Fan Fiction
by Di

#1: Unsweet 17

It is Daria's seventeenth birthday, and thanks to a cruel twist of fate and a curse made centuries ago, Daria's life is dramatically changed.
#2: Where Do We Go From Here?

Daria, now Dorian, gets a visit from one of Jake's aunts. How will they react to what she reveals? Meanwhile, Dorian and Tom both ask Jane to spend Thanksgiving with them, leaving her to not only choose, but try to figure out exactly how she feels about the new form of her best friend.
#3: Lawndale Hell

Daria, now Dorian, prepares to go back to Lawndale High. How will the teachers handle the change? How will Dorian handle gym class? Can Quinn help Jane fend off the rest of the Fashion Club?
#4: Partner's Compromise

Dorian and Jane are partners for Mrs. Bennett's economics project. When their topic is picked, Jane has one idea while Dorian has another. Can they work things out? Will Jodie kill her partner Brittany? Why does this project have Helen freaking out?
#5: Mountain of Truth

After witnessing the scene at the bridal shop, the Daria side of Dorian's brain wonders about the changing emotions toward Jane. To make matters worse, they are roped into going on a school sanctioned hiking trip. Dorian gets recruited by Ms. Barch to help Mr. DeMartino retrieve the supplies that had been left at the bottom of the mountain; Jane volunteers to join them, and decides to confront the Daria part of Dorian's brain about their relationship. When both Jane and Mr. DeMartino get hurt, can Dorian be the hero of the day? More importantly, what will Dorian say to Jane?
#6: Christmas Chaos

Christmas is upon the residents of Lawndale and Dorian's house is full. Jane is still recovering from the mountain trip. Aunt Amy and Great Aunt Lillian are coming to share the holiday. Both make major announcements. Dorian and Jane search for the perfect gifts. Can Quinn and Trent save Christmas for everyone?
#7: Motorcycles and Jocks Don't Mix

Kevin gets hurt while performing an ill-fated stunt on a motorcycle. When Ms. Li finds out that the reason he bought the bike in the first place was because of a comment Dorian made, she makes Dorian join the football team. Are the Lawndale Lions doomed? Is Brittany actually trying to hit on Dorian? Can Dorian and Jane help Kevin before Jane gets suspended for trying to kick Brittany's ass?
#8: Love Rescue Me

Valentine's Day is approaching and the Daria side of Dorian's brain isn't feeling the love. Between battling hormones, helping Amy and Lillian moving in, and tutoring most of the football team, frustration has kicked in. Add to the mix Quinn riding him about his upcoming plans for the holiday and his parent's "wanting to talk", and you have a Dorian ready to go hide in a cave. Can Dorian stop the insanity before it ruins Valentine's Day for him and Jane?
#9: Failure Is A Good Thing

Mr. O'Neill assigns a class project in which everyone must choose something to fail at. What will Dorian pick, and will he succeed in failing at it? Jane is late, and I don't mean to class. Will she pass the one test she really wants to fail?
#10: Parades Stink!

Dorian reluctantly agrees to help out with the Fashion Club's float. While watching the parade, Jane runs into Tom and his new girlfriend. Even though she has Dorian, how will she react to seeing that her ex has moved on? And is Brittany watching Dorian as he's wearing nothing but a toga?
#11: So This Is Bonding?

Jake asks Dorian to accompany him to a convention so that he can get to know not only Dorian, but the Daria side of him as well. While they are away, Helen decides to take the weekend to get to know Amy, Lillian, Jane, and Quinn better. Will any of them be left standing?
#12: Spring Breaks

Helen and the rest of the Morgendorffers have been invited by her boss to attend the retreat that future partners are sent to, delaying Jane and Dorian's Spring Break plans. Jane reads about an Spring Arts Festival in which prizes are being awarded and decides to enter so she has something to do while Dorian is away. When Trent eats her "art supplies," Jane goes ballistic. Will she finish the project in time? Will the Morgendorffers leave Quiet Ivy standing?
#13: Paper Towels and Open Flames Don't Mix

When Jake accidentally starts a small fire in the kitchen, the Morgendorffers are forced to leave their house while it gets repaired. When Quinn starts to get bothered by one of the hotel employees, it's up to big brother Dorian to put him in his place... or will he let the Daria side of his brain inflect more than just physical damage?