Fan Fiction
"A Little Vacation"
by Doggieboy

Part 1: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Daria finds herself unwillingly teleported to an alternate and very hostile Earth. While she struggles to stay alive and unharmed, Trent and Jane try to find a way to bring her back home.
Part 2: Robert's World

As Daria learns to survive on a dead world, she doesn't know who to fear more--the dead, or her rescuer.
Part 3: Life Among the Dead

Daria realizes that moving day takes on a whole new meaning in a dead city.
Part 4: The Return Home

Daria and Buster manage to return home, with Robert along for the ride. But Daria finds that her troubles aren't over yet.
Part 5: Reset

Daria's relationship with Robert hits a snag when the government gets involved with them.
Part 6: The Epilogues

What happens to the main characters of the story following the reset.