Yeah…sleeping on the grass does that to you.

Trenteo – oh wait ! Now I remember ! I thing it has something to do with seeing you again.

(She blushes and is very happy that it’s dark, so he would’nt see it.)

Dariet – oh..what about tomorrow ?

Trenteo – Yeah.tomorrow is cool, I won’t fix an hour though, fraid I would’nt be abble to keep it.

Dariet – It’s OK. I’ll just wait at my window like a moron all day, doing nothing because I expect you anytime now…

Trent – What ?

Dariet – (Quickly) Nothing.

Trent – OK then, so tomorrow it is, bye.

Dariet – Bye…

(He walks away and she looks at him go from her opened window.)

Voice – Parting’s such sweet sorrow, that I should say goodnight until it’s morrow…

Dariet – Shut up Rosaquinn ! ! ! ! ( She slams the door again)

Rosaquinn – (behind the door) Hey ! I’m just trying to give you a much needed help here!

Dariet – Ugh !

(The next day, Trenteo, Janevolio and Jesscutio were walking near Lawndale high.)

Janevolio – So, you dumped Rosaquinn and hooked up with her (imitating Quinn’s voice) brainy sister ?

Trenteo – Well, I can’t possibly dump Rosaquinn, she don’t even knows I exist, but I really don’t care about her anymore….

(They weren’t looking where they were walking and they arrived face to face with the fashion club.)

Sandybald – YOU ! I was looking for you three uncohordinatly-clothed geeks ! You think you can go like anywhere without having to face the consequences afterward ? !

Trenteo – Woa ! Calm down man, what are you talking about anyway ?

Sandybald – Don’t toy with me ! You came to MY party without beeing invited !

Janevolio – Ok, look now ! First of all, it wasn’t YOUR party, it was the Capudorffer’s, miss Wannabe.

Sandybald – W..w..what ! ? I’ll show you who’s the wannabe you freak !

( She runs to Janevolio but Trenteo grabs his sister and pulls her away, Sandybald falls on the ground.)

Sandybald – Oooww ! Gooood ! ! !My arm is broken ! And my NAIL too ! ! ! !

( Miss Barch runs out of the school, alarmed by this female distress scream.)

Miss Barch- What is it now ?

Sandybald – (winning) It’s like, this guy, like pushed me to the ground and I like, broke my arm, and like, my Nail ! ! !

Trenteo – NO ! I just-

Barch – SHUT UP ! You MAN ! ! !You stay here !This is going to cost you a whole bunch of money boy ! (running to the police station) Payback ! Revenge ! ! !

(The Montailanes sneak away the faster they can as soon as miss barch is gone.)

(Montailane’s house)

Trenteo – Janey, I can’t let the police find me ! I don’t HAVE a whole bunch of money !

Janevolio – Well, that’s obvious, you’ll have to go live with Summer for awhile.

Trenteo – Yeah, good thinking.

Janevolio – You have to go now.

Trenteo – Right.

Janevolio – Now !

(Trenteo gets up , runs to his car and drive away.)

(Capudorffer’s house)

Helena – Dariet, can I come in ?

Dariet – I can’t lock you out.

Helena – I have to tell you something, we decided that the best thing for you would be to marry the young Ruteiller, the whole thing is arranged for the day you both turn 18. In the meantime,you’ll be his steady girlfriend and the engagement ceremony is tomorrow, good night darling.(She closes the door behind her.)

Dariet – Of course. They have everything planned…except for me refusing and reacting violently.

(Andrea’s house)

(Dariet knocks at the door, Andrea opens and discovers Dariet with a gun aimed at her head.)

Andrea – Hey, you know I won’t stop you kid, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see someone shot himself right in front of me, so save the acting for somebody else, I’ll give you the damn poison.

(Inside Andrea’s room)

(It’s dark and full of candels, skeletons and goth things.)

Dariet – And I thought my room was morbid.

Andrea – Thanks. So look,you take this tonight, tomorrow your parents find you dead, of course you’re not, yada-yada-yada-, your guy comes, you wake up and everybody lives happily ener after. Understand ?

Dariet – Sounds great.

Andrea - (whispering ) Yeah, sounds great, let’s hope it works…

Dariet – What ! ?

