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Those of us who still remember what life in high school was like will remember (once we get past the trauma) that the bizzare and the illogical were usually part of everyday life. As these stories show, Lawndale High is just the same... only magnified by 10,000%.

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A. Martino, Please
By Beck

Jane and Daria throw a cheer up party for Mr. DeMartino
By Jill Palmer

Mayhem and mischief ensue when a new girl -- the spitting image of Fashion Club president Sandi Griffin -- arrives at Lawndale High.
All's Weird That Ends Weird [Artwork]
By EmpressEKV

When Jane does set design for O'Neill's production of "Romeo and Juliet", hijinks, naturally, ensue.

Band Aid
By Admonisher

When Daria and Jane join band (to get out of Ms. Morris' hated gym class), they expected a break from corruption. Boy, were they wrong. With Quinn and Co. involved, the school in chaos, and a rich grant up for grabs, Daria finds herself wrapped up in a showdown between politics and greed.
The Band, The Sleeze, and the Flygirls
By Moogus

When Trent's band is in trouble, Jane and Daria offer to be flygirls, and Upchuck plays in the actual band.
Best Years of Our Lives, Revisited [Artwork]
By John Berry

Trent re-enrolls in high school after discovering he never officially graduated.
Brassed Off
By The Unknown

It's "Music in Our Schools Month," and various students are forced to take a music course for the big concert.

Change the World (*)
By The Angst Guy

Mr. O'Neill asks his class to write inspirational essays--and comes to regret it when Daria Morgendorffer reads one entitled, "You, Too, Can Change the World."
Chat Wars
By Marjory Aldora

Mr. O'Neill gives his class the assignment to go into a chat room and write about their experience there.
Choice of a Skewed Generation
By Rey Fox

Ms. Li sells out to a cola company for advertising space at Lawndale High. Will Daria and Jane stand for it? (What do *you* think!)
Citizen Jane
By The Ranting Klown

Jane runs for class president out of anger against the system. Meanwhile, Daria pulls the strings behind the Fashion Club's attempt to insert a puppet president.
Clear and Present Daria
By The Insomnia Kid

A minor bust at Lawndale High leads to locker searches and suspensions as Ms. Li takes up the War Against Drugs.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to...
By William Gasarch

The school tries to encourage reading, while Mystik Spiral debates a name change.
Curse of the Misery Chick
By Rey Fox

Daria accidentally gets on the wrong bus and ends up at a Lawndale Lions playoff game on the other side of the state. Trouble once again befalls the team in Daria's presence, but this time, it backfires on her.

By Sarah

A small one-act story, wherein Daria does an assignment in the computer lab... or would, rather, if she didn't keep getting interrupted...
Diary of a Lawndale Student
By Bacner

The diary of a Lawndale High student, covering a complete school year.

The Education of Dumber-Than-A-Tree
By John Berry

Kevin is finally kicked off the team for his stupidity; guess who he gets to tutor him? Meanwhile, Quinn embarks on a quest to find the perfect name for herself after she finds out that "Quinn" is a unisex name.
Egg-cept Responsability
By Hash

As a human development exercise for Ms. Barch's science class, Daria and Connor are forced to experience what it's like to be married for a week. But what they end up learning might not have anything to do with the assignment. And what was that about an egg?

The Fascist Club
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Daria does an injured Jodie a favor and temporarily assumes the editorship of the Lawndale Lowdown. The job suddenly gets interesting when one particular interview crosses her desk...
A Fashion Statement
By Stephanie

The Fashion Club makes drastic changes to Lawndale's school colors, upsetting Brittany.
A Fate Worse Than Li
By Queen Jossie

Lawndale High has finally gotten rid of the tyrranical Ms. Li, and her replacement appears to be a marked improvement... at first. However, Daria and Jane quickly discover that the replacement is anything but, and they scheme to undo the damage.
The Fear of Living Dangerously
By Renfield

Daria has to put up with the attentions of a new boy at Lawndale High.

Geneological Exam
By J Osako

Today's assignment: "an oral presentation on your family tree." Little does Mr. O'Neill know what surprises lurk in Morgendorffer family's past.
Genuine Imitation
By Stephanie

Daria is forced to be in a school play in which she has to portray her teachers.
The Glory of Lawndale High
By Dave Hines

A new student shows up at Lawndale High, but he's not the same as the other students. How will Daria and company deal with a bully, especially when people in high places are protecting him?
Goodbye Lawndale
By Caitlin Duffy

The final epic of Daria and Jane and their last days at Lawndale High. (Written before the series finale and "Is It College Yet?")
By Kathrine Ritchie

Lawndale High saves the planet... um, well, not really.
By Shea

A teacher flipping out... a student sidekick... find out what would happen to Lawndale High if the Columbine High School shooting took an effect on the people of Lawndale, and how they would react to it.

