discription: Set during DDMD,Jane goes to the lawndale river right before daria's just to get her thoughts srtight and she meets an familar friend ___________________________________________________________________________
Fade in: at casa lane
Trent rides up on the side(in his car)Jane is walking away she starts to walk slower
Trent:what you doing
Trent:Your hair looks fine
Trent:Come on we need to go on more rides
(jane & him have that whole conversation in the car)
Trent:So where are we going next?
Jane: To Daria's but before that an quick stop
Jane:The river
Fade out:at the lawndale river.
jane hops out of the tank and goes and sits on a rock 
trent brings out his gutair and starts playing " Ice Box Woman"
the bushes brustle jane does'nt turn around Trent notices this and starts to investigate
then an rabbit hops out but is captured by an net Trent looks up and someones looking
down at him you could tell it was an she beacause of the skirt and stokings
and the way her blue jacket looked Jane comes over
Jane:you knowTrent you shouldn't wonder off.....(looks at the girl and the girl looks over then Trent trips her)
Girl:Nice tatics but you forgot about one thing always tie your shoes before you fall (Then she takes
Trents shoe laces and trips him then the bunny hops away)
Jane:wow an real life amozon
Trent:Nah she has stokings and an gutair
Girl:let me know when you guys are done fatisizeing 
Jane: She talks
Girl:And cooks too
Trent:you know you shouldn't run around here espasally with an gutair
Girl:What the animals?, the bunny I was trying to get beacause I just had gotten it last week
Jane:So no animal sacrifice?
Girl:No sorry(looks deperessed)There goes my muse you know after you loose an good friend
every thing just drifts but I went back and appligied and she said "okey but it was my falt"
I didn't accept that and we both winded up being the best of friends.
Jane:wow just what I need and happpy ending
Girl: so what are you here for?
Jane/: thinking but i think you solved my problem
Girl: Thanks and sorry (looks at trent on the floor then gives him an hand, Jane runs off to the trentmobile)
Trent: why do you look so familar?
Girl: Think when you were 15 you ran away to a friends house and his sister gave you her gutair
Trent:yah but she died
Girl: that's what you think (she bent over and picked up his gutair)here keep playing you'll make
it to the top
Trent:Thanks and what was your name?
Girl:Stacy (Trent walks away saying " Stacy")
Fade Out: To Daria's house. Jane gets out and answers the door
 Trent smiles (he figured out who stacy was)
  end notes
1. This is based on some story I was reading during history  class good one
2.Most of it was based on  Dye Dye my darling ( the brother and sister rideing together plot)