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Synopsis: Andrew Landon and Michael Mackenzie meet again, years after Mack and Jodie graduate high school, and Mr. Landon says something that Mack never expects.


Author’s Notes: Scissors MacGillicutty posted a PPMB Iron Chef challenge in May 2006, revolving around a line spoken by Andrew Landon to Mack Mackenzie. The line originally came from a scene from the movie, Is It College Yet?, in which Mack asks to see Mr. Landon about his daughter, Jodie. At their meeting, Andrew tells Mack, “You’re not gonna ask me for her hand in marriage, are you? Because I’m too young to be a grandfather, Mack. You understand?” In the challenge, the new line that had to be used (years after the Daria crew graduates high school) was: “Mack, you remember when I told you I was too young to be a grandfather? Now I’m too old not to be one.” This story popped into my head in response and is here expanded to stand on its own.


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       “Mack,” said the old man, “you remember when I told you I was too young to be a grandfather? Now I’m too old not to be one.”

       “Say what?” asked Mack, leaning closer. “I don’t think I heard you.”

       “I said, I’m too old not to be a grandfather. You get what I mean? You and Jodie decide to tie the knot, I’m right behind you.”

       Mack was so taken aback, he didn’t know what to say. “Um,” he began, “look, Andrew—”

       The nurse caught on and intervened. “Mister Landon,” she said to the older man. “Sorry, but it’s time for your medication and a nap.”

       “What? Oh, okay.”

       Mack watched as Andrew Landon took the pills the nurse held out for him, then drank the cup of water that came next. “Mister Landon needs his rest now,” said the nurse with no apology. “Say goodbye to Mister Mackenzie, Andrew.”

       “Goodbye!” said the old man in the wheelchair, holding out his hand. “Don’t forget what I said!”

       Mack shook hands with him and stood up. “Goodbye, Andrew.” He watched as the old man was wheeled out of the visitation room, then left the hospital.

       His wife was waiting outside in the car, nursing their baby. “How’d it go?” she asked.

       “Pretty bad,” he said, getting in the driver’s seat. “He still thinks Jodie’s alive. I didn’t know what to tell him.”

       “Oh, no.” His wife took his hand.

       “There’s nothing we can do,” Mack said with a sigh. “He’s living in a dream world. He looks like he’s going downhill fast, too.”

       “That’s how it goes,” said his wife. “Are you coming back to see him again?”

       He shook his head and leaned over, reaching in his back pocket for his car keys. “Nah. Michele’s going to move him into a hospice when the time comes. Just she and Evan will see him then.”

       “Not Rachel?”

       “Nah. She never forgave him for shooting her sister.”

       “No surprise there, even if he was going crazy to begin with. Wait a second.” His wife buttoned up her blouse, got out of the car with the sleepy infant, and tucked him in his carrier in the back seat.

       Mack started the car after she got back in and was buckled into her seat. “Let’s get out of here,” he said, backing up.

       His blue-eyed wife looked back to check on the baby, then ran a hand through her long black bangs. “You’re probably not hungry,” she said.

       “Actually, I am. Let’s eat at the airport, though. Not around here.”

       “Done.” The former Jane Lane took her husband’s hand from the steering wheel and kissed it. “I saw a neat little pizzeria by the baggage carousels. My treat.”

       “I love you,” said Mack.

       “I love you, too, Mack Daddy,” said Jane with a grin.

       “Don’t call me that!” Mack said in mock anger, but he smiled and was grateful.





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