Heartbeat in Iambic
By Dennis

Sandi realizes something she never knew when she submits a poem to a magazine for publication. Set during and after the fifth season episode "The Story of D."
By Paperpusher

Ms. Li institutes a Student Court to allow transgressors the chance to be judged by their peers. Daria is chosen to be a judge... and her first case is Quinn, who was caught cheating. Disorder in the court!
Historical Inevitability
By Megaleus

Jane, Daria, Upchuck, Kevin, and Brittany have to do a group project together for history.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
By Mitch

Sandi violently threatens Daria, who doesn't want to fight.
Home Economic Misery
By Mona Nobles

Helen signs Daria up for a week-long home economics class at Lawndale High, and since misery loves company, Daria drags Jane along for the ride.
Home on Deranged (*)
By The Angst Guy

The annual faculty-vs.-DJ competition at Lawndale High School gains a Wild West flavor when mechanical bull riding becomes the death-sport of choice. A third-season comedy script (before Tom), set during Daria's junior high-school year.

I'm NOT a Cheerleader

Brittany's grades are dropping! She needs a favor, but who to ask? Could it be... Daria??
The Insubordinator
By Daniel T. Dey

Lawndale High gets a new kid, who's got a bad habit of talking back to the faculty. This trait proves to be quite admirable to many of the students, including Daria, as he tells off teachers like Ms. Barch, and Ms. Li. But where does his hostility come from? Will we find out when Daria is forced to tutor him by Mr. O'Neill? Meanwhile, Mystik Spiral is teaming up with a more successful ska band for a duet album.
The IQ Test [Artwork]
By William Gasarch

The students take an IQ test, revealing that some things aren't quite as they appear to be.
It's All About Respect
By Brother Grimace

Jake takes on a beautiful new client while Daria enrolls in a "special" seminar in school... and everyone around them is caught in the fallout of conspiracy, betrayal, and self-revelation. A multi-part fic.

Jane for President
By Caitlin Duffy

When Jane starts riding the school campaign trail, the Lawndalians get frazzled. Can Daria save the day and pull Jane out of her obsessive route?
Just Add Connor
By Hash

Daria and Jane befriend a new student at Lawndale High. But, after Daria spends a day with him, the old feud with Jane over Tom resurfaces. Will this new student tear apart Lawndale's strongest friendship? Or will our favorite cynics take him under their wings?

The Kids Aren't Alright
By Cassie Murphy

Telephone taping, Ms. Li's unfinished homework, aliens, and Luigi... all add up to a reoccurrence of everybody's favorite rash!

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
By Kristen Bealer

Just another uneventful day at the LHS library. Aside from the ghost, that is.
The Lock-In
By Catie Powell

Lawndale High has a voluntary (yeah, right) all night lock-in for all students. When they ask for chaperones, guess who gets roped in?
Love's Labours Undone
By Mystik Slacker

The school puts on a Shakespeare play, and Quinn and Sandi vie for the lead role, Jane paints scenery, and Daria gets involved despite her better judgment. Third in a series, following "Breaking Strain" and "Strange Bedfellows."

Moving the Goalposts
By Kristen Bealer

Sandi Griffin has a serious problem with her best friend. Set during the episode "The Misery Chick."

The New Chick

A new girl arrives at Lawndale High.
No Bad Deed Goes Unrewarded
By Kristen Bealer

It's the final straw, and Mack has decided to give in to the darkness within. But can Evil Mack fight his destiny? A response to Captain Marbles's Iron Chef Challenge: Mack's Dark Side.
By Beth

Daria and Jane's notes from english.

P.roblem With E.xercising
By Bobby Birks

Daria, Jane, Brittany, and Kevin are all assigned to a makeup gym class with a brute of a teacher.
Paper Cuts
By Cedric Robert

Daria accepts a position on the school newspaper, at Jodie's request, and uncovers a conspiracy involving possibly Mack and the football team.
Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakers Damned
By Naomi

Daria and Jane have to prepare for a bakesale. They drag Trent and Jesse into it.
The Physics of Drowning
By fatora

Daria and Jane have to make a boat.
Politics and Other Tricks
By Eric Noss

Jodie, Brittany, and Kevin face off for sophomore class president, a student teacher takes over for Mr. O'Neill, and Daria and Jane meet the guy who's really in charge of the school system.
Possess Me
By Tamzin Buchan and Catherine Desimer

Daria is made to see a school counselor when she writes a disturbing poem. Meanwhile, Kevin and Brittany think that Trent is possessed.
Power Behind the Pantsuit
By Queen Jossie

Ms. Li finally goes too far when planning a school event, and ends up putting her job and all of Lawndale High at stake.
The Prom
By Jeff Cuscutis

Daria goes to the Prom. Set during her senior year. Some sisterly bonding.

Quinn of Hearts
By Kristen Bealer

While Daria and Jane struggle to find a new after-school hangout, Quinn struggles with the frustratingly stupid Fashion Club and her own frustratingly intelligent brain while working on a school project.
The Quiz Kids are Alright
By Acrobat

When Ms. Li sells Lawndale out again, this time to game-show recruiters, Daria accidentally lands a spot on "Quiz Kids 2000."

