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Past & Future

What went on in the lives of the "Daria" crew before we knew them on the show? How are they handling life at college (and beyond)? This collection of stories aims to tell us where they were coming from, and where they may be headed.

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Across the Violet Sea
By Dennis

An AU take on Daria's reaction to September 11, 2001, as a graduating member of New York University's Class of 2003.
All My Children [Artwork]
By Thea Zara and Deref

An ambitious series that chronicles the years leading up to the TV series. Focusing on the early lives of Jake and Helen Morgendorffer and Amanda and Vincent Lane, it interweaves the known tidbits of their early lives into a sprawling journey from the turbulent 1960s to the present day.
The Alter-Ego Chronicles
By The Excellent S

The end credits of "Is It College Yet?" showcased hilarious scenarios for the characters' futures... but what if their lives really DID turn out that way? Set in the year 2010, this collection of stories looks at these strange futures, and examines how the characters ended up that way and how they've managed to either embrace or reject them.
And All Was Right With the World (*)
By The Angst Guy

A soldier comes home, but the war has never left him.
April Is the Cruelest Month [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

Two junior undergraduates from Boston take their medical and emotional problems with them during spring break in the Rockies.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.

By Sam Lincoln

Ten years after high school, what happens when two old friends meet?

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Bad Day
By Adrienne

Daria's been having a lot of bad days lately... and Tom just doesn't understand.
By Kristen Bealer

Six-year-old Jodie Landon dreams of being the perfect ballerina, but life takes a few interesting turns along the way as she struggles to win her parents' support and attention.
Barch Nemesis
By Kristen Bealer

Jake encounters an unlikely kindred spirit. A response to an Iron Chef issued by JoeMerl: Random Pairing Challenge!
Before the Deprogramming
By Kristen Bealer

Thirteen-year-old Jane Lane joins the Girl Scouts in an attempt to get out of baby-sitting. She finds it tougher than she expected as she struggles to survive a ruthless cookie sale competition, two hyperactive children, and ten thousand verses of "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt."
Better Times Than These
By Jen

As children, Daria and Quinn battle sharing a room, babysitters, parents, and a clown?! As new Lawndale citizens, Jane and Trent deal with leaving their childhood home and encounter a few other familiar characters.
Blood on the Asphalt
By Galen Hardesty

Be very, very careful when crossing Iroquois Street. A Tale of Young Daria.
By Wouter Jaegers

In the not-so-distant future, Jane has an encounter that showcases a time-honored lesson: "What goes around, comes around."
Brave New World (*)
By The Angst Guy

The only thing worse than waking up without remembering where you are, who you are with, or how you got there... is remembering. A PPMB Iron Chef short story.
Breakin' Up The Band
By Mitch

Trent leaves Mystik Spirial for something more important to him.
Broken Hearted Regrets
By Robin Sena

Kevin is dead, and Brittany blames herself.
Bromwell Bound: That One Fateful Summer
By Matthew McGeehin

After graduated from Fielding, and being unceremoniously dumped by Daria Morgendorffer, Tom Sloane attempts to move on with his life with his last summer in Lawndale, as well as finally make peace with his family, before departing to Bromwell University. But heartache is not easy to overcome, and harder so when certain words cause him to doubt everything he's ever believed in.
Brother, When You're Found
By BlackWolfhound

After the events of IICY, Jane and Daria only have to survive the school dance before they can finally say "good riddance" to Lawndale High. However, both Jane and Jake are suddenly confronted with an unexpected family addition, which makes the dance petty in comparison, especially because Jake's new-found brother has already played a part in Daria's life before...
Brownstone, Green Eyed [Artwork]
By Acrobat

After Daria barely survives her first semester in a college dorm, she and Jane move into one floor of a house where the members of Mystik Spiral have already taken up residence.
Brush Strokes: The Adventures of Jane Lane
By Erin Mills

It's an overseas adventure when Jane Lane, artiste extraordinare, starts attending London's prestigious Von Knippling Academy of Art. (Note that these stories were written before "Is It College Yet?", which explains why Jane isn't attending Boston Fine Arts College.)

