Fan Fiction
"The Last Summer"
by Richard Lobinske

#1: Saving One Last Summer

Right after graduation, Daria must find some kind of "constructive activity" for the summer before her mother finds one for her.
#2: Shifts In Mood

While reading her diary, Daria realizes that Trent was not as oblivious as he appeared. So, did he notice her crush or not?
#3: Succeeding In Your World

In order to meet a respected writer, Daria must attend an awards dinner with Helen... in a formal gown.
#4: Out of the Frying Pan

To what extremes will Daria, Jane and Mack go to give Jodie a break from her summer activities?
#5: Comforting a Confused Soul

Amanda Lane returns home to Jane after missing her graduation. Jane deals with her feelings of neglect from the Lanes and acceptance from the Morgendorffers.
#6: It Was Your Idea

Daria and Jane go on a road trip to the beach. Can they tolerate the attention of two young college students?
#7: Something For You

In the final chapter of the series, Daria must deal with a personal loss as she prepares for the move to Raft and the end of summer.