Fan Fiction
"The Outers"
by The Angst Guy

Part One:
Who Once Was Lost (*)
Two little girls from Highland, Texas, go to Camp Grizzly for several weeks of annoying summer fun. Only one little girl comes home. Three years later, the other little girl begins her long journey back--but discovers that the world has moved on without her. Inspired by the fifth-season episode "Camp Fear."
Part Two:
But Now Is Found (*)
Twelve-year-old Daria Morgendorffer, the only human known to have been kidnapped by aliens, tries to return to a normal life in her new home in Lawndale. Now younger than her sister Quinn, Daria finds fitting into school again is tough--but the trouble has only started. Someone is looking for her and will stop at nothing to find her, and what will happen if she's found, no one can say.