Fan Fiction
"A Mother's Love"
by Richard Lobinske

Alien PondTwo years after graduating from Raft, a heartbroken Daria retreats to her new Montana cabin to find a 21st Century Walden, where she becomes the adoptive mother of three unusual daughters.
Alien HomeSix years after Daria's adopted children left Earth, an alien assassin appears at her home on the eve of her annual trip to the Montana cabin. Daria and Jane are on the run as a new rebellion threatens the fledgling alien democracy.
Alien HeritageThree years after Daria returns to Nest, a detailed analysis of the weapon Artie used to kill Angier Sloane shows it was made on Earth. Daria and Eveningsky go to Earth to finish negotiating a treaty between Humans, Folk, and Seekers, while Tim returns to investigate who may have been behind Artie's weapon, and what their ultimate plans are.