By Steve Mitchell

A mid-twenties Daria is about to give birth to her first child by her and Trent, but there's a problem: they can't think of a name. All thought of that goes out the window, however, as complications ensue, and they face the possibility of losing the baby.
Calling Calliope
By Dennis

A chance encounter gets Tiffany mixed up with someone from her past. What does he want, and will it cost her?
Card Games
By Kristen Bealer

Ten year old Daria has a brush with popularity because of... books? A fanfic based on a photo from "Masochist's Memories" in The Daria Diaries: "I always got invited to slumber parties. I was the only one with an adult library card."
By Di

How a tragic mistake that occurred in the past was fixed.
By Invisible Dan

Daria is grown up and confident. So why is she so afraid to visit her aging mother? From the Iron Chef: Everyone Loves a Naked Daria.
Could Someone Turn Down the Sun? (*)
By The Angst Guy

Wackiness aplenty takes place on the "Good Mornings with Daria and Jane Show," when Madame Tiffany the psychic accidentally causes the sun to go nova and destroy the Earth. How will Daria and Jane cope with the loss of their core audience and network ratings, not to mention an astronomical catastrophe? Read on and find out! (Based on the future-ego shots at the end of Is It College Yet?)
Counting the Days
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

Daria tries to find a nice, quiet spot at Raft College where she can relax, but things turn out differently than she expected.
Country Wisdom
By Kristen Bealer

What really happened during Daria's original stay at Camp Grizzly? A fanfic based on comments and flashbacks from "Camp Fear."
By Adrienne

A future look at Stacy in college.
Crusts of Pizza
By Brother Grimace

Everything ends. A bittersweet sequel to "A Slice Of Pizza" that deals with two former LHS sweethearts, and the reality of moving on.

Daria & Son
By Erin Mills and Brian Taylor

26 years after graduating from Lawndale High (and following a divorce and a loss of a teaching position at UC Santa Cruz), Daria Morgendorffer returns to Lawndale to take a new job as vice principal of Lawndale High. Along for the ride is her 16-year-old son Mark. Both aren't sure what to expect, but it certainly isn't what they find.
Daria - The Next Chapter
By Di

The new adventures of Daria and Jane, set over six years after the series (post-college).
Daria 2010
By Robert Nowall

A series set ten years after Daria's graduation from Lawndale High, where life for her and others has gone in directions that none of them ever imagined.
The Daria Chronicles
By Erin Mills

Follow the adventures of our favorite "misery chick" as she adjusts to life at Willmore University. (Note that these stories were written before "Is It College Yet?", which explains why Daria isn't attending Raft College.)
Daria in Pink

Jane tries to get to the bottom of Daria's abrupt decision to leave college when she finds her friend working at the last place she'd expect to find her. Written in response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge to have one of the characters working as a waitress.
Daria Walkers
By pd2294

The kids of Highland High walk for charity. Based on the "Beavis and Butt-Head" episode "Walkathon," with extra scenes featuring the Morgendorffer family.
Daria: The College Years
By Sailor Danielle

Follow the adventures of Daria, Jane, and Tom, as well as other Lawndale High graduates, as they deal with a strange new universe called "college."
Dark Horizon
By Nemo Blank

In this brooding homage to film noir, a desperate Daria and a down-on-his-luck Trent are reunited after nearly twenty years when she comes to him and asks him to rescue her daughter from a religious cult. Scarred by war and by life itself, Trent must overcome his demons in order to help his one-time lover.
Darkness (*)
By The Angst Guy

In the not-too-distant future, a funeral-home director in Montana struggles to defend her family and home from the End Times foretold in the Book of Revelation. The protagonist? A tormented, world-weary, thirty-something cynic named Daria.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
A Day on the Sick, Sad Job
By abe

Daria and Jane have recently been hired at "Sick, Sad World." Let the madness begin.
Diary of a Mad Cat Lady
By Dennis

A ficlet looking back on a life gone not quite according to plan.
Dreams of the Past
By Brandon League

Ten years after her encounter with the "Sinister Stranger," Tiffany Blum-Deckler dozes and dreams of the past. A short sequel to "Anything" (read it first!).
Drinking It In
By Eccles

In college, Daria learns the fine art of handling alcohol. A short story based on a PPMB Iron Chef challenge by Scissors MacGillicuty ("Daria Drinks and Goes Home").
By Rey Fox

The Morgendorffers leave Highland for the greener pastures of Lawndale. Unfortunately, they have to drive there first...

An Emperor's New Dress
By Bacner

Adventures of Andrea (the Goth girl) in college.
Exorcise in Futility
By Kristen Bealer

Jake Morgendorffer, Anthony DeMartino, and Timothy O'Neill team up to slay their demons in a night that none of them will ever matter how hard they try.