Andrea – Oh, nothing. Now give me my money and get out of here before I hurt you.

(That night, Dariet took the poison and all got like it was supposed to go : her parents found her , thought she was dead, exposed her in the local church, etc…)

(The next morning, Jesscutio was driving pass the church where Dariet’s funeral had begun. He stopped to find out who was dead.)

Jesscutio – Um, excuse me sir, whoes funeral is this ?

Man – Oh, it’s the young Dariet Capudorffer, she killed herself because she was forced to marry the Ruteiller son… notice that I would have done the same if I were her-

Jesscutio - OK Thanks, that’s all I needed to know.

(In the Tank)

Jesscutio – am I gonna tell that to Trenteo…

(Montailane’s house)

(Janevolio is going through the mail.)

Janevolio – Huh ? A letter from Dariet…to Trenteo…(she opens it.)

Dear Trenteo,
My parents forced me to marry Upchuck
So I took a poison who’ll make me sleep for
48 hours, come and get me at the church.
PS.- I’m NOT dead !

Janevolio – Oh my god ! I hope he won’t think she’s dead before I tell him this ! ! !

(She looks out the window and sees Trenteo’s car driving pass the house really fast and turning in the church’s direction.)

Janevolio – DAMN !

(On the church’s parkink lot, Trenteo’s car is the only car in sight.)

(He gets off his car and tells Jesscutio to go back home. After he’s gone, Trenteo enters the church, it’s been a long time since the last time he’s been in there. He walks slowly through the hall leading to where Dariet was exposed. He sits by her side.)

( Meanwhile, Janevolio as been running to the church, but it was pretty far and she was exhausted. Suddently, she spots Trenteo’s car coming in her direction.)

Janevolio – (releived) Oh, thank god ! He doesn’t know yet !

(The car comes closer and she sees Jesscutio driving…without Trenteo.)

Janevolio – What the- Jess ! Where’s Trenteo ? !

Jescutio – Well, he told me to drop him at the church.

Janevolio –DAMN IT ! ! ! ! Drive me there ! ( She steps in the car.)

(Inside the church)

Trenteo –( crying) I didn’t even had the chance to tell you how much I liked you…

( He takes out a little glass bottle from his pocket.)

Trenteo – I’ll stay here with you for eternity… It’s not like I had a life or anything, no money, no job…living in my parent’s basement… anyway, sorry Janey.

(He opens the liquid filled bottle and takes it to his mouth.)

Janevolio – STOP ! ! !

(He drops the poison to the floor and the contener breaks in a thousand little pieces.)

Janevolio - What did you think you were going to do ! ! ! ! ( she runs to him and throws her arms around her brother, it seems like she’s going to cry) You were going to leave me …she..she’s not even dead !

Trenteo – I’m sorry Janey( he hugs her) I thought I had nothing in this world, but I have you… Wait a minute, you said she’s not- (Dariet opens her eyes and looks around.)

Dariet – (sleepy)What was all that noise ?

Janevolio – Nothing, but you two almost end up like Romeo and Juliet.

Dariet – Well, what are we going to do now… ?

Jesscutio – Don’t worry everyone, I have a plan : first I convinced Sandybald’s two friends to speak in Trenteo’s favor, it took a long time, but I told them that I would go out with both if they did.( he looks at Janevolio, who stares at him)-just one time. Plus I know that Dariet’s mother is a lawyer, so this will help alote.

(Everyone looks at each other at Jesscutio ‘s second lost of oblivion in the same day)

Dariet – OK..but what about Upchuck ?

( Suddently. A loud scream is heard from behind them. Sandybald runs in the church and closes the door behind her, she starts running again,)

Sandybald – Ugh ! SANCTUARY ! SANCTUARY ! You can’t come in here you freak kid ! ! !

(The door opens again to show Upchuck chassing her.)

Upchuck - Come here darling, I just want you to be my wife ! ! !

Sandybald – UUUGH ! ! ! HELP ! !

( She runs out, followed by him and they close the door behind them.)

Dariet – Well, I guess that’s settled.

Trenteo – Yeah..all ends well.

Janevolio – Aren’t we supposed to learn something about all this ?


Dariet – Yeah, the lesson is : Let’s get out of here real fast.

All : Right.