Fan Fiction
"The Ted Zone"
by Kristen Bealer

#1: GifTed

We first met Ted in "The New Kid," but then he disappeared almost entirely from the show. Two seasons later, he got one line in a single episode that confirmed he was still attending Lawndale High. What the hell was he doing during all that time? Let's find out.
#2: The Ted Zone

Ted goes alternative with Brittany Taylor, but soon discovers that her life may be at stake. Can he prevent a tragedy before it's too late?
#3: Tedieval Times

Ted jumps into the school's Medieval fair with enthusiasm...but can an evening of jousting, fortune telling, and theater make him forget his recent brush with death?
#4: Physical Teducation

Ted decides to make a name for himself by excelling at a sport...just as soon as he figures out which sport that might be.
#5: PerforaTed

Ted makes a new friend and explores the exciting world of body modification.
#6: Write Said Ted

When given a special assignment by Mr. O'Neill, Ted enters the challenging world of fiction writing.
#7: CorrecTed Vision

When Daria shows up at school without her glasses, Ted begins to wonder if glasses might somehow be the key to his invisibility.
#8: Ted Talks Trash

Ted's Awareness of Others Week service activity brings him unexpected joy but also lands him in an ethical dilemma.
#9: Ted Takes A Holiday

Ted meets up with Cupid and St. Patrick's Day, but will he be able to help them convince Christmas, Halloween, and Guy Fawkes Day to return to Holiday Island? Probably not.