Raven vs. Ms. Barch
By Alexander Lamar Eldritch

Ms. Barch says the wrong thing to Raven, leading to a showdown.
By Bacner

Ms. Li gets the LHS staff to fix up her newest acquisition.

Sacked Out
By Arianwen P.F. Everett

Daria and Jane must manage two baby dolls from hell for a school project in parenting.
Satura Tota Nostra Est
By Daniel Suni

When Daria, of all people, is caught cheating, Ms. Li decides to take advantage of the situation, and Daria finds herself *really* stuck between a rock and a hard place. (And if you want to find out what the title means, you'll have to read the story!)
Save the Nauga's Hide
By Greystar

A short story where Kevin finds out the horrible truth about his favorite sport. (Actually, an Iron Chef fic with the theme of "messing with the mind.")
Science Fare [Artwork]
By Admonisher

Witness the "Upchuck 2000!" Watch as Kevin tackles relativity! Marvel at the wonders of the "Perfuminator!" Tremble in fear at "The Thing from Trent's Closet!!!" And see what happens when the Fashion Club takes over the annual Lawndale Science Fair. You've been warned!
See Jane Spike (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria, Jane, and the Fashion Club find themselves on opposing teams in a nasty session of volleyball--a first-season sequel, of sorts, to the opening scenes from every episode in which Daria screws up the game for Stacy and Tiffany.
Sexual Education
By Alan Markowitz

Daria and Jane take a sexual education class taught by Mr. DeMartino.
Shoot, Damn You, Shoot!
By Robert Nowall

It's Picture Day at Lawndale High, where alphabetical order makes for strange bedfellows.
By Galen Hardesty

Ms. Li's spying backfires as Daria and Jane decide to take back the restroom.
Spelling It Out
By Richard Lobinske

After winning the class spelling bee, Mr. O'Neill enters Daria in the school competition, which could lead to regional and/or state. When she accidentally wins the school competition, she finds herself in the uncomfortable position of representing Lawndale at regional.
The Strange Loves of Anthony DeMartino
By Robert Nowall

Another year has gone by at Lawndale High, and saying goodbye proves particularly hard for one of the teachers and one of the students...
By Steph

For a school news segment, six randomly chosen Lawndale High students have to participate in a "Survivor"-type game. Daria finds herself one of the chosen, and is marooned in the school gym for three days with five other survivors. Who will emerge the victor?
Swing Happy
By Prindora

Daria and Jane's gym class learns to square dance.

The Ted Zone

We first met Ted in "The New Kid," but then he disappeared almost entirely from the show. Two seasons later, he got one line in a single episode that confirmed he was still attending Lawndale High. What the hell was he doing during all that time? Let's find out.
Temple of Gloom
By Mystik Slacker

Ms Li has a secret. A student goes missing. Human sacrifice in Lawndale? Daria and Jane explore a tomb. What does this have to do with high school? More than you'd think.
Thoughts During a Boring Speech
By D.W.I.

Daria's thoughts during Ms. Li's incredibly long, incredibly boring graduation speech.
Three Prommed Attack
By Acrobat

Prom season at Lawndale! Quinn conducts a date audit, Jane gets some crafty ideas, and Daria becomes a conscientious objector.
Three Prommed Attack 2: Atomic Prom
By Acrobat

The sequel to "Three Prommed Attack." At the Lawndale Prom, the J's have hooked up with the Fashion Club, Quinn is stuck with Upchuck, Ms. Li's on a security rampage, and the decor is unspeakable. Will they get through the Prom alive?
Trophy Chasers
By Crusading_Saint

When a Lawndale High trophy is stolen, Mack and Kevin are told to go retrieve it. But can they do it without killing each other first?
Turnabout Confusion
By Dennis

A heated argument leads the Sisters Morgendorffer to walk a week in each others' shoes. Will anything be left of Lawndale High when they're done?

By Mona Nobles

When Ms. Li threatens the school with uniforms, the students rebel.
Until You've Crossed
By ticknart

Jane and Tom celebrate prom.

What's With Their Eyes?
By Alexander Lamar Eldritch

The story of Raven and Rebecca's first day of school at Lawndale High.
By Kristen Bealer

Kevin seeks the answer to a vitally important question.
Winter in Hell (*)
By The Angst Guy

Two cynical outcasts, seniors at Lawndale High School and the best of friends, struggle through another difficult day.
Wry Hard
By Crusading_Saint

One lazy Saturday afternoon, strange events begin to plague Lawndale High, including... a return from the dead?

Yes, Mr. D, There Is an MLKJR Day
By ticknart

One Friday in January, Mr. DeMartino asks his class why the next Monday is a holiday.
The Young and the Brainless
By Pat Leland

Ms. Li tries to solve an enrollment problem by having middle school students visit Lawndale High, with mixed results.