Fade Out
By Caira

"I was feeling pretty good this morning. I should have known it couldn't last..."
Falling Into College [Artwork]
By Richard Lobinske

Picking up where "The Last Summer" left off, Daria and Jane (and, eventually, Quinn) struggle to adapt to college life. Along the way, they make new friends and discover new opportunities (and, as usual, find new ways to cause their own unique brand of mischief).
Fast Times at Lawndale High
By Danny Bronstein

The adventures of Jane and Trent--before Daria came to Lawndale.
By CharlieGirl

Helen overhears a conversation between Daria and Quinn, and concludes that every parent's nightmare has come true: one of her daughters is pregnant!
The Fury (*)
By The Angst Guy

"I acknowledge the Furies, I believe in them, I have heard the disastrous beating of their wings." -- Theodore Dreiser
The Future Lawndale High
By Daria's Double (C.F.)

The futures of the characters.
Future Lifestyles of the Daria Cast
By Paulette

The futures of the characters.

Genius or Clay Poisoning?: Q&A with Jane Lane
By CalTrec10

Candid interview with a future Jane.
A Get Well Gift
By Overlord Mikey-kun

Lindy wakes up in the hospital two weeks after an accident to find her friend Quinn by her side. But why can't she remember what happened?
Ghosts of Christmas Future
By Crusading_Saint

Fifteen years in the future, the lives of some former residents of Lawndale come together at Christmastime.
Girls Together Sarcasticaly
By Dennis

Daria's in Boston and in a band with some familiar faces, some expected and some surprising.
The Graduation Gift
By Di

Jane receives a special gift for her college graduation.
The Greatest Gift
By Di

A five-year-old Daria receives a special Christmas present from her favorite aunt.
Griffin's Flight
By Crusading_Saint

After "Is It College Yet?", Sandi Griffin tries to put her life back together. Some people don't want things to go back to how they were, however...

The Heather/Damsel Chronicles
By NightGoblyn

The adventures of Heather and Damsel, twin teenage daughters of successful author Daria Morgendorffer, as they all adjust to their new life in Daria's old stomping ground: Lawndale.

I Like to Read
By Wyvern337

Another story set when Daria was very young. Two older relatives learn something surprising about little Daria.
I'm (Not) With The Band
By Kristen Bealer

High schoolers Trent Lane and Jesse Moreno are ready to be big-time musicians. All they need is a big break. And a few bandmates. And a name. And some talent.
In Every Dream Home A Heartache
By Emo Fringe

Daria's fantasy of being an only child comes true. Almost.
Inauguration (*)
By Nick Gaston

In the not distant future, the new American President finds herself reminded that "the price of power is... knowing that it's your decision."
By Wyvern337

While getting her daughter ready to go outside to play, a woman ponders where her life went wrong, and why.
It's Like the Beginning of an Era
By Kristen Bealer

In seventh grade, nothing will keep Sandi from becoming popular... not even volunteer work. Based on a flashback from "Daria Dance Party."

By Jon Kilner

In times of trouble, Daria often turns to her writing for solice. But this time, the pain may be too great for mere words to heal as she attempts to cope with the loss of the closest person in her life.
Jane Doe?
By Blaze842

A 24-year-old Jane meets someone amazing, but is she going to risk all those years with Jesse to see if this person is "the one"?
Jane's World - "Ice Box Woman"
By George K. Abraham

Jane during college, four years after the Daria time line of today.
Janet Barch: My Life as a Tween Queen
By Di

A little tale about a young Janet Barch and her quest to find a Davy Jones lunchbox.
Jeffy's Choice

Jeffy contemplates his future in the wake of Kevin's failure to graduate, but he doesn't exactly have a receptive audience in his friends Joey and Jamie. A post-IICY tale written in response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge to flesh out the Three J's.
Jodie and Mack's Visit
By Mitch

'Living together' couple, Jodie and Mack, visit their old high school friend, Daria.
Jodie's Moment
By Mitch

Jodie has an accident and is hospitalized. Mack and Daria learn about each other, and Daria shows Jodie that they aren't all that different.
Just Another Day In Paradise
By Brandon League

Two little girls meet for the first time in a day care center. A two-part story.

Kevin and Brittney's Romance
By Mitch

A look at Brittney's relationship with Kevin in the future.

A Lane in Black
By Jon Kilner

Picking up where "A Lane in Red" left off, a grieving Jane has vanished and it's up to Daria and Trent to find her and bring her home. But home, with all its memories, is the last place Jane wants to be.
A Lane in Red
By Jon Kilner

When Jane is in trouble, Daria and Trent come running. But can even Jane's most trusted confidants help her through this crisis? (Set during the events of the story "Jane.") First of two parts, followed by "A Lane in Black."
Last Dance
By Dennis

All is not as it seems when Daria finds herself out on the town enjoying life with... St. Patrick's Day?
The Last Summer [Artwork]
By Richard Lobinske

High school graduation has come and gone, and college looms in the fall. What's in store for Daria during her last summer in Lawndale? Set after the events of "Is It College Yet?".
Last of the Summer Whine
By Kristen Bealer

Young Tom and Elsie are in for yet another boring summer at the Cove...unless they take matters into their own hands with Operation Vacation Cancellation.
Lawndale Arrival
By Richard Lobinske

Set immediately before the premier episode, "Esteemsters," and using material from "The Daria Diaries." The Morgendorffers move into their new home and spend the next few days trying to settle in before starting work and school.
By Wyvern337

Set when Daria was a very young child. On observing certain aspects of Daria's behavior, Helen begins to suspect that there might be something... *wrong* with her elder daughter...
Let There Be Light
By Mitch

Helen and Jake have their first child, but soon become concerned about little Daria's behavior.
Life As We View It
By Sarah Lane

Jane coerces Daria into coming home for the summer. When she does, she learns that sometimes a second look at someone you thought you knew can provide a whole new view.
Life Beyond High School
By Bacner

A tale of life of the young Lawndalians after the movie "Is It College Yet?" Also, the impact here is on how cash affects all their lives. A sequel may be coming.
A Loss of Perspective
By Crusading_Saint

The members of the Morgendorffer household ponder what life is like now that Daria is gone.
Lunchtime, Doubly So...
By Brother Grimace

The Fashion Club, years after their days at Lawndale High. What the hell happened--?

Mack Daddy (*)
By The Angst Guy

Andrew Landon and Michael MacKenzie meet again, years after Mack and Jodie graduate high school, and Mr. Landon says something that Mack never expects.
Magical Beginnings
By Rocketrider

Ten years later, Stacy looks back on the day she found true love. A follow-up of sorts to the episode "Life in the Past Lane."
Mata Dari
By Dennis

Daria is nearing 30 with a dull job and a familiar boss who she hates. But is all as it seems?
Misfit Love ML20: Twenty Years Later
By Danny Bronstein

Daria's old nemesis, Jared Dorkowitz, is back and may be out to get her.
Moon Over Daytona
By Milderbeast

After graduating from their respective colleges, Daria and Jane's lives take an unusual turn due to Daria's new job.
More Than Just Lost (*)
By The Angst Guy

Jane Lane and Alison meet again, a few years after the events of the movie "Is It Fall Yet?" in this play for three voices. The meeting, however, does not go as expected.
Morning Next
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

Waking up in a bathroom without any memory of how she got there ended up being the least weird thing to happen to Daria that morning.
My Big Fat Lawndale Wedding
By Teeki

Daria and Tom are taking the plunge into wedded bliss, but are quickly learning that weddings are for families instead of the bride and groom. Can Daria find a way to put the sanity back into the "happiest" day of her life?

The New View
By Richard Lobinske

Daria and Quinn find work as lifeguards at the Lawndale Children's Pool and discover that their coworker is Ted DeWitt-Clinton, who seems to have finally noticed that girls are different. Written in response to Brother Grimace's "Morgendorffer Temptresses" challenge and set immediately after "Is It College Yet?".
Next in Line (*)
By The Angst Guy

Thirty years from now, three old friends reunite to remember the past, just moments before the future arrives to overtake them.
The Ninth Circle of Helen
By Brother Grimace

A self-insert fic based on a PPMB "Iron Chef" called "The Celeb Interview" that was tied in with the release of "Daria" on DVD. The author interviews Helen on life, love and muffins in the years after the show ended.
No One Lives Forever (*)
By The Angst Guy

It's a typical day in Los Angeles for Brittany Taylor: warm sun, busy streets, job hunting, and sudden death.

Of Lifestyle Choices and Definitions of Success
By Wyvern337

In the future, some issues Daria and Helen have over the course Daria's life has taken come to something of a head.
Once Upon a Time in the Future
By Galen Hardesty

Another Daria reads Daria's diary.
One Step Forward
By Dennis

A chance encounter on Dega Street leaves Daria with a decision to make about one of her old teachers.

The Path Less Trodden
By Dante Tremere

A letter to Jane from Daria in the future.
A Path of Roses and Thorns
By Brother Grimace

Daria's Aunt Amy is getting married! Told in flashback from the wedding day itself, it's the story of how Aunt Amy managed to get on that bumpy road to the altar! Set in the universe of Richard Lobinske's "Falling Into College" series.
Potential (*)
By The Angst Guy

Quinn Morgendorffer meets the man of her dreams, but the potential for nightmares is there, too, in this post-"Is It College Yet?" continuation of the second-season episode "That Was Then, This Is Dumb."

Quinn at College
By The Alchemist

Quinn discovered her long-unused intelligence in "Is It Fall Yet?" and Season 5. Find out how she applies it to college life and learning.
The Quinn Diaries
By Huggy

A multi-part series, set after the events in "Is It College Yet?", that examines Quinn's attempt to abandon her shallow ways and act like "a normal person."
By Mike Stivers

Quinn goes to Lawndale High's reunion, where she is frustrated that people's perception or her hasn't changed much. Also, there we get to see various other characters and their predicaments.

Rebel Without a Clue
By Brian Taylor

In a not-so-great future, Jane makes a rather... unusual decision after meeting up with a college friend.
The Rest of My Damn Life [Artwork]
By The Ranting Klown

Daria dives into the college life at Raft, meets new people, and has interesting new experiences in this series.
The Road Home

A response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge. A story about Helen and Jake, two wandering hippies, meeting on a California beach in 1969.
The Road Not Taken (*)
By Guy Payne

A visit with Daria in the year 2012.
Roamin' Holiday (*)
By The Angst Guy

A familiar face turns out to be Daria Morgendorffer's college roommate--but it wasn't a face she had ever expected.
Run, Jane, Run
By Angelinhel

Why Jane likes to run. A ficlet.

School Daze
By Splendora

It's Daria's 10 year high school reunion, but why is Quinn there?! And what will happen when she meets up with The Band Formerly Known As Mystik Spiral?
Second Glance
By Sarah Lane

A sequel to "Life As We View It." Later in the day, Daria wonders if she's made the right decision.
Second Place
By Angelinhel

Daria watches as Jane accepts second place.
Shake, Shake, Quiver and Quake
By Kristen Bealer

A teenage Jake Morgendorffer struggles to survive military academy bullies, a grueling training course, and his first date to a school dance in this pre-canon story.
Sheep Go to Heaven, Goats Go to Hell
By Robin Sena

Taking place after the events in "Is It Collage Yet?," Brittany learns the hard way just how serious divine retribution can be.
By Richard Lobinske

After graduation, Andrea joins the US Army and becomes a helicopter medical evacuation pilot. Expanded from several PPMB's challenges.
Shush First, Answer Questions Later
By Kristen Bealer

Daria's first day as a librarian doesn't go quite the way she hoped it would.
A Simple Makeup Kit
By Richard Lobinske

When fourteen-year old Daria becomes interested in a boy in her eighth-grade class, she's inspired by a TV show to think that she can be attractive and brainy to interest him. To learn about makeup, she volunteers to help at Highland's volunteer theater and when the boy agrees to see a show with her, she puts her new skills to the test.
Sister-In-Law (*)
By Nicole Young

A Lane/Morgendorffer family reunion, nine years from now.
Sleep With Me: Another Misleading Title
By Mitch

Daria's daughter spends the night sleeping next to her mother.
A Slice of Pizza
By Brother Grimace

Set about a year after the events of "IICY?", two old friends meet back at a old high school hangout, and discuss "the road not taken."
So Long As Men Can Breathe
By E.A. Smith

Two years after "The Tempest," an art exhibit for Jane sends shockwaves through the lives of Daria, Jane, and James.
Something to Note
By Anay Lewis

An interview with Daria Morgendorffer, 30+ years into the future.
Squandered Potential
By Kristen Bealer

Anthony DeMartino's first year at Lawndale High School may also be his last. A precanon fanfic that explores how Mr. DeMartino turned into the high strung, eye bulging, syllable-stressing teacher we know and love... sort of.
Stacy in Hell (*)
By The Angst Guy

A cautionary tale. The title says it all.
A Story to Tell
By Ronin

One of our Lawndalians recalls what's happened to Daria and co. since Is It College Yet? Guess who's the storyteller.
By Angelinhel

"Mad Dog" Morgendorffer decides little Jakey's fate.
The Submariner Series
By Wildgoose

A series set in a post-Y2K future, one in which the whole "Y2K hysteria" was justified, The Bombs have dropped, military service is more the norm than the exception, and -- most shocking -- Daria and Jane are a submarine captain and first officer!
Substitute Teacher
By Mitch

A sort-of sequel to C.E. Forman's "Accept No Substitutes." It's Daria's daughter's first week of first grade and Margot Haworth is her substitute teacher.

Tales of Young Daria
By Galen Hardesty

A series of stories centered around young Daria, inspired by the flashback scenes in the episode "Boxing Daria."
Tapped Out
By Kristen Bealer

Young Daria discovers a new skill in tap dancing class, and decides to find out how it will benefit her at home and at school.
Telling Tales Out Of School
By Kristen Bealer

David's back for another summer of tutoring in Lawndale, but only if he can ignore the gossip everyone's talking about.
The Tempest
By E.A. Smith

At home for Christmas break, Daria must deal with her family's trials, both old and new, in this sequel to the Love's Labours trilogy.
That I Can Depend On
By Dennis

Why does Jane get so angry when Tom eats her gummy bears in "Mart of Darkness?" And why can't she stand blue M&Ms? The answers lie with a younger Jane.
Though the Course May Change Sometimes, Rivers Always Reach the Sea (*)
By The Angst Guy

Ten years after she met Daria Morgendorffer at Lawndale High School, Jane Lane has moved on with her life--but adulthood has led her in unusual directions.
The Time Capsule
By Steve Brown

In the future, students at Lawndale High discover a time capsule containing stories written by students over 50 years ago. How will their lives be interpreted based on these tales?
Together in Winter
By Steve Mitchell

It's Winter Break during Daria's first year in college, and she, Trent, Jane, and Jesse are stuck at Casa Lane during a winter storm.
Tom's Overkill
By ticknart

Tom has a sleepless night at the Cove.
The Torment Trilogy, Part 1: The Confrontation
By Mitch

About a year from now, Daria confronts Trent about something. (Part 1 of 3)
The Torment Trilogy, Part 2: Sleepover at Brittany's
By Mitch

To help deal with a recent tragedy in her life, Daria sleeps over at Brittany's house. (Part 2 of 3)
The Torment Trilogy, Part 3: The Brown-Haired Girl
By Mitch

The trilogy ends as Daria helps out a friend and eventually gets something she's always wanted. (Part 3 of 3)
Trent, The Brain
By Greystar

Trent has a secret that he's been keeping for years, and Jane just found out about it. The big surprise is not what the secret was, but why he was keeping it!
Trix of the Trade
By Kristen Bealer

Daria struggles to prove that Quinn's imaginary friend doesn't exist...but the imaginary friend has other ideas. Based on a comment in "Groped by an Angel."
A Twisted Little Corkscrew
By Dennis

"How about the success, stardom, and eventual alcoholism?" Daria is a successful journalist, but the trappings of success are more like traps. See how she deals with one such trap in this ficlet.
Two Girls, a Guy and a Pizza Place
By The Excellent S

Daria and Jane return to Lawndale for some rest and relaxation after college, only to find out that they have inherited the Pizza King! Can the two girls handle the day-to-day operation of Lawndales most popular pizza restaurant?

Unca Trent's Advice
By Brother Grimace

Twenty-some years from now, Trent Lane's nephew gets to the "bottom" of why some adults shouldn't be listened to.
Unfavorite Daughter
By Richard Lobinske

Teenager Helen Barksdale deals with the inequalities of how her mother treats her daughters and swears to be different when she grows up.

A Valentine's Day to Remember
By Galen Hardesty

Sometimes, getting a law degree can be a *good* thing. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.

Welcome Home
By RangerLou

Six years after graduating from Lawndale High, Daria has to deal with the loss of an old friend.
Whatever It Is
By Sarah Lane

Part 3 in the "Life As We View It" series. Fall is approaching quickly and with it some decisions.
When the Bough Breaks
By Kristen Bealer

After becoming a mother for the first time, Jodie finds herself struggling to meet the new challenges she faces.
Where Are They Now? 10 Years in the Future
By Naomi

What all the cast of Daria is doing in 10 years.
Wonderlane (*)
By The Angst Guy

It was hot, and little Jane was tired and bored and had nothing to do, when a rabbit ran past her, and--

Yes, Quinn... (*)
By NightGoblyn

A very young Quinn comes to her older sister with a crisis of faith.
You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows (*)
By The Angst Guy

A terrible secret from the past catches up with a former hippie radical, engulfing her family, her job, and the rest of her life.

2007: A Daria Odyssey
By Marjory Aldora

Daria and Jane dream